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I apologize Y’all, I had to take a few mental health days and not even look in the direction of this site.  I’ll  be back strong Sunday.   What’s on your mind?  Tell me somethin’ good-as Chaka Khan used to say.

The deadline for the first quarter of fundraising for Presidential candidates will pass in about one hour from now.  I expect an announcement from Obama and Hillary that they both cleared $25 million, what do you think?


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  1. rikyrah

    Well, I’m glad to know that you’re ok, SB. Between you and Shay over at Booker Rising, you two were making me worry. 😦

    But, both of you seem to be on the mend. 🙂

    I’ve been posting under your last post about the political happenings.

    What’s on my mind?

    I spent the day with a girlfriend and her two kids at the local Children’s Museum. I enjoy outings like this, because I enjoy people watching. You get to see a cross section of America. How we make our families. Saw your usual suspects, but also saw other stuff. I love seeing Muslim families out, dressed in their religious garb. I love watching the Indian family with their cultural dress on too. Saw several families with their adopted Asian girl (not sophisticated enough to know which country. To my ignorant eye, they all, with the exception of the Phillipino, look alike to me.), and saw several families with children where there were same sex partners. All had one thing in common – they loved their children, and wanted to broaden their horizons. Not enough of ‘us’ there, as it usually happens, but I always love to people watch, because I see America.

    We discussed a good friend, who had been having fertility troubles, and had decided to adopt last year, and now, less than 18 months later, has 3 beautiful daughters (her twins are 6 weeks old). From no babies, to 3 under the age of 18 months in just a short time. Blessings, all. She and her husband provided a loving Black home to a deserving Black child, and considering that I’m so pro-adoption, I was so happy for them and for the baby.

    Nothing political about today, except for my friend lamented about the ass backwardness of America not providing PAID maternity leave. That was as political as it got for me today.

    Also, this friend was like, ‘ I just don’t like Hillary’…I didn’t even have to bring it up..LOL

    You don’t even have to come back tomorrow, SB. Just let us know you’re ok so we won’t worry.

  2. rikyrah,

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with me other than bein’ tired. I don’t like to thow up nothing or other clips just for the sake of posting something. Y’all come here to read me and my thoughts and I’ve been having writers block. Its about over, or at least I am tired of succumbing to it. So, whatever the hell it is, I am posting tomorrow. Lots and lots of thoughts I’ve had bottled up.

  3. dblhelix

    Lots and lots of thoughts I’ve had bottled up.

    The whole money race thing depresses me. I’ve more interested in state/local issues, because that’s where all the action is these days regarding health, education, etc. And the bottom line is that all systems (at least around here) are going broke. The state is signaling to the counties that there will be no $$, so look to the local tax base.

    I recently looked at a map that shows nr of shady mortgage loans made in the area. DC, Montgomery Cty (NW of the city) are fairly free of “creative financing” but the entire PG area (NE of city and majority-minority) showed a high concentration — and the map was current only through 2004. Does not look stable to me, so I’m wondering about the local tax base.

    Public school systems in Baltimore City and the local hospital in PG are under constant threat of state receivership. The paternalism in minority areas is getting on my nerves in a big way.

    Well, you asked 🙂

  4. dblhelix

    Clinton numbers in: $26mil raised. The $36mil figure is misleading because it includes a $10mil senate transfer.

  5. dblhelix


    The AP just issued a correction. The $36 mill does not include senate transfer — it’s money raised in Q1.

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