Obama flips script with Hillary among black electorate


One of the Lord’s mysterious wonders has appeared out of thin air:  Obama has flipped the script and is now leading Hillary Clinton among the black electorate.  Hot off the press, the Washington Post is now reporting the numbers of a Post-ABC News poll.  The numbers are very telling.   Obama leads Hillary 44 to 33 percent and I still can’t close my mouth.   Either God’s hand is on the brotha or having his face on both Jet and Ebony covers is working like nobody’s business.   The single post I did on the February EBONY cover with Senator and Mrs. Obama is the most popular post in the history of  Skeptical Brotha, being viewed over 2,000 times in the space of a month.  

The intensity of the curiosity about the Obama’s in the black community is growing and reaching critical mass.   Every day people find my blog doing Obama searches and they search for both Michelle and Barack.   People understand that the Obama phenomenon might have been some media generated whitefolks hype in the beginning, but it has turned into something else entirely different now.    What that something else becomes is starting to look like a multi-racial movement in coalition with the key  activists to make Obama President. 

While it remains to be seen what his fundraising totals will be in relationship to Hillary, it is clear that this campaign ain’t no joke. 

15 thoughts on “Obama flips script with Hillary among black electorate

  1. rikyrah

    At first, I thought this was one of your funny posts. But, the article was REAL!

    Well, this is definitely interesting, don’t you think?

  2. rikyrah

    I did vote. For Dorothy Brown, for the Sister Candidate for City Clerk, and for the first Black Alderman in my Ward (finally, only Black folk were running – the former White alderman took a judgeship)

  3. dblhelix

    rikyrah — question, why do you hold your mayoral elections in February? And — was it snowing today?

    I am less surprised than SB on Barack’s numbers.

  4. rikyrah


    I have no idea why it’s in February, but it’s been that for as long as I can remember. I remember that cold February 20 years ago when Harold Washington took the podium.

    I also remember the February in 1979 when Jane Byrne won. I don’t know if you know the history of Chicago, but that was the Snow Election. Bilandic lost because of his decisions during the blizzard of 1979. Maybe if it had been later in the year, people would have forgotten about it. But, it being February, the anger was still raw, and out he went.

    Being Chicago, I’m conspiratorial, they want to limit voter participation..if it’s cold, it favors incumbents, and those who can get the vote out, i.e. the organization, it favors them.

  5. That firing squad she aimed at David Geffen for giving Obama all that cheddar has backfired against the Borg Queen. You know we don’t like it when a brotha hasn’t done anything to warrant an attack from the opposition.

    She attacked because she could. And she thinks because her last name is Clinton, she was going to get the same results as Bill. It’s too early to start firing off on your opponents, and with Obama, it seemed to be mighty personal, kind of in an “How Dare You do This To Me after all I’ve done for you” mode.

    My own opinion about Obama’s run aside, Hillary started the fall off of black voters when she decided to try to take Obama out.

    Look for shades of Jesse’s run in 1984 and 1988, thanks to Hillary. And the Black voter base is one she is really counting on.

    This is so ironic, it writes itself and you can’t make it up.

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