I recently received this email…



Waz up bro.

I recently got wind of your site, the “I-hate-the-fact-that-whitey-likes-Obama blog”.  Not dissin’. I actually like it.

I just don’t like the fact that people like you and Sharpton are so short-sited.

Put it like this:

Option 1:  Tear Obama down now and ruin his chances of becoming president, and forfeit all the power that comes with it.

Option 2:  Be quiet now, and let white people embrace him enough to become president. Then, when he has power, demand that he use that power to help brothas and sistahs out.

Doesn’t Option 2 make more sense? Or are you sooooo upset that white people like him that you can’t see the forest for the trees.


Obviously Obama would have no choice but to help the black folks out if he becomes president. Otherwise, we’d all bash him. Hillary could care less about us and she doesn’t have to since she’s white.

Look, if you really think Hillary would be better for us than Obama, then support her. That’s your choice. But just remember, we’re never going to get this chance again in our lifetime, having a bro in the whitehouse, using his power to help uplift our community, all while white people swoon over him!


Tell me your thoughts, Y’all.   Was I not clear?  How bout’ here and here?  It really is a hobson’s choice.  If I want a morally compromised, buckdancing minstrel wedded to imperialism-vote Obama.  If I want to hold on to a delusion of an ethical black candidate for president, I have to hold back, knowing that this is as good as America will allow.  Either we take him or leave him.  We ain’t gonna get another chance and we know it.  Well, perhaps someday when I am too old or too dead to care.


12 thoughts on “I recently received this email…

  1. Denise


    Wake me up when the “DON’T LET YOUR BALLOT GET TOSSED IN THE DUMPSTER” crew starts pushing their message in the black blogosphere.

    Didn’t you hear? That’s the ONLY political issue black voters need to care about.

    ::: yawn and stretch ::

  2. rikyrah


    I’ve always understood your point. I have my own reasons for supporting him, but I respect the doubters too.

  3. SB:

    You’ve made yourself very clear.

    I found this up on DKos: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/13/121152/229

    Another Obama kool-aid drinker. If he buckdances anymore than he has, the Nicholas brothers better move over.

    And Rikyrah, I caught your comment at DKos – very good points you made to the diarist. He’s just pissed off with Sharpton…and wouldn’t discuss facts that not all Blacks are drinking Obama’s kool-aid. He just hated on those who said they were skeptical of the brotha.

  4. yogo

    I don’t know where people are getting the idea that an Obama presidency gives any power to black people. What do you think he’s going to do as president, start writing checks? Stack the Court with “moderates?”

  5. “Be quiet now, and let white people embrace him”
    …said the spider to the fly…

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. IT DOESN’T WORK.

    And in response to the email; The title of the man’s blog is “Skeptical Brotha”. If you want “yes massa” articles, go somewhere else. He ain’t “fight the power”, but he sure is keepin’ a **** close eye on it.

    It’s the one blog I subscribe to where I can count on a healthy dose of intellect while letting me think for myself and draw my own conclusions.


  6. rikyrah

    And Rikyrah, I caught your comment at DKos – very good points you made to the diarist. He’s just pissed off with Sharpton…and wouldn’t discuss facts that not all Blacks are drinking Obama’s kool-aid. He just hated on those who said they were skeptical of the brotha.

    Political Junkie,

    Thanks for the comments. I was deeply offended by the label put to Rev. Sharpton. And, just had to point out that this ‘ not important thing’ – remember, the original post was deemed ‘ a troll’, IS important, to critics of Obama, and thinking supporters of him.

  7. Darryl


    I am the person who wrote this letter to SB. I understand where all the Obama-haters are coming from. You’re saying he should not just be given the black vote. He has to prove himself.

    I agree.

    I’m just saying give him time. We haven’t even had a debate yet and here we are, 2 years from the election, shooting darts at the brotha.

    I mean, can we give the brotha a chance first?

  8. Darryl:

    Before all of his “connections” came out, I was perfectly willing to give Obama a chance.

    I’m going to sound like a 45 disc with a stuck needle: HE DISSED HIS PASTOR IN PUBLIC. All in an attempt to get the White House. What value or principle will he not be willing to sell out in order to achieve his goal?

    You want us to give him a chance? Fine.

    He can start by cleaning up that dissing of his pastor, and follow it up by calling out Sean Hannity for calling the Pastor on his show and tearing him a new AH.

  9. Darrylm

    I think this writer very accurately describes the REAL reason the black Obama critics are sitting on their hands……..

    “Sharpton spell is fading fast”

    Published March 14, 2007

    Al Sharpton’s desperation is showing.

    His recent attacks on presidential candidate Barack Obama and his threat to withhold his support have exposed the trick behind Sharpton’s magic act. His audience is leaving the tent and Sharpton is scrambling for relevancy.

    Sharpton has been challenging Obama’s credentials in the black community and saying that Obama is the darling of white leadership, according to Democratic sources.

    Sharpton told CBS News that he is withholding his endorsement until after his National Action Network summit next month. Meanwhile, he’s playing hard to get between the Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton camps, even declining to return calls from Obama’s campaign.

