Obama’s obscene money chase



“The fact that I’m raising obscene amounts of money for this presidential race doesn’t make me a hypocrite.”

Barack Obama, on his still-undisclosed fundraising, AP, 4/3

Color me mystified with the lag time between Hillary’s announcement and the impending, yet delayed announcement from the Obama camp regarding his numbers.   With over 100,000 contributions from over 80,000 folk, we know full well that Barack ain’t got nothin to be ashamed of.   Hillary has had her moment and now the time has come to steal her thunder and dethrone the Queen.    Will we hear from the messiah today before the close of business, or will the Safe Negro drag this mess out for yet another news cycle?  

This extended lag has me imagining some improbably colored scene in which Barack is holed up in some dingy room holding his fundraisers hostage while he and Michelle count every dollar like black folks running a liquor house. 


12 thoughts on “Obama’s obscene money chase

  1. dblhelix

    holed up in some dingy room holding his fundraisers hostage while he and Michelle count every dollar like black folks running a liquor house.

    You sure do make me laugh.

    Dunno what to tell ya. One story is that they’re still gathering the checks from Saturday’s vidcast events.

    If he’s close to her, I would have thought it more effective to steal her thunder over Sun/Mon. That’s just IMHO. I would have thought that he’d want to divert the chatter away from the Bush funding drama.

    Well, they say tomorrow, so we shall see.

  2. rikyrah

    This extended lag has me imagining some improbably colored scene in which he and Michelle are holed up in some dingy room holding his fundraisers hostage while he and Michelle count every dollar like black folks running a liquor house


    You need to stop…these pictures are HILARIOUS.

    The Borg Queen was too funny and this one is hilarious too.

    SB, you’re having too much fun.

  3. Darrylm

    Let me get this straight:

    You uplift a juvenille delinquent like Shaquanitsha (or whatever ghetto name she has) Cotton, but take every opportunity to tear down Barack and his wife.

    You people are pathetic.

  4. Darrylm,

    I am fully aware of your singular inability to appreciate my humor, but must you tell everyone? 🙂 As for Shaquanda, I’m gonna let that go. I don’t wanna cuss you out, bruh.

  5. darrylm

    Given that resorting to cursing is a reflection on ones inability to converse in an intelligent and civil manner, don’t hold back – as your hero Al “Conk” Sharpton would say, “keep it real”.

  6. Rick

    Darrylm: Our is a House Divided. Do you honestly marvel at the criticism from blacks about their own?

    * Have you not fought your own in an attempt to do something positive in your community? That is not just true of our people: Did not David encounter criticism from his own brothers when he volunteered to fight Goliath? Did he not have to remind them: “Is there not a cause?”

    * Today, April 4th, we remember the Day Dr. King was assassinated Do you believe that everyone who said they were down with Dr. King when he was alive was really down?

    * Was Jesus not rejected in his own home town (Nazareth)? Did he not go to other towns less influenced by disbelief and cynicism? (nice portrait SB — beginning to see the similarities)

    * Did not African nations war with one another and sell the spoils of war into slavery? Do not we, as their descendants, continue to make warfare with one another in the streets of Brooklyn and Compton over turf, guns and gang warfare?

    *Do not sistas in pink shirts dislike sistas in red shirts on our college campuses? Do we not still argue which of us is the greatest?

    * Do not Africans hate African-Americans and vice versa? Do not Caribbean blacks hate African-Americans and Africans and vice versa? Can’t we all just get the #@# along?

    * With all of our black spending power, do we not prefer to put dollars into the pockets of black businessses but instead into the pockets businesses that do not even invest in our communities?

    * We B___TH and we Moan…but are we doing anything constructive about any of the real problems we face? Is anyone talking about solutions?

    * AIDS is destroying us.

    * The black family is in tatters. BLACK FATHERS ARE M.I.A.!!! And starting with problems in our homes, relations between black men and black women are in very divisive state more generally. (putting it very nicely)

    * Black males are dropping out of H.S. left and right. They are not being equipped with the skills to be competitive in a global economy. (Obama/Clinton both spoke on this recently (3/8). but I guess it wasn’t newsworthy for this forum: http://jec.senate.gov/hearings.htm )

    I hear you Darrylm. I have the same question: with all these problems, “Is there not a cause for blacks of African descent to see more of what we have in common and work together, rather than to focus on our differences only?”

    Of course there is a cause. The problem is that we were taught to hate one another. And we do it very well.

    Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that such hate doesn’t matter in the end. If God is truly for someone, then that ALONE is greater than the entire world going against that same person.


  7. Rick

    “red rabbit” .. like in the the Matrix?
    no sorry, the rabbit in that movie was colored white.

    back to your statement. quite interesting.
    wouldn’t the name “blue rabbit” be more fitting?

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