Memo to Al: You’re still colored


Al, it’s me again-Skeptical Brotha and I’m here to tell you that you’re colored.   Don’t look surprised.  I know you believe that because you became Attorney General it somehow entitled you to some protection and conferred upon you some condescending “honorary white” status.   It doesn’t.   You’re colored.   Because of your colored status, you can be sacraficed anytime by the big cahuna to save his lily white arse.

Yes, Alberto.  I know you and the big cahuna are best buds and pals.   It don’t mean a thing.  Really.  It means less than what you leave in the commode every morning.   Rest assured, if your self-serving and vague “mistakes were made” B.S. don’t cut it up on the Hill, you will be unemployed.    Worse still, you may be looking at some federal time because you are either incompetent or you are lying.   Both should be against the law.  

Your tortured authorization for Guantanamo, prisoner rendition and torture qualify you for Skeptical Brotha’s Handkerchief Head Award.   Your facilitation of war crimes and your cavalier attitude regarding civil liberties is not only revolting, it makes you an unmitigated embarassment to the Latino community. I hope and pray that the right-wing DLC Democrat Ken Salazar, a corporate shill who wears his moderation as a badge of honor wipes the smirk off your face by calling for your dismissal or resignation.  After all, he voted for your confirmation and needs to apologize to all the American people.

11 thoughts on “Memo to Al: You’re still colored

  1. rikyrah

    Does Al really think that this is actually a choice?

    That Shrub is having a hard time deciding?

    Al or Karl?

    Al’s delusional if he thinks that Shrub is giving up his man Karl.

    Al’s going under the bus so fast his head won’t have time to spin.

  2. dblhelix

    SB —

    when I click on any of your category links, I get a ‘404 file not found’. Is this a wordpress issue, or should I be doing something differently?

  3. yogo

    Ah hell! Who dat said Alberto is collateral damage? That’s good, because that’s exactly what he is. He’s under the bus.

  4. misterlister

    One thing I would not accuse the neo-cons of is racism. They judge everybody by one question alone: “What can they do for me?” Nothing else matters — not politics, not loyalty, not race.

    Rummy was let go too.

  5. Alberto AND Condi are pawns, I agree. I think we will see more of the adminstration on the way out in the coming months… not just the ‘colored’ ones. Bush himself won’t be touched because of his familial ties.

  6. Agree with the above comment about the Neocons being color blind, to a point. They needed to fill out a few token positions and Abu Gonzo got the high profile Latino slot based on his total lack of respect for basic human rights. This is the characteristic they needed most in implementing their pogrom on brown people living on top of large oil reserves. It may be hard to find a minority replacement with such little regard for life and individual freedom, but I have no doubt that this gang can do it.

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