    Now, it is fair to ask, what is Sharpton really up to? What is his real objection to Obama? That Obama has white supporters? That Obama has become the first serious black presidential candidate in U.S. history? That he lacks the civil rights bona fides that Sharpton claims for himself?

    Or is the real problem that Obama’s biracial appeal has trumped Sharpton’s race card?

    For the past few decades, black votes have been promised and delivered by brokers such as Sharpton. This isn’t shocking in itself. Everybody does it. On the Republican side, certain individuals also promise to deliver certain votes. Evangelicals, for instance. It’s the business of politics.

    Sometimes, as in Sharpton’s case, a vote broker will run for office himself. He knows he can’t win, but he can raise enough money to run and to collect federal matching funds.

    Such a candidate can live for a while in a style to which he would like to become accustomed. Limos, bodyguards, room service.

    In 2004, when Sharpton ran for president, he ran up the highest average hotel bills of any candidate, with an average stay at the Four Seasons running at a whopping $3,598, according to Fundrace.org, a Web site that tracked campaign expenditures.

    What happens when the money runs out and the campaign isn’t doing so well? Ah. The constituency, so carefully cultivated, gets bartered. For a fair trade and a few perks: My votes are your votes.

    Obama presents a particular problem for the Sharptons of the world because he doesn’t need their help getting the black vote. Obama appeals to both races. What happens to someone such as Sharpton when his services are no longer needed?

    Munchausen syndrome by proxy, perhaps. What we’re witnessing now may be a variation on the psychiatric disorder–a new twist in psychopolitics. Munchausen is usually associated with mothers who fabricate diseases or harm their children so that they can then tend to them and make them well.

    In Sharpton’s case, we might call it “Mighty Mouse syndrome.” His efforts to damage Obama suggest that Sharpton may be creating problems so that he can then solve them. Come to save the day, in other words.

    Sharpton’s Barack-bashing is more than politics as usual. It is also a historic watershed, the death throe of an old guard. Regardless of whether Obama wins, his candidacy has exposed Sharpton and other race peddlers for what they are and threatened their relevancy.

    The trick for Sharpton now is how long to withhold his support. If he signs on with Obama too soon, his currency is less valuable. Next month’s summit may still be too soon, but at least it gives him time to stall and rally his constituents. To build his product.

    While Sharpton may believe that he is much desired by both front-runners, whisperers within some Democratic quarters wouldn’t be sorry to see Sharpton attach himself to Clinton. They’re banking on another syndrome–the Ned Lamont syndrome.

    When Lamont defeated Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut for the Democratic Senate nomination last year, who joined Lamont on the stage? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who also is being coy toward Obama–leaning toward but not yet endorsing him.

    Who lost in the general election? Ned Lamont.

    Likewise, Clinton may not benefit from being frozen in the frame with Sharpton. Which is to say, Sharpton’s magic has become an empty top hat.

    The rabbit is on the run, and the cat is out of the bag.

  10. DTD

    Rikyrah and Political Junkie,

    If you were up for partnership or a major promotion and your White boss was coming over for Sunday dinner to discuss your prospects, would you keep the open invitation to Lil’ man and Ba’ Bro’ and ‘Em or tell them you’ll catch up with them next Sunday?

    If you’ve ever heard one of Dr. Wright’s sermons, you know that he’s not for “mixed ” company. And what ever was discussed between Obama and his pastor should have remained between those two. Instead the Pastor behaved like a petulant child and exposed the matter to Sharpton and the press. He should be reminded of what the Bible teaches about pride.

    Politics is not for the faint of heart, and feelings and egos will be bruised along the way. Furthermore, unless the Black community, only 36 million of the 300 million US population, can produce 75 million votes, we, as a People, need to grow up! The glory of days of extreme left Black political influence is over. Congressional districts once dominated by African Americans are now being quickly supplanted by a growing Latino population who have shown no interest in being governed by us. We are at a cross roads: Do we follow the old political script and hang on to the last remaining thread of “influence” or do we rewrite the script with a more mature (state and national) perspective for larger gains?

    You should also be reminded that Al Sharpton has never been elected to ANYTHING!

  11. Denise

    Interesting commentary.

    I don’t know the Senator or Reverend Wright but sure sounds like you’re saying that low brow, not-ready-for-political-primetime types like Ba Bro n’ em (and the Rev. r?) are good enough to use but at a certain point they should somehow “know” to take cover (while leaving their resources available) when something better (white people?) comes along.

    All this event suggest that something is lacking on the part of the Senator. I’m not sure if it’s humility, backbone, or integrity. Perhaps it’s trying to be everything to everyone in order to get something, but whatever it is, it doesn’t sound like leadership. And it doesn’t sound like leadership where people generally know where they stand and can trust that standing doesn’t shift like the wind.

    Call me crazy, but this is the troubling pattern that seems to be emerging with the Senator.

    Finally, that Rev. Wright attended the announcement as spirital advisor anyway suggests that he has his ego and pride very much in check.

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