Bill O’Racist has a bug up his arse


Faux News fascist Bill O’Racist has a bug up his arse for “Illegal Immigrants.” This segment is a graphic depiction of the blind and undisguised hatred that underlies the anti-immigration debate.  It is a noxious mix of xenophobia and racism and Geraldo Rivera deftly pushes back with reason.  However, you can see the inner conflict on his face.  At best, Geraldo Rivera is a smooth talking, self-absorbed, shameless self-promoter whose politics lean center-right.  


It pains him to correct Bill O’Racist but Geraldo had no choice when Bill cracked on air spewing spittle and hatred his direction.  O’Racist’s crack up was reminiscent of one of my favorite cinematic characters played by Michael Douglas-“D-FENS.”The put upon D-FENS, an unemployed defense worker, cracks up in LA during a traffic jam and becomes a psycho vigilante attacking colored folks.  Everyone who works at Faux News seems to be channeling this character at some point during the day. To be perfectly honest, I would be too if they paid me what they paid O’Racist.

29 thoughts on “Bill O’Racist has a bug up his arse

  1. If only Geraldo had clocked O’Reilly like the skinhead clocked him on his talk show back in the day (and broke his nose), now that would be some “Must see TV”.

    The parents of the dead girl even dissed O’Reilly, saying they needed to heal, and his use of the tragedy to highlight his bigotry was uncalled for and he needs to STHU.

  2. Darrylm

    Let me get this straight,

    you show love for a miscreant like Shanequa Cotton and now for illegals that are drowning our country, but

    when it comes to a sharp brother for Obama you have nothing but “Skepticism”.

    This is truly the bizarro world.

  3. Darrylm

    (a poem about Mexican illegal immigration)

    I come for visit, get treated regal,

    So I stay, who care I illegal?

    I cross border, poor and broke,

    Take bus, see employment folk.

    Nice man treat me good in there.

    Say I need to see welfare.

    Welfare say “You come no more,

    We send cash right to your door.”

    Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,

    Medicaid it keep you healthy!

    By and by, I got plenty money,

    Thanks to you, American dummy.

    Write to friends in motherland,

    Tell them come as fast as you can,

    They come in rags and Chebby trucks,

    I buy big house with welfare bucks.

    They come here, we live together.

    More welfare checks, it gets better!

    Fourteen families they moving in,

    But neighbor’s patience wearing thin.

    Finally, white guy moves away,

    Now I buy his house, and then I say,

    “Find more aliens for house to rent”

    And in the yard I put a tent.

    Send for family quick like bunny,

    Then they too draw the welfare money!

    Everything is mucho good,

    And soon we own the neighborhood.

    We have hobby—-it’s called breeding,

    Welfare pay for baby feeding.

    Kids need dentist? Wife needs pills?

    We get free! We got no bills!

    American crazy! He pay all year,

    To keep welfare running here.

    We think Americadarn good place!

    Too darn good for the white man race.

    If they no like us, they can go.

    Got lots of room in Mexico!

  4. Denise

    I commend the way Geraldo Rivera, stood up rather than distanced himself from Hispanic/Latino culture.

    I think you got it wrong, Darryl. The issue wasn’t illegal aliens; it’s about a man having the cajones to go to the mat for something unpopular.

  5. dblhelix

    “illegal immigrant drives while drunk and kills legal citizen” is a popular wedge for anti-immigrant groups.

    A similar incident here (the victim was an Iraqi war vet, to boot) was used by anti-immigrant forces to lobby against issuing driver’s licenses to immigrants irrespective of status.

    However, I am more interested in the concept of “sanctuary cities,” and I regret that the two of them didn’t get into more detail on this.

    There are some serious issues looming on the horizon. In this area, it has always been a matter of sensible policy to not query as to staus by law enforcement, hospitals, etc. Two reasons: first, local law enforcement has no interest in assuming the burden of immigration policy, and second, the mission of local law enforcement is to build cooperative relationships based on mutual trust with communities, which is of benefit to all.

