Hudson and Whitaker take home the Gold


I spaced this off last night.  I was deep into a Blockbuster moviethon and did not want to be disturbed.  I made my famous spaghetti topped with parmesan cheese and a glass of wild vines blackberry merlot.   I was in Heaven.  I missed Jennifer’s moment and I feel bad about that.  Jennifer is my girl and a role model for sistah’s everywhere.   All praise and glory to God for her. 


10 thoughts on “Hudson and Whitaker take home the Gold

  1. rikyrah

    Forest’s speech was wonderful.

    I loved J.Hudson’s too. And, once she took off that dumb ass bolero jacket (boo hiss- Andre Leon Talley, your stylist card should be taken away)…she looked fabulous.

  2. I agree with you Rikyrah. But I noticed Beyonce was looking pissed, even as our girl went to hug her first. What was up with that?

    Kinda hate both Will and Forest couldn’t take home the gold. This was the second nomination for Will – brotha bound to get tired of that…

  3. i didn’t noticed beyonce being pissed at her. in fact, when j. hudson was giving her speech, the camera flashed on beyonce and she put both of her hands together(as if she was praying) close to her mouth. she was nervous for her, never noticed any sign of her being pissed. anyway, eddie didn’t get it and that really sucks. i truly thought he would get it. oh, well, i hope that he will get it in the future. i noticed that eddie left as soon as he lost. i bet he was the one that was pissed that night. i would be piss too if everyone around you said that you were going to win the oscar and then you don’t. i bet he thought the whole experience was a waste of time,i would.

  4. rikyrah,

    I peeped that opening ensamble the Jennifer had on and you’re right, she coulda left that “jacket” off. The gown was fine, though. Did you see Meryl Streep’s ensamble? I am still laughing that the fashion police didn’t kill her on the red carpet and dump her body out back. 🙂

  5. rikyrah


    Meryl has been in the game too long to show up looking like that. She’s Meryl Streep ! – she can get a damn stylist to help her look her best.

    Age has nothing to do with it. Neither has size.

    Helen Mirren looked like a million bucks, and Queen Latifah, and J.Hudson represented well the non Size 2 contingent.

    Meryl should know better.

  6. rikyrah


    This was part of the conversation with female online buddies on other boards, but since it’s show business talk here….

    George Lucas has gone to ‘the other side’.

    I’m not mad at Melody Hobson….not with his fortune, and him being such a good father.

    As for George, well he recognizes quality when he sees it. And, she’s top of the top. Smart, charming, rich as hell ON HER OWN….yeah, he knows quality when he sees it.

  7. Darrylm

    Considering what Meloday said in Time magazine a few years ago:

    “It is hard to find a black man at my level”, I am not surprised that she went to the other side, especially since her boss, John Rogers, would not leave his wife for her after years of sneaking around on the side.

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