Hillary goes after the sistah vote



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Hillary Clinton’s campaign apparatus is now in full swing to court a part of the electorate she thought she had locked down in pre-Obama days: black women. According to one campaign source, Minyon Moore, a Hillary operative and former political director in Bill Clinton’s White House, held a strategy session last week with influential black women, like Marva Smalls (a top exec at Nickelodeon) and NYPD chaplain Suzan Johnson Cook, at Hillary’s Manhattan headquarters. “We’ve always said we need to earn every vote,” Moore says, and hopes the women will act as cheerleaders for Hillary. An ABC–Washington Post poll released last month shows that Hillary’s support among blacks has dropped dramatically (from 60 percent to 33 percent), and her support among women overall has dipped as well (from 49 percent to 40 percent)—owing almost exclusively to the fact that black women are now supporting Obama. “Black women will be key,” says Donna Brazile, a Dem strategist (still unaffiliated) and Al Gore’s former campaign manager. “What drives politics in the black community is the early support of black women. They drive the discourse. They pick a candidate, and stick with it.”


16 thoughts on “Hillary goes after the sistah vote

  1. Denise

    Here’s where it gets interesting.

    In response Mrs. Obama will step up with her “he married a sistah” appeal.

    This is cute but I wanna know many sistahs are getting opportunities to work behind the scenes of BOTH campaigns.

    Where’s that popcorn??? 🙂

  2. Ogre Mage

    I’ve thought for a while that black women (Democrats) would be the most contested voting bloc between Rodham Clinton and Obama. Looks like the full court press is on.

  3. rikyrah


    1. Any thoughts about Fred Thompson possibly running on the GOP Side?

    2. Want to open a debate about whether the Edwards’ are doing the right thing with regards to the campaign?

  4. rikyrah,

    I don’t think much of Fred Thompson’s bid. The train has left the station and conservatives are divided between the top three contenders already in Giuliani, McCain, and Romney. As for Edwards, his and Elizabeth’s courage is refreshing and unnerving all at the same time.

    I’m doing a piece tomorrow on Dorothy Tillman for you, I am writing it now and I’m trying to finish my thoughts on Obama and Hillary’s Selma showdown. Peace and Blessings. Goodnight.

  5. rikyrah


    I don’t think much of Fred Thompson’s bid. The train has left the station and conservatives are divided between the top three contenders already in Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

    But, I don’t think the conservatives are pleased with their choices, and want someone else. Someone that they don’t think they have to ‘sacrifice’ part of their values to vote for them.

    As for Edwards, his and Elizabeth’s courage is refreshing and unnerving all at the same time.

    I feel you on your answer. I watched my father wilt away before my eyes, so I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And, the thought of sitting around waiting to die is just so depressing.

    I remember reading stories about Mrs. Edwards and her reaction to their eldest son’s death. Her brutal honesty about its devastation and paralysis on her shook me. I have been told by many people that the hardest thing in the world isn’t to die – it’s to see your child die. I think this campaign is a gift, both to her husband, and to the memory of Wade- who was John Edwards’ impetus for entry into politics in the first place. It’s her final gift.

  6. dblhelix

    Well, I’m a black woman and I like Dennis Kucinich. Obama and Clinton will not get my vote.

    the press can’t wrap its head around this concept.

  7. That article made me salivate. I then forwarded it to a recent college graduate (Black female) from Spelman. What she pulled from it was rather a question of who Donna Brazille was to offer such analysis. I told her that she was the Establishment…Black Establishment and she knows how it works. She brings Blacks to the Democratic Candidates and so forth the candidates to Blacks.

    I told the student that Black women (abundant) in churches will listen to their male pastors and Donna Brazille knows this. I told her as well the best way to get a Black Person’s attention is to stroke their ego and tell them they have the power. Pastors know how to get the money from sisters for their candidates for future hook-ups. It always works with egocentric Black Boomers. Hilary may play that angle to steer attention from prospective racial loyalty to Obama.

