2 thoughts on “Obama Addresses the Vice Presidency

  1. Cute. I still don’t know what is his policies but I like his swagger right there in that clip. Kind of…cocky. That’s what it takes to scrap in meaning it and/or having the ability to bluff.

    I like the message he is sending that he is or have to get ready to throw down. His answer however was a justifiable invitation to “Bring It!” to his opponents and media. I guess we are about to find out his policies sooner than later. You guess?

    That $25 million would make me feel more cocky too to push my original platform issues (but what is his again?) Amazing what money and supporters can do for your self-esteem. It validates (and can pay for people to tell you what your policies are). He needed it though and its good he is flexing.

  2. rikyrah

    I thought it was a very good comeback. I liked it. Would they ask any other candidate about being Vice President? Hmmm…I don’t think so, but maybe I’ll be surprised and he’ll ask every other candidate that comes on his show about being VP.

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