Sandi Jackson elected Alderman; Daley re-elected Mayor


With 80% of the vote in, it appears Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr’s beautiful wife Sandi has been elected Alderman defeating incumbent Darcel Beavers in her bid to retain her daddy’s seat on the Chicago City Council.  Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown was decisively beaten in her bid to unseat the arrogant and corrupt Richard M. Daley in his bid to beat his father’s twenty plus year record as Mayor.  Black folks just punched his ticket for another term without so much as a yawn.    The state of independent and community centered politics in Chicago Black Wards is a joke.  Everybody is languishing on Daley’s plantation and they don’t wanna be free.   Sad.  Very sad. 

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  1. rikyrah

    I am shocked that it was so overwhelming for Mrs. Jackson. But, Darcelle Beavers got hurt by what has been happening with the Cook County Board of Commissioners – the budget fight has been very ugly. Darcelle Beavers was sunk by the association to her father, who was front and center with the new President of the Cook County Board.

    There are going to be several runoffs.

  2. As a Chicagoan in exile who has not been back much the last 6 years, but who was heavily involved in local politics for decades, I agree, this is sad indeed. But I rather doubt that it’s because everybody’s fat and/or happy with the man on the 5th floor.

    I’d liken the situation to Atlanta’s last mayoral election – I live on the outskirts of metro ATL now — and contrast it with the landscape of sweet home Chicago of the 70s and 80s in these ways.

    1. General Media monopoly and dead-on-arrival journalism
    The numbers of working journalists who do local news has precipitously declined in every major city. News is the lifeblood of civic conversation, and is more limited now than ever before to crime, celebrities and pap. In the last ATL mayoral election the city’s news media simply did not cover the election at all, though they constantly lauded da mare.

    2. Absence of black news coverage anywhere. There’s a black talk station in Atlanta. Its Arbitron rating fluctuates around half a percent of the metro listening audience. I haven’t checked (but I will later today) what the Chicago black talk station, WVON’s ratings are, but they ain’t much better. Anyway, talk ain’t news, since its quality varies according the the whim and disposition of the host.

    3. Compromised and complicit black leadership. You do a great job of documenting this on a day to day basis, bro, and it’s real. We are an eighth of the population and fully half the jails — in IL a lot more than half. Illinois prison population multiplied seven times between 1970 and 2000, though crime remained almost level. Still we cannot get a candidate for state legislator or states attorney or sheriff to run on a platform of reducing the imprisonment rate, repealing the mandatory sentencing laws, etc. When some nervy soul finally does this, and does it in a savvy way, not like that fool Aaron Patterson, black folks will come running to the banner. Trust me on that. Till then, we get what we get.

    4. Atrophy of local grassroots organizing efforts and civic society in general. And don’t tell me about the churches. Most of them back in King’s day turned him away,and most now are just concerned with keeping the lights on and the pastor’s anniversary. I was a community organizer in some of the nation’s (then) poorest Chicago neighborhoods for a double digit number of years. This is in part a consequence of the atrophy of news, especially black news. People doing good things in one hood cannot connect with each other. Chicago’s population density makes it still a place where you can conduct a shoe leather campaign if you can inspire the troops.

    I guess there are other causes, but these are the first four that come to my mind. Gotta git back to work now, and pick some cotton.


  3. rikyrah

    You want to know a bizarre thing. It was the Split Personality Disorder voting.

    The Black woman running for City Clerk- Diane Jones- on a NO-string budget- won EVERY BLACK WARD.

    So, folks knew what they were doing, which is sad as they cast their vote for Daley. 😦

  4. Darrylm

    It was because Dock and Dorothy ran terrible campaigns.

    Dock, who has not had a real job in 20 years since Harold Washington fired him from his job of coat-holder, sandwich getting gopher.

    Dorothy, who ran on her resume (if I hear CPA, MBA and JD again out of her lips again I will scream).

    Nothing is broke in Chicago that don’t need fixin’

  5. Observed her in her first council meeting today.

    In her first roll call vote, the blithering idiot obviously did not know what she was voting on or even paying attention because when her name was called she said, “Here”. She quickly realized, after everyone started laughing at her, that she was looking foolish, and changed response to “aye”, in favor of the matter before her (which she had absolutely no knowledge of).

    The remainder of the meeting she spent on her cell phone, sending text messages to her husband, telling him everything that was going on and seeking his direction on what to do.

    All of this was after arriving an hour late to the meeting.

    I think she is begining to realize there is more to this job than just taking campaign photos with a Photoshop of her husband.

  6. Walt McElligott, editor CWA CLARION

    How will Ms. J., Jr. address the SSA, in Peotone that Daley doesnt want to protect Midway & O’Hare expansion, & that hubby says eastern Will Co. must have after 39 years & $115 million?
    Walt, Beecher, IL

  7. 47th Watcher

    Came late to this discussion. I found It online during a search.
    THese Jacksons are a sad bunch. JJJ help get rid of one of the only Blacks in City Council that was working on behalf of Blacks. She had a 70/30 plan in her ward that mandated 70 percent of all work done in her ward be done by Blacks. I do’t know what that guy was thinking. He don’t even have the balls to run against Daley. What was the point of getting rid of Tillman, how is that GOOD for thwBlack comunity????

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