GOP Senator calls for Attorney General to resign


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Blood is in the water and the sharks are circling. The various and sundry spurious reasons given for the ouster of select U.S. Attorneys for not following the party line and investigating democrats as directed by GOP Congressional officials is not being bought up on Capitol Hill. The contorted rationales and the embarassing congressional testimony given last week by fired U.S. Attorneys has resulted in calls for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign from prominent Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

Now, the first Republican has left the reservation and there is certain to be more to come. Before its all over there will be more blood in the water and blood on the walls becuase this could be what we’ve all secretly been waiting for: grounds for Impeachment. Yes, I said it, honey. IMPEACHMENT. The Imperial dictatorship’s grip on power is slipping and those who face an uphill climb toward re-election are not returning the White House’s phone calls. Senator John Sununu is in for the race of his life next year because the flinty independant voters of New Hampshire have grown tired of the B.S. They threw out all the Republicans last year and for the first time since Adam and Eve walked in the garden, the Democratic Party controls New Hampshire’s legislature, Executive Council and Governor’s mansion.

Sununu ain’t slick, baby. He’s desperate, and thus you have this earth shattering event. If there ever was a Young Nixonesque, wingnut true-believer, he’s it. If they can’t keep him on the reservation, Gonzales might as well find some packing boxes becuase his time is up.


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  1. You said it. The sharks are definitely circling. When a Republican Senator comes out and calls for your firing, you are in big trouble. Alberto Gonzales might not last through the week.

  2. PoliticalCritic,

    While W remains in denial, this could be the beginning of the end. His so-called “support” can be eliminated if enough GOP congressional leaders call for Gonzales’ head.

  3. rikyrah

    Put his lying a$$ UNDER OATH.

    He seems to have not read the Constitution (as my mother reminded me today), but I think he can get UNDER OATH.

    I don’t care if he’s the fallguy. Just rip into his incompetent lackey ass. He has none of the BS skills of Condi. Let him be burned to a crisp.

  4. john in california

    I think it is unlikely tinpot will fire Gonzales. Their is no political upside for him or for the repubs.

    1. It makes him look harrassed and weak
    2. Mexican-Americans know he would be just a fall guy and cover for rove. Repubs know they need socially conserverative catholics for their the new alignment, so it is unlikely they will throw Gonzales under the bus
    3. It takes away one of tinpot’s principle buffers
    4. by sticking by Gonzales, he challenges the dems to put up or shut up. Dem’s could impeach Gonzales but I don’t think they have the unity or the cajones to pull it off.

    tinpot knows that if it iswn’t one thing then it’s another. If he dumps G. something else will come along to pester him, so he will just ignore it. (unless Condi cuts him off)

  5. Actually, SB:

    The first ReThug to leave the GOP reservation and call for Abu Gonzalez’ head was that good ol’ boy from Texas, Senator John “kill the activist judges” Cornyn.

    And he’s only doing that cause he wants the job himself.

    Sununu is trying to CYA…cause he’s up for re-election in ’08, and he’s trying to keep from pissing off what’s increasingly becoming a more liberal section up there in New England.

  6. Ah, the Borg Queen. At this rate, she and Obama are going to cancel one another out, and only Edwards is going to emerge as the viable candidate.

    That figures she’d keep the troops in Iraq. Look at who’s funding her showboat: the odious Rupert Murdoch, owner of Faux Noise Network.

    This skank hooked up with Murdoch back in July 2006. I said right then and there that I couldn’t support her for Pres.

    Follow the money trail, and that determines Hillary’s foreign policy (cough, cough, rinse and spit).

  7. rikyrah

    Chicago News:

    Jesse Jackson, Jr. is backing the OPPONENT of Alderman Dorothy Tillman. It’s the talk of the town.

    From Michael Sneed’s (Chicago Sun-Times) March 13th Column:
    A Junior jot . . .
    The changing of the guard: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is flexing even more muscle now that he’s helped his wife, Sandi Jackson, win the 7th Ward aldermanic seat.
    • To wit: Jackson is now publicly backing Pat Dowell in her runoff against Ald. Dorothy “The Hat” Tillman, who has been 3rd Ward alderman for 24 years.

    • The stats: Dowell has the backing of organized labor and “signed onto a reform platform endorsed by congressman Jackson,” said a Jackson source.

    • Translation: Jackson wants his guys in . . . and Mayor Daley’s guys out. (Dowell is a pretty imposing woman. She’s a former college athlete over 6 feet tall.)

    A Junior jot II . . .
    The changing of the guard: An acknowledgement? Ald. Ed Burke (14th), the dean of the City Council, and his wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, showed up at Ald.-elect Sandi Jackson’s 43rd birthday party tossed by her hubby over the weekend. “Both gave Sandi a big hug,” said a Sneed snoop in attendance.

    I’m sure you know who Ed Burke is….

    From Michael Sneed’s March 14th Column:

    The hat attack!

    March 14, 2007
    BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist
    It’s war: Representatives Bobby Rush and Danny Davis would love to jab Congressmate Jesse Jackson Jr. with a hat pin from one of Ald. Dorothy Tillman’s (3rd) toppers!
    • To wit: Rush and Davis are infuriated Jackson is backing Pat Dowell in her runoff against 24-year incumbent Ald. Dorothy “The Hat” Tillman.

    • Quoth Rush: “This is outrageous! Dorothy is an original. A rarity. A leader since way back to the era of Harold Washington. She’s a stellar supporter of African-American developers and business. Those of us who cut our teeth on reform politics in Chicago aren’t going to go along with this just because there is a new kid on the block.”

    • Quoth Davis: “God is not through with Dorothy Tillman yet. I gave her my mother’s last hat — a felt hat with a feather in it — when she died as an indication of respect for Dorothy and the leadership she provides. She built the Harold Washington Cultural Center; her work on slave reparations has garnered her international respect. What is Jesse thinking?”

    I’m going to remind you that Tillman’s Ward doesn’t remotely cut into Jesse Jr’s Congressional District. Her Ward is partly in Davis’ District, and Rush’s District.

    Black talk radio has been burning up over this issue. It’s been heated!

  8. rikyrah

    Not being from Chi-town, is this good or bad?

    I think it’s bad. Very bad. Dorothy Tillman is one of the few Black Alderman that CONTROLS the development in her Ward. The land in her ward is some of the most sought after in the city.

    Her rules – you want to develop here, then when you come to the table, you better have legitimate Black business partners with you.

    Of course, that doesn’t go over well with some people

    Also, she’s been relentless in calling out the unions for the lack of diversity.

    Another thing that doesn’t go over well with some people

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