    Remember a few years ago when Alpha Kappa Alpha asked Hilary to be an honorary member and she declined? I think she would have accepted under other circumstances which was her valid answer. Her answer in decline was that she did not want to slight other fraternal (sororities) organizations because you can’t be member of others at the same time, in case they wanted to give her something…funding…endorsements, you know, etc. Hilary knew she was running then for the presidency in ’08 and kept saying she wasn’t. She did the right thing in declining. She was not going to piss off Deltas, Zetas, and Sigma Gamma Rho sisters that could have her backed and worked her campaign now. She probably would have accepted the invitation though if the social politics with sororities were different. She knew she needed all Black Women working her campaign and financially backing her from their churches and organizations.

    Think: she also didn’t have to worry about the thought of a handsome, young Black man running against her with the storybook charisma. The Dems’ were still whipped at the time and were talking about Kerry running again. They were that lame.

    I can’t wait to see this campaign for my vote gear up. I mean…do you think Hilary wants an young, GenX, Uppity Negro vote?

    Hilary is going to go after Black Boomers who don’t like change and like the idea of their former master being back in the White House to give them more hook-ups. Clinton (male) hooked alot of Blacks up and brokered for Blacks he knew and their people they brought on.

    She undoubtably will have to fake it with Gen Y because Obama is whipping her badly with the youth. The youth love technology and knowing they will have a hand in disabling something or igniting it as a sensation. I think they will catapult the fun and drama ot these campaigns with all the trouble they start with technology.

    Now…my generation of Black Xers are so…politically and socially lethargic and uninspiring (except for you). Is anyone really studying our demographic anyway? The educated of our Black Demographic are going to go with what benefits them in aligning themselves with Boomers. Locals here in Washington…especially lawyers (poll the Black Law Schools and Black Law Students) are going to align or realign and hobnob with Obama (eventhough their instructors may have been more aligned to male Clinton by association of others). I bet present Black Legal Eagles will still find some way to hold ties to Hilary or not ever endorse either until after the primary. They saw what Clinton did with cabinet positions for loyal Blacks and the people they brought on. That really is where the drama lies…Black Boomers who are tied to Hilary (or rather Bill) but may not want to slight Obama and cut off their chances to network. I see the Black Wealthy doing what the White Wealthy do in supporting both financially in contributions and lobbying to play it safe.

    I got an invite last month for an Obama event in Atlanta. Of course I declined because of distance and financial straps but the committee hosting thought of course I would be more aligned to Obama. I was impressed because it was more accurate than not of Hilary’s base. However still, I see my peers too afraid to let their Master Bill go to support a Black Man. I love watching Blacks fight with this quandry because they love their Masters and doubt Black Person being successful to pull something like this off.

    My generation is so cynical that they rather vote for who they think will win rather than vote with any spirit. We have collectively sold out to get ahead. My peers haven’t really been Black and loyal to it “RIDE or DIE” romantically with the idea of Progressive ideas since the Malcolm X the movie came out. The idea of Black(ness) became more and more ritual rather than practice. My generation has been on this “be Black when it is convenient to claim a reward, play the ceremonial victim, or soical hook-up” type tip for the past decade growing. Nobody likes to talk about the ugly elephant in the room though because we learned it from Black Baby Boomers in how to fake loyalty and allegiance to get ahead.

    As for us…the graying Post-CIvil Rights babies…we are so obsolete because of our comprised values in mimicking Black Boomers that taught us how to know when to hold ’em (The Gambler) and not really play authentically.

    At least I have the Black Woman thing going and it is finally a viable, valuable quotient to Hilary. Obama’s campaign don’t need me because he has all the White and “Other” types of Democratic and tired-of-being Republican youth. They actually will use their shopping mall money to pony up to building something destructive technologically and be proud of it. They are a large demographic that swallows Generation X’s numbers. He also has liberals that are untrusting of Hilary. That’s an even larger group. I wonder if he is really, really interested in me, the Progressive Black obsoletes now that so many other demographics outweigh my broke-ass leveraging clout. I wonder if Hiary cares either. How will he and she talk to us…me, really?

  8. This is classic Hillary at her best…Hillary Theater, you will. I don’t buy her outreach to African American — female — voters at all. Hillary reaching out for any Black vote seems a bit too Bob Ehrlich for me.

    Her hubby had much more charisma and appeal in the voter outreach department. I sincerely doubt that Hillary can replicate that.

  9. dblhelix

    Hillary reaching out for any Black vote seems a bit too Bob Ehrlich for me.

    A few shiny new traffic lights in it for some lucky mayors.

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