Warning: this is a profanity-laced tirade


So, if there are children in the room, you might wanna send them out and have this conversation with em’ later.  This post is about one, and only one thing: Don Imus, the racist and ignorant dry-drunk mutha MSNBC insists on poisoning every morning with from 5:30-9:00.  Ain’t nothin’ like some gratuitous racism to start the day off right.

Don Anus and his merry band of morning show Klansmen have offered another disingenuous apology for the umpteenth time for their racially charged insults against black folk.   Last week, Anus called the sistahs on Rutgers University winning basketball team some “nappy headed ho’s.”  They referred to the game between the Rutgers girls and their opposing team as a championship match of “jiggaboo’s and wannabee’s.”   

He done apologized because the brothas and sistahs who comprise the National Association of Black Journalists strongly denounced his cracker ass and that constitutes a serious threat to his check.  The sh*t was really funny Wednesday but apparently, the outraged fallout ain’t been too cute.  Amy Robach announced on MSNBC that the Anus has “reached out” to “black leaders” and will appear this afternoon on Al Sharpton’s radio show to do an all too familiar mea culpa.   

When Anus and his Klansmen mocked a nearly 80 year-old Maya Angelou and Hillary Clinton for pandering to blacks, was that some more “outreach”? 

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve had it with the mea culpa bullsh*t.  I really don’t know what Al Sharpton gains from this-oh, silly me, he gains RATINGS, which end up culminating in a bigger check.  To that, I say this:  F#*K YOU, DON.  F#*K YOU.  Ain’t no need for you to apologize, cuz y’all meant every word y’all said.  The only reason I’m writing this sh*t is that you had the audacity to invite that bitch-ass MF, Tom Oliphant on the today’s program to insult our intelligence and defend your cowardly ass.  Man up, Bitch. 

We don’t need to hear about the wonderful camp for terminally ill children you run.  We don’t need to hear about the wonderful things your wife does.    I like children and old people too and my Mama and Grandmama are saints but if I knock over a damn bank, me and the biggest MF in the pen are gonna be lovers for 15 to life.  None of the good I’ve done will matter to anybody. If yours really meant anything to you, you woulda reigned in your Klansmen and kept that shit to yo damnself.  

To the ladies of Rutgers University’s basketball team, I’m sure y’all are aware that there ain’t much distance between Rutgers and Paramus, NJ where MSNBC does its taping.  Carry your big, beautiful black selves over there and confront Don Anus. Tell him to say that shit to your faces.  Tell him, “No, No Muthafu*#a, we don’t accept your apology.  

There is a beautiful thing called the telephone ladies.  Use it to dial all of the advertisers of the tournament y’all just played in and demand that they issue a curt letter of denunciation of Don Anus’s conduct.  Then call all of the Advertisers on MSNBC and tell them the same thing.  Hell, get the NAACP in on the game and threaten them all with a friendly boycott just like we did back in the day.  

Ladies, y’all big, beautiful sistahs are big business and your school, your coach and all of the advertisers know it.  I am quite sure that the WNBA is sweatin all y’all-HARD.  Show the world that you understand how the game is played and make damn sho’ that er’body knows it by taking Don Imus’s racist ass out.   The bottom line is that Don Anus’s program has about as much worth as what I flush down the toilet every morning.  It ain’t nothing but a radio and televised bitch session like the View, except it’s only for white men. The world looses nothing by kicking his bitch-ass to the curb. He and his Klansmen loose a very big check. Make him pay for his gratuitous racism. 

There was a time in all of our lives when “I’m sorry, Mama” didn’t cut it.   “I promise I won’t do it no more, Mama” didn’t work either.  Mama had to whoop that ass.  This is one of those times ladies.  Whoop that ass and whoop it good. If you feel as I do, let somebody know.                                                                  


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25 thoughts on “Warning: this is a profanity-laced tirade

  1. Completely agree, didn’t post anything on this yet since I wanted to see how it would play out. Keep on screamin on these cats, Imus always has some racist/borderline racist s*it to say. He’ll be dead soon anyway, he stopped getting wasted wayyy to late in life for it to make a real difference…


  2. rikyrah

    I’m glad you got back to this. I was on the elliptical when I heard about this. I was like, ‘ You gotta be $*&%ing kidding me. ‘

    I’m tired of Rev. Al. One of the best solutions takes off on what you wrote, SB. And, it came from Whoopi Goldberg. She said that Imus doesn’t need to be muttering his apology on the air; he need to take his racist butt TO Rutgers and apologize to the women – in person. I actually liked that.

    Thank for all the language. It was appropriate.

  3. Oh, and someone should ask Charles Mc Cord since he writes most of Imus’s schtick, would a Christian (as he claims to be) get caught up with the Klan?

    Wait, I’ll answer my own question. Back in the Day and probably currently, the Klan still thinks they’re being Christian, and doing Jesus’ work by burning crosses on folk’s yard beating up Blacks, Latinos, Asians, East Indians and anyone looking like Osama’s 3rd cousin.

