Libby convicted, pardon watch begins


Now that Scooter Libby has been convicted and the Administration’s CYA Pardon watch has begun, do you think that Democrats on the Hill can get a backbone and start considering impeachment?  Yes, I said it.  IMPEACHMENT.   Just because Fitzgerald doesn’t have the stomach to indict Bush and Cheney doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a steep political price to pay for this reversal.   Finally, the Lord has allowed this Administration to suffer a serious political blow for lying to the American people about their nefarious motivations for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.   Finally, justice has been served.  Finally, the so-called Democrats have a reason to investigate and dig deeper until they strike political gold and force some of the greatest liars in American history from their bunkers of power.  If impeachment remains off the table after the conviction of Scooter Libby, I will have to seriously question my party affilliation.  


15 thoughts on “Libby convicted, pardon watch begins

  1. rikyrah

    Scooter took one for the team. He’ll never see a day in jail, and I mean, even Club Fed. He won’t even go the way of Martha Stewart. Scooter’s gonna get paid for being the patsy. But, I’m glad someone was found guilty, even if it wasn’t all the people that should have been charged.

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is Mr. Libby’s lawyer a Brotha? I googled him, and the Washington Post story I found about him, gave hints that he might be, but I don’t know for sure. He looks like he is, but I’d love some clarification.

  2. rikyrah,

    Ted Wells is a black man. Brotha is a Washington fixture and go-to guy for corrupt politicians in trouble. In short, he is a sell-out. Any more questions? 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    It’s not that Fitzgerald doesn’t have the stomach for indicting Bush or Cheney. He cannot legally indict any president of the US in a criminal matter while in office. Presidents must be impeached. Cheney, like other Vice-Presidents before him, however, can be indicted criminally. The only problem you have is that his criminality goes through Libby. Libby would have to turn on Cheney to make that indictment possible.

    Ted Wells, indeed, is a black man, but I would disagree with the ‘sell-out’ moniker. He defended Clinton Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy against the charges levelled by Republicans of receiving illegal gifts while AgSec and won. Mike Espy was an unfairly maligned black man who sought and won justice through th courts. The job of a defense attorney is to defend, not to judge. Wells was very well paid for his Libby trouble, and that, too, is his job.

  4. rikyrah


    Can’t hate on Brotha Wells. If all he had were innocent clients, he’d be begging on the interstate for money for dinner. 😉

    After all, this is the country with the best justice money can buy.

    So, if the Brotha has skills, let him use them for the highest profit.

  5. rikyrah,

    He is a soulless advocate for whomever is forkin’ ovah the benjamins. We shall Overcome, We shall Overcome, We shall Overcome, someday. But will we ever be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say Dr. King would be proud?

  6. Anonymous


    You know, I’m beginning to be believe you’re not a brotha at all.

    Most brothas know that Dr. King was both a tireless advocate for justice and an even more tireless womanizer. He took generous donations both from the Protestant white and Jewish communities in order to do his work and keep his family in some semblance of decent repair.

    For black people, looking at ourselves in the mirror and being proud is a matter of recognizing that we started off in this country as owned and we became the country’s liberators.

  7. sand

    Can’t impeach Bush without getting Cheney first or he’ll become pres. Besides, the dems don’t have the balls to utter the word impeach, much less take action. Thank God for the 22nd amendment.

  8. rikyrah


    I choose November 15, 2008, because it will be one of the last middle fingers of Bush & Company to the American people. They will grin and laugh at all the teeth gnashing and outrage about it.

    If it’s done January 19th , no fun for Shrub, The Evil One, et al.

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