Obama does Florida


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March 25, 2007, 3:00 PM CDT

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Iraq war is diminishing America’s standing in the world and diverting millions of dollars that should be spent on health care, education and alternative energy research in the United States, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama said Sunday.

“We have to recognize that if we don’t make some fundamental changes right now that we could be the first generation in a very long time that leaves an America behind that is a little poorer and a little meaner than the one we inherited from our parents, and that’s unacceptable,” Obama told a crowd of about 600 supporters at a fundraiser in West Palm Beach.

The Democratic presidential hopeful said all Americans should have universal health care, vehicles should be getting up to 60 miles per gallon, workers should get wage increases and education should be fully funded so the next generation can compete in the world market.

“But here’s the thing, we can’t initiate all these creative ideas to solve our domestic challenges if we don’t bring this war in Iraq to a close,” Obama said.

Several public opinion polls show Obama trailing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, with former vice president Al Gore in third, even though Gore has said he has no plans to run.

Obama lashed out at the Bush administration for an energy policy that gives money “to some of the most hostile nations on Earth,” while unchecked greenhouse gas emissions threaten the world’s climate.


9 thoughts on “Obama does Florida

  1. rikyrah

    Ok, here’s the real question..

    How much change ($$$$$) did he raise while in Florida?

    Florida is an odd state – is it really winnable for the Democrats in 2008?

  2. …education fully funded? That is a plus in my book. Oh, I forgot, more African American males are in jail than in college. So, maybe he’s not catering to the black vote. That may give a reason for us to stop attending Prison University and go to a four year institution for higher (and not just for the mass of drugs on campus) education.

  3. dblhelix

    rikyrah — there were two FL events, one with $2300 tickets, and a larger one with $100 tickets. The latter had a crowd of about 1000. I figure it has to be good for a 300K-500K haul overall.

  4. I want to know more about his education policy ideas (or his consultants’ idea for direction and strategy…his team and his fellows). I figure maybe that is why Obama has not sticked it yet and only has been relying on riding still the mystique and aura. That haze never drugged me. I want to hear strategy.

    In this country it is not about spending more dollars on education as the cure. We need educational reform. Educational reform is cousin to Prison Reform. That is a catch-22. These small municipalities need prisoners to fund their reasoning for officers and to line the pockets of contractors all invested in the industry of prison. It takes the need for keeping an continued amount of disenfranchised, un and under-educated people in society for these sectors to work in not working to benefit society on a whole. With that I think there will be a continued drag on universal education reform that will mount for countries advances. I don’t know if Obama wants to go there since he is not trying to be a populist. And it just seems that the government can’t do that successfully in the top ed agency of any reform without these other components having to cut ties with this normalized corruption. Smaller municipalities are still following their stagnation because they get their funding from the Fed and follow federal policy.

    Last year it went under the radar with Secretary Spelman announced in a press conference that the Dept. of Ed did this report and their findings was that American students were dumb and could not compete with smaller countries (and so on). Her report was so last year…last decade… but I remember when it was announced it recieved no major attention or piggyback approaches from media. People really don’t care about the educational system that much. Maybe because most bloggers and media types have their kids in private or charter schools. If they are in public school, they are schools in areas of those that see these future problems and have the power to supercede the slow developments in reform. Some people are privatizing aspects of their independent schools to perform as charters with public money. They are not worried. Maybe it is because they know their children may benefit from the old-boys, social hook-ups, and nepotitism. It is kind of like we are stuck and just think things will work itself out. Somehow we think we are just going to fiend of China, India, and Vietman’s surge in globalization and production. It is because these underdog countries persevered in understanding the value of education while we were boastful and got caught up in our own hype thinking we would as a country overall be on top forever.

    My problem/issue with Obama is his damn speeches. Merely that is what has not pulled me in. I know he know more and has the brightest young innovator thinkers rallying to help him. I just don’t know what is taking this guy so long to just put it out there and tell us what the deal is and how he would take us there as a country in improvements. I still don’t get what the steps of the Statehouse has to do with anything that will affect my goodwill and life improvements. Please help me understand this guy and his approaches to reach me/us.

    I saw him speak last year at the Center for American Progress and like all of his other speeches they are…like positive, cheerleading and pep talks…sermons and teases. I started twitching during the less than what I think was no more than ten or 15 minutes. I really didn’t time it because I thought it was going to be longer and hearty. It was…uh…short and easy. I was annoyed because he seemed timid like he wanted to make friends. It reminded of a school election speech where you hype people but you give no direction. He never really sticks it but he teases of possibilities. I don’t know why he refuses to just put the gas to the pedal and talk hard and firm and stop dancing and tip-toeing. I told a reporter that after the speech and he told me I was the only person that saw these peculiarities at the confere. I think I was the only person at the conference that told the media I was not feeling his speech last summer. So when all the people were clamouring to get a touch of his cloth (seriously), I was wondering what was wrong with me that I was not getting it like they had with so much excitement.

    These points here about education, energy, and healthcare are very progressive platforms. They affect me. I just wished I could hear more definitives on strategy. Is he afraid that others will attack him or is just, he, trying to dramatize with making us wait? Is it that he is choosing to not tell us anything until he can compose the strategy to win (a calculated and compromised strategy) and not the strategy to be in my best interest or the countries?

  5. Kelechi

    CJ, unfortunately it is true. There ARE more Black men in jail than in college. However all the studies that have shown this have made one mistake: They counted all the Black men in college – who are usually between the age of 18 and 24, (excluding Black male graduate students and doctoral candidates). Then they counted all black men in jail, regardless of age – from age 17 or 18 all the way to 55+. So of course if you use this data, which is skewed to produce more drastic and emotionally moving results, you come to that conclusion.

    If, however, you compare the black men in college to their age-mates in prison, you will find that there are many black males in school than college-age black men in jail and prison.


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