    What I want to know is if the Whore is going to denounce Imus, or defend his ass? Cause if Imus is taken off the air, the Whore loses that audience for which he plays “House Negro” so well.

    And Bush made it fashionable to be racist by decimating the Justice Department’s Civil Rights’ Division, and putting incompetent loyalists in the place of competent U. S. Attorneys, trying to fast track to the Supreme Court and pack that court full of Alitos, Scalias, Robertses, and Clarence Thomases.

  4. I just wanted to point out that CBS Radio Network owns WFAN. They should also have to feel some heat from Imus’ outrageous comments.

    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

  5. Imus is a nut. He meant what he said.

    I feel sorry for him – even though I blasted him on my spot too. I like the idea of apologizing to the women, but why now when it took him so long to do it? It won’t be sincere. It would be a coersed apology.

  6. ok… don imus has been given a 2 week vacation for this whole episode to die down.

    i guess everyone has a point of view on this whole vile THANG, but until he sits down in front of the Rutgers University womens basketball team and their parents, and offers an apology and a heartfelt explanation for his evil deeds, he can be on Al “PovertyPimp” Sharpton’s show until the cows come home.

    i want to be a FATHER in the room when imus explains why he felt it was ok to refer to my daughter as a “nappy-headed ho” … and i pity the fool who dares to try to pry my fingers from around his crawny neck!

  7. i blogged about this earlier on plezWorld and it now appears that don imus has been given a 2 week vacation for this whole episode to die down.

    i guess everyone has a point of view on this whole vile THANG, and i feel that until he sits down in front of the Rutgers University womens basketball team and their parents, and offers an apology and a heartfelt explanation for his evil deeds, he can be on Al “PovertyPimp” Sharpton’s show until the cows come home.

    i want to be a FATHER in the room when imus explains why he felt it was ok to refer to my daughter as a “nappy-headed ho” … and i pity the fool who dares to try to pry my fingers from around his crawny neck!

  8. Anyone who can so easily have such comments roll off the tongue (with chuckling included) means what they are saying. That racist rhetoric is just to close to the surface to NOT be an integral part of who that person is. Apologize all you want, but no one will believe for a moment you mean it..Don Imus, Michael Richards. And indeed, the apology (lame and as disingenuous as it will be) should MOST DEFINITELY be going directly (as in face-to-face) to the ladies of the Rutgers basketball team. Hmmm, any chance Sharpton might get them in the studio when Imus is suppose to go on-air???

  9. love this post…I blogged on Friday….
    where is the National Organization of Women and the Ms. Foundation on this? Why are these orgs (and others) conspicuously silent?

    Since when did having nappy hair mean that you are no longer a woman needing feminist support against a media cryptkeeper’s biased, sexist, retarded commentary?

    Also peep this quote from Howard Fineman of Newsweek (Hat tip to mediamatters.org.)

    You know, I don’t know what’ll happen. I think — you know, it’s a different time, Imus. You know, it’s different than it was even a few years ago, politically. I mean, we may, you know — and the environment, politically, has changed. And some of the stuff that you used to do, you probably can’t do anymore.


    is this the best and brightest that these media conglomerates can offer…privileged bobbleheads who bemoan the days when they could get away with being openly and virulently racist?


  10. NOW, the National Organization for Women, finally released a statement against Imus. I think their statement only came after bloggers and other black journalists started asking where NOW stood on the issue. You can check NOW’s official statement out at http://www.now.org.

    We should continue to put pressure on CBS Radio and MSNBC until Imus show is completely dropped. A two week vacation is a smack on the wrist for Imus, and a slap in all sistas faces.

  11. Rick

    Unfortunately, our problem is not just with Imus…
    What does it mean that 7.5 million people watched the last episode of Flavor of Love 2? At a minimum, it means that shows that dehumanize black women as sexual objects are not only popular, but highly profitable for the networks that air them. (Flavor of Love is rated TV-14 by the way).

    In my humble opinion…
    Don Imus, by his action, isn’t really that much different from Flava Flav, by his action. (Flav didn’t call them ho’s, but he surely treated them as such). The only difference is that Flava Flav is black. Does that make Flava Flav’s actions more ok?

    A question for all the brothers: When will we have the courage to tell our fellow brothers when we hear our sisters being called out of their names by other black men (who might be our friends) and say…”Look, that’s not cool. She is a woman; She is your sister. Treat her with respect.”

    Question for the so-called black “leadership” (Jackson and Sharpton): When will you put the picket signs down and instead call for a boycott that would hit media companies AND their corporate sponsors in the POCKETS where it really hurts? Why are you half-steppin?

    To all of us as a people: Are we willing to take a stand not just against the Imus’es of the world – who are so easily replaced – but also demand that the entertainment industry more generally stop exploiting us culturally and perpetuating such negative stereotypes about black women and men?

    When we as black men 1) take a stand for our sisters regardless of the skin color of the offender; when we as a people are willing to 2) take REAL action to hold others accountable; and 3) when we as a people are willing to 3) give up luxuries (including watching shows that seem “funny” but leave lasting damage)…only then will things improve – not before then. Just my 2 cents.