    Since a routine traffic stop only reveals outstanding criminal warrants, Geraldo argues that law enforcement did in fact comply with all laws and has no responsibility to divine the legal status of the driver, which O’Reilly claims would have prevented this incident.

    The database which your license is cross-checked against during a routine stop is called NCIC and until recently, only stored information on outstanding criminal warrants. However, since 2003, ICE (federal immigration) has been posting civil detainers to NCIC. In other words, “failure to appear at deportation hearing” is entered. This is a dilemma for law enforcement, as they may in fact be become aware now of civil detainers as a result of a routine non-related check. The backlash is that the relationship between hispanic communities & police locally is breaking down out of fear.

    I assume that the concept of “sanctuary cities” is at the forefront because of this dilemma — which did not exist before 2003.

    Second, we have the federal REAL-ID mandate on states to be implemented by May 2008. I am strongly against REAL-ID based on privacy concerns — that DHS has already outsourced implementation to third-party commercial data vendors is frightening. It is not difficult to see the path we are going down with this as the most mundance transactions will require a REAL-ID data swipe.

    While there is some pushback by states on implementing this unfunded mandate, in MD, immigrants rights groups are advocating for a “separate but equal” driver’s licensing system. In other words, we (legal residents/citizens) are to be subjected to REAL-ID montoring, while residents who cannot prove status (this may include folks who simply are not able to provide the necessary paperwork) are issued licenses under the old system.

  6. Rick

    Agree with Denise and others who felt happy to see Geraldo stand up to O’Reilly.

    What Darryllm lends voice to is the idea that there are “some” black (and even “some” Hispanic) people in the U.S. that feel threatened by the loss of jobs by the inflow of undocumented immigrants, particularly from Mexico. In NYC, for example, I have heard similar sentiments expressed by some in the Puerto Rican community: specifically, that the lower wages that Mexican workers are willing to take has placed downward pressure on wages of jobs that were being held by other Hispanics — or in some cases, the view is that undocumented immigrants are seemingly “taken over.” There are places you can go in NYC, like East Harlem (which has a large hispanic population), where you could once almost feel the tension. The above runs counter to my historical view that immigrants pretty much have taken jobs that Americans didn’t want.

    In any event, we are talking about Human beings who are worthy of dignity and respect. I don’t agree with a view that they are “crimminals” who we can treat any kind of way, or just blatently disrespect. That’s wrong.

  7. Denise

    My father told me somthing a long time ago that holds true today regarding U.S. policy towards Mexican illegal. He said it’s safer for this country to have Latinos scurrying across the border, working basically as modern day slaves, and being docile here than it is to have them restless, angry, and ready to SET IT OFF at home.

    The cheap labor market is a win-win situation for the US and Mexican governments.

    I know realize the difficult economic pressues that illegal immigration places on black people, and I’m well aware of the history of anti-black racism in Latin America.

    But we were here first and had a leg up by at least two generations. We simply have to step up OUR game.

  8. Denise

    correction: I meant to say, “I realize the economic pressures…”

    and let me add that I have yet to hear Koreans sweating about the presence of illegal immigrants.

    They hire them to work in their stores. HELLO!!!!!

  9. I watch The Factor almost everyday and I missed this? Wow.

    Anyway, I agree with Bill O’Reilly. If Ramos hadn’t been here illegally, it is likely those two girls would still be alive. Having such a position doesn’t have anything to do with racism – as I see it. It has to do with ORDER. Geraldo is such an apologist for illegal Latinos, which is understandable. He makes excuse after excuse.

    Furthermore, his argument about regular citizens being in jail more than illegal immigrants falls flat. Geraldo and advocates for illegal immigrants will spin statistics no matter how unreasonable they are. So what, legal American are incarcerated more. What does that have to do with illegal immigrants? What natural citizens do does not excuse other illegal behaviors. It doesn’t matter either how/if they were “lured” or “pulled” here either. If they came illegally, they broke the law. Give me a break.

