Poll: Hillary 34% Obama 31%


Obama! Clinton!

Polls released Friday indicate a tightening race between Hillary and Barack for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.  This trend will continue as Obama travels the nation firming up his numbers among African Americans.  Hillary will simply have to do better with ambivalent white voters in order to clinch this nomination and aggressively fight for every voter of color. 

Among Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton (at 34%) leads Sen. Barack Obama (31%) by three statistically insignificant points in a national primary; former Sen. John Edwards trails with 15%.

State polls released also show tightening in South Carolina and Michigan.   Hillary leads narrowly in both states 36% to 25% for Obama with Edwards pulling up the rear with 20% in South Carolina.   In Michigan, Hillary leads Barack 35% to 30% with Edwards pulling down 14%.   Florida, which is attempting to move up its primary to February is more solid for Hillary at 36% to 20% for Edwards and Obama posting 14%.   These numbers are bound to change.  

Lastly, preliminary polling results came in for Alabama before Hillary and Barack’s latest skirmish this month with Hillary leading Barack 35% to 19% with Edwards taking 9%.   These numbers are bound to change with the publicity.   One thing these state numbers show is the depth of Hillary’s national strength which is considerable but also shallow.   The bubble could burst for her if Edwards inevitable collapse yields more support for Obama.  Time will tell.


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