The time has come for a death penalty for fashion faux pas



On the left, Actress Meryl Streep, nominated for Best Actress for The Devil Wears Prada this year at the academy awards.  On the right, Meryl Streep, four short years ago.    The horrible truth of the photo on the left is that Meryl is actually wearing Prada and it looks a hot damn mess.   In fact, Meryl looks a hot damn mess.   I don’t know who the Hell put together this look for this stunning Diva of the red carpet, but they obviously need to be put to death.   There is no explanation for this I am willing to accept.   They should be freaking killed immediately.  Disregard anything I’ve said previously about the death penalty. Clearly, there should be an exception for fashion crimes of this magnitude. 

I’m forgetting Meryl’s part in this travesty.   Having slimmed down to sport the immaculately banging outfits in the movie, Miss Meryl should know by now how to dress her body whatever weight she happens to be.   At 57, Meryl is still a beautiful woman and this hideous outfit is beneath a woman of her stature.   I don’t know what Hippy chic is, but this damn sho’ ain’t it.   She should be imprisoned for life for the shoes alone. Shame on you, Girl.  

Should America become the grotesque police state Dick Cheney fantasizes about, the fashion Czar Joan Rivers will have people executed on the red carpet for turning up in unflattering attire.  As well it should be.

7 thoughts on “The time has come for a death penalty for fashion faux pas

  1. rikyrah

    As I wrote below….


    Meryl has been in the game too long to show up looking like that. She’s Meryl Streep ! – she can get a damn stylist to help her look her best.

    Age has nothing to do with it. Neither has size.

    Helen Mirren looked like a million bucks, and Queen Latifah, and J.Hudson represented well the non Size 2 contingent.

    Meryl should know better.

  2. Ogre Mage

    I thought Meryl looked like one of the witches in MacBeth. Or perhaps a fake fortune teller.

    I think it was in 1991 that Geena Davis wore a gorgeous golden dress which made her look like the Oscar trophy itself. But in ’92 she was tutu awful a white dress which to me looks like she is dragging around a snail tail.

  3. Georgiee

    Well I am Meryl’s biggest fan and aged 13,I think she can turn up to any function and wear whatever she wants, cause i mean she is beautiful and she doesn’t have to wear something to show everyone that she is. It’s her decision to wear whatever she wants and she can hire a stylist if se pleases. I’m sure she has better things to spend money on.
    Love you Meryl, just the way you are! and don’t ever change!!

  4. Karina

    Well, i think that you’re exagerating. I mean… it’s not her best look but it’s not that bad!. And obviously no one should die for wearing clothes!.. i thin thats pathetic.. but anyways. I think she looks great in everything but i agree in that she could have dressed herself better. Eventhough.. clothes are important but not that much and if she had a little error.. you shouldn’t exagerate that much.

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