The Whore turns another trick


Hat Tip: Shenanigans blog at

Shenanigans has learned that former heartthrob Tennessee Rep/Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council Harold Ford, Jr. has inked a deal with Fox News Channel as a political contributor.  Lest we forget, they just signed former Pennsylvania Rep Rick Santorum last week – look out Mort and Fred — we see their own TV show in the making. Still, Santorum last week, Ford this week: it’s all about being fair and balanced.

Nobody bet’ not EVER say another mumblin’ word to me again about Harold Ford, Jr not being a corporate whore.   Y’all hear me?   The evidence is overwhelming:  Chair Democratic Leadership Council,  VP at Merrill Lynch, and the coup de grace: a perch on Fox News.   Barack Obama is a true disappointment but his craven machinations pale in comparison to Harold Whore, Jr.   Harold, like Elvis before him, is the King.   

Thanx dbl Helix for the heads up.