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Imus looses major advertisers Staples and Procter and Gamble.

“Aside from public condemnation, there are new signs of trouble for talk show host Don Imus — dollar signs.

Two major advertisers — Proctor and Gamble and Staples — said they will pull their ads from his show, which will be suspended by CBS Radio and MSNBC for two weeks starting Monday. Bigelow Tea said it may do the same, and more companies are reportedly considering pulling ads.”

M. J. Rosenberg of TPM Cafe-I say fire the racist. 

“Who but an old-fashioned racist would look at Gwen Ifill on PBS and say that she reminds him of a “cleaning woman?” Who but a racist would see those amazing Rutgers b-ball players and see “nappy headed whores?” Who but a racist would repeatedly liken black athletes to “apes” and deride brilliant black journalists as “quota hires?”

“Unless I live on Planet Liberal (it’s possible), I find it impossible to believe that anyone but a serious racist even has these thoughts about African Americans. I know there are plenty of racists. I know that a liberal Jew like myself is far from typical of white America.”

“But, at the same time, I think I know enough about this country to believe with all my heart that Imus is a throwback to a time in this country we want to forget: a time when successful African Americans, women, gays, Hispanics and Jews were constantly denigrated because of innate and immutable characteristics (race, religion, sexual identity, ethnic background).”

Gwen Ifill, a target of Imus’s racially offensive “humor” speaks out.

“The serial apologies of Mr. Imus, who was suspended yesterday by both NBC News and CBS Radio for his remarks, have failed another test. The sincerity seems forced and suspect because he’s done some version of this several times before.”

“I know, because he apparently did it to me.”

M. J. Rosenberg of TPM Cafe-Imus will be Fired by Friday: Count on it

“The contrast between Ifill and the white boys Jeff Greenfield, David Gregory, James Carville, Bill Maher and Ham Jordan (all of whom are rallyng behind Imus) could not be more stark. Cannot the old bigot come up with a single African American to support him. What about some Clarence Thomas type? Surely, there has to be some thoroughly discredited African-American who will stand with Imus. If not, wow.”

Michael Wilbon, Washington Post

“But there’s nothing rare about Imus’s vile attacks. This is what he does as a matter of course. Imus and his studio cohorts have painted black people as convicts and muggers and worst of all, apes. Not only do they find it funny, they expect everybody else will as well.”

“Sid Rosenberg, whom Imus once fired, then rehired, said one morning in 2001 that Serena and Venus Williams would be better off posing in National Geographic than Playboy. He knew he was saying Serena and Venus are closer to wild animals than women.”

19 thoughts on “Imus Update

  1. dblhelix

    It’s about time these racist, misogynist, homophobic “shock jocks” got put out to pasture. Money talks and bullsh%t walks.

    Before Imus, there was ‘greaseman’ putting out similar garbage, not just once, but TWICE. I think he’s still employed somewhere in the dc area, unbelievably.

    