    For me, if this guy was illegal and Haitian, illegal and Czech, illegal and Polish, illegal and Canadian, illegal and Chinese or illegal and Nigerian it doesn’t matter – illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay here and run amok. Period.

    O’Reilly definitely has an axe to grind when it comes to illegal immigrants – particularly those south of the border – it seems. And if so, I DO NOT support him in that effort, but in principle, I agree with him.

    If illegal immigrants are here causing problems (and lord knows we have enough problems with natural and legal citizens already) to boot, they should be deported.

    I personally don’t care where they’ve come from.

  10. Wow, he just waits for an illegal immigrant to do something, anything, and then jumps on it. Maybe instead of people complaining that illegal immigrants are taking their jobs, health care, and welfare, they should ask, why is unemployment so high in the first place and why is there any citizen unemployed, or why isn’t there universal healthcare, or why isn’t there universal childcare? If all the citizens were already taken care of, then they wouldn’t mind someone else coming into the country.

  11. Terrence, your use of the term “illegal Latino” and your rather Nixonian definition of “order” aside, I wonder if you realize that the only surefire way to stem the tide is for “legal” immigrants to stop hiring the illegals. And you personally can do your share by not supporting businesses that hire them.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  12. Ernesto, the use of the adjective “illegal” in reference to some Latinos should not be taken offensively. Suggesting that Geraldo is an apologist for “illegal” Latinos/Hispanics is the truth. In the bigger scheme of things, there are “illegal” whites. There are “illegal” blacks. There are “illegal” Asians. There are “illegal”Arabs, “illegal”Jews, etc. We could use the term “undocumented” but that would be found offensive as well, I ‘m sure. Dropping such descriptors is a mask for avoiding personal accountability.

    Anyway, Geraldo is a constant defender, no matter how illogical some of his arguments, of illegal immigrants particularly those who enter this country from south of the border. He is against the United States building a fence along the border. He is against raids against employers that hire illegal immigrants. He is against criminalizing illegal immigrants. In essence, he is a proponent of illegal immigrants who come here – primarily those from south of the border. He’s not in favor of anything that will mitigate illegal immigration.

    In regards to order, no matter how you deem it, people need to follow proper procedures that are on the books with regards to entering this country. It is for their protection and ours. AND employers need to follow the laws on the books as well. All involved are wrong if they are usurping or bypassing laws for proper entry into this country.

    Also Ernesto, I shouldn’t have to plan my day around which establishments or businesses do or don’t have illegal immigrants working for them. The government should be doing more to minimize illegal immigration. Period. I support raids and fines for companies/businesses that knowingly (or unknowingly) hire illegal immigrants. Again, I don’t care if the illegal immigrant is black, white, yellow, green or gold.

  13. Bronze Trinity, while I appreciate your compassion, I cannot agree with you 100%. Americans should not have to compete with illegal immigrants – of any race, creed or color.

    If people become citizens AFTER they have gone through the proper channels they can come here and compete – I don’t care. Legitimately competing for jobs, benefits, resources, housing etc. is not an issue. Blacks in this country have been doing that since 1619. Even with segregation laws, we still had to compete against Italian, Poles, the Irish and others that came here legally. But Americans – legal and natural – should not have to be undercut by illegal immigrants.

    Also, I am pro-immigration, but not illegal immigration. It has gotten out of control. I see it first hand in Texas.

    On the other hand, I do agree that O’Reilly does have a tendency to twist and spin many issues into an illegal immigration debate when there is no basis for it. I agree 1000%. Perhaps people seeing through his other arguments regarding illegal immigrants has jaded people, but on this issue, O’Reilly is dead on. American Bubba or Leroy would be just as wrong for DWI manslaughter as Ramos, BUT the difference is Ramos is here illegally and two people are dead because he chose to drink and drive when he wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place. Ramos could be black (or white and from Spain) and I’d say the same thing.

    This is not a racial issue, as I see, The Department of Immigration and Naturalization has deported people of races, creeds and colors.