    Brooklyn NY

  12. Cliff

    I love it, someone with some balls to say whats on his mind. Go ahead reveal your devlish thoughts, so I can know you for the snake that you are. I appreciate the fact that black people have to get their ass whipped by a white television talk show host in order for them to think about respecting themselves and their women. If this means that we have to hear comments like this to know who are enemy is, to wake up, stop killing each other, stop disrepecting our women, stop kissing white folk’s ass, stop worshiping a white Jesus, then okay bring on more comments.

  13. Denise

    Fortunately, two issues have reached a critical mass in the wake of “Imus-gate”: (1) The demand for a zero-tolerance policy regarding racially charged and demeaning talk radio and television, and (2) the need for an all out effort BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY to shut down music, reality television, movies, etc. that demeans and degrades black people and black culture.

    In other words, if the message or theme consists of speech or conduct that one should not convey or perform in the presence of one’s children, parents, or grandparents, then the language and conduct has NO business on the public airwaves. Keep in in your home behind closed doors.

  14. Jamal

    The Devil is working hard to bring us down but there is a light at the end of the tunnel that we call life. just wait they will get what’s coming to them but it will take time. for a man to be truly sorry about his comments or to redem is self he has to face up to his responsibilty.

  15. Cliff

    Come on we can’t just say Flavor of love is the problem because it truly isn’t.There’s many shows before Flav ever thought of having an show.We have to stop pointing fingers at ourselves for why whites say something rude or racist towards or at blacks. Simply put we should let whites take credit for what they say and not we step in we are why we say

  16. Rick

    “They’re blaming it on the music” — Flava Flav (Fear of a Black Planet, 1990)

    Ya damn right I’m blaming it on the music. And the videos. And the black exploitation, which we as black men help to perpetuate. We have been too silent on this issue for far too long.

    My comment wasn’t directed towards Flava Flav only. Nor was I excusing Imus for his behavior. My (1st) comment was directed towards black men – including Flava Flav – who blatently disrespect black women so openly – and to the rest of us black men who don’t say ANYTHING about it. By our silence, we condone such behavior. We say it’s ok. The rest of the world is certainly watching. If we treat our own like that, they feel they have a right to as well…

    How can we say – with a straight face – that our protests are about upholding respect for black women when EVERY SINGLE DAY MTV, BET, VH1 and black radio stations dehumanize black women as sex objects (and black men as pimps) and we don’t have the moral courage to speak out against those destructive images? Why are black people so cowardly in speaking about this issue? I’m not. The point of bringing up the show Flava of Love was ONLY to give an example of how profitable these negative projections are for the networks…and how we as consumers should not only not support it — we have a responsibility (in the words of Public Enemy) to “SHUT EM DOWN!”

    We can no longer afford these meaningless protests that last for a few days and then *ish goes back to normal! We need a change in mentality. It doesn’t take any courage to stand up against Don Imus when every one else is doing it. But…it DOES take courage when one of your boys is calling a sista a “b__h” and a “ho” in a conversation and you stand up as a MAN and say, “Hey…that’s not right.” Or to take the remote when you are with your boyz and watching videos that show black men and women being portrayed as objects and say “let’s watch something else.” That’s courage.

    When we start to show respect for ourselves in that way, then I think other people will start to show respect for us.

    Courage. It was nothing for *Moses to kill that Egyptian when someone from another race was messing with one of Moses’ brethen. But he shut up like a coward when his own brother and sister disrespected his woman. In 2007, it’s real easy to lash out at Imus. Every one is doing that. But when will we as black men stop being so cowardly and start dealing with the family? No one, it seems, is willing to do that. Not even Moses was. Until we do, Cliff as far as I’m concerned, we ain’t making nothing but noise…

    *Biblical references:
    Exodus 2:11-12
    Numbers: 12:1-3; verse 3 says: “Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.” That describes “US” when we don’t take a stand for our women when our own disrespects them!

  17. Cliff

    Well said Rick. I’m just glad that issues like this, can encourage us to not only beat up “Imus” for what he said, but also to gain the strength to speak out against BET, MTV, VH1, respectively. Maybe the strike from the snake will motivate us to “Shut Em Down”. You’re right; we have to deal with our family, by not only being proactive with speaking out against them, but with ourselves.

  18. Rick

    thanks for reading with an open mind, Brother Cliff. When two or three are gathered and can agree, well…you know the rest! 🙂 That’s enough to start a revolution right there…God bless, Rick

  19. Rick

    Epilogue: Snoop Dogg had an interesting response earlier today:

    “[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We’re talking about ho’s that’s in the ‘hood that ain’t doing sh–, that’s trying to get a n—a for his money. These are two separate things. First of all, we ain’t no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC [the cable network home to Imus] going hard on black girls. We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them mutha—-as say we in the same league as him.” – source: MTV News


  20. emil longfellow

    da imus bes a tellin it like it is!yo stupid niggas wake up!also dem girls act like hos!callin each oyher all kinds of filth!what a man to do slip o da tongue!if yos want to bes treeted like a lady acts like a lady!

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