Thugs in NYPD Blue testify in Sean Bell case


Sean Bell with fiancee and child. Bell was killed on saturday, November 25, 2006, by New York police just hours before the wedding was to take place. The plainclothes cops, who did not identify themselves, fired 50 shots at the vehicle where Bell was murd

NEW YORK (AP) — Two of five police officers involved in the 50-shot fusillade that killed an unarmed man on his wedding day appeared before a grand jury Monday.

The shooting that killed Sean Bell and wounded two of his friends prompted community outrage and questions about police tactics. The survivors claim the officers never identified themselves as police before they opened fire.

The first officer to appear, Detective Paul Headley, left the closed-door session feeling ”relieved that he had the opportunity to tell his version of events,” said his attorney, John Arlia. ”Clearly, it has been a toll on him and his family.”

Headley, 35, did not speak to reporters after testifying for more than two hours.

Officer Michael Carey, 26, arrived a short time later accompanied by Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

”He will go in there and tell his story as a police officer and put some facts to some of the fiction that ran on the streets,” Lynch said.

The grand jury called the officers in the order of the number of shots they fired. Headley fired one round and Carey fired three. They were to be followed by Marc Cooper, who shot four times, Gescard Isnora, who fired 11 shots, and Michael Oliver, who shot 31 times.

Last week, the grand jury heard from the two survivors, Joseph Guzman, 31, and Trent Benefield, 23.

Bell, 23, was killed before dawn after his bachelor party at a topless bar where police had launched an undercover operation in response to complaints about prostitution. He was to be married later that day.

6 thoughts on “Thugs in NYPD Blue testify in Sean Bell case

  1. rikyrah

    They’re going to get off. Nobody is going to be punished in this. This is the NYPD…when have they ever paid?

    Oh yeah. Never.

    But, my skin will turn to green stripes before any of these criminals will see one day in jail.

    PS- I’m still waiting for the 4th person in the car to appear.

  2. denise

    everytime I see this photo, I’m angered beyond words. The smile on that baby’s face tears at my heart.

    I’m certain that the men responsible for taking the life of this young man will answer for it either in the justice system or laws of the universe. They will not walk away from this unscathed.

  3. They won’t see jail time, but NYPD will pay up, just to make the bad publicity go away.

    And if one of those high profile civil rights lawyers calls the Bell family, there will be payola. Book it.

  4. Boondock SAint

    If Sean Bell was white no one would care. The officer went up to the car and identified himself as an officer. Sean Bell stepped on the gas and hit the cop and rammed two police vehicles. The cops responded by shooting because their lives were endangered. Sean Bell has had prior arrests for drug and gun possession, too. There is also a witness that saw a fourth man run from the scene. Why are their no rallies when a cop gets killed. Just this morning, FOUR UNARMED COPS were killed by a black man and no body cares about them or their families. Al Sharpton is an oppurtunist and a racist. Yes, black people can be racist, too. Not everything that happens is a hate crime. Al Sharpton supported a preacher that encouraged the killing of ALL white people including babies. These cops should not go to jail. They should be let free.

  5. Maurice Carver

    This is not an issue of Civil Rights, but one of Human Rights The world is watching to see if the Big Apple is really rotten at the core. Will the life of one unarmed Black Man count for something. We will see as his body is weighed in the balances of justice.

    Sean Bell Shooting

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