  14. Terrence, the government isn’t doing more because business interests benefit from the cheaper labor. Period. That’s where this issue begins and ends. Anything else is xenophobic window dressing, IMHO.

  15. I wonder if O’Reilly would be spouting this crap if he doesn’t have such immigrants at home; cutting his lawn, wiping his kids’ ass, cleaning his house and cooking his food. If he hires a white or Black person to do it, they know their rights as American workers, and will demand liveable wages, benefits and health care coverage.

    All of which O’Reilly’s not going to give them, so he hires the illegal immigrant and pays them under the table while spouting off about them on his TV show.

    Ladies and gentlemen of this blog, you are looking at a hypocrite speaking when you see Bill O’Reilly. Just like J. Edwina Hoover with his cross dressing, homosexual-in-the-closet-while-I-spy on-who’s-in-Congress shtick, O”Reilly, with his pedophile peeping, falafel-sexual-harassing-fetish, is no better than Hoover.

    I just wished Geraldo had smacked him. IF it had been Olbermann, we’d be having a different conversation…;-)

    Meanwhile, anyone hear about Jesse Jackson eating his words and backing the CBC’s whoring with Fox News. I tell ya, the brother collected a check with Rupert Murdoch’s signature on it.

    When will we quit selling ourselves so cheaply? And the bad thing is, whites know we sell out cheap…

  16. Denise

    We sell out so cheaply because: (1) we either have a hidden personal interest in someone’s ambition or (2) because, under the guise of progress, we allow ambitious and unsavory black people to do the very things we claim are wrong if done by someone outside of our community.

    You’re right; everybody seems to know this but us. 😦

  17. Ernesto, but people like Geraldo don’t want the government to do anything to mitigate illegal immigration. Geraldo and others want amnesty for 12-million people. The government is trying to mitigate illegal immigration – in numerous ways – but its actions (such as building the fence) are deemed xenophobic and racist.

    If the government raids and fines businesses – it is is deemed xenophobic and racist.

    If the government requires passports for border entries – it is deemed xenophobic and racist.

    If the government raid flop houses where illegal immigrants are living – it is deemed xenophobic and racist.

    I could go on and on. On both ends, some people just don’t want accountability.The cycle of blame just keeps on going and noone is ever going to be completely satisfied with so-called immigration reform.

  18. Falcon

    You people love to miss the piont, don;t you? Because Virginia Beach ignored federal law and would not report a lawbreaker, PEOPLE ARE DEAD. Just because the majority of people who come through our southern border are hispanics does not mean people who are pro-law are now somehow anti-hispanic, or racist.

    Immigration laws are good for the security and economic health of America.

    -Stop playing the “racist” card.-

    It’s so old, and so damn lame.

  19. Falcon

    “IF it had been Olbermann, we’d be having a different conversation…;-) ”

    Yes, because Olbermann is an outright fascist who wants to shut up any opposing viewpoint.

    “I wonder if O’Reilly would be spouting this crap if he doesn’t have such immigrants at home; cutting his lawn, wiping his kids’ ass, cleaning his house and cooking his food… so he hires the illegal immigrant and pays them under the table while spouting off about them on his TV show.”

    Do you have any kind of reason to make this accusation? Didn’t think so. But you don’t have to have proof, do you? All you have to do is sit back and make an accusation, and wager that other people will be too lazy to question it.

    Liberals of this site: Why do you let a liar like this guy represent you?

  20. Annanbel

    As an african american republican I love bill o’relly and did you forget that it was the republicans that made slavery illiegal? and made the democrats let blacks to vote? and that the democrats started the KKK? I could never be a democrat after what they did to my ancestors.

  21. In light of the “cause and effect” theory there needs to be a particular reason, or cause, for an officer to stop a vehicle and investigate the operator. This is commonly referred to as reasonable suspicion.

    Without this requirement, anyone at any time could be stopped for any number of reasons, none of which are against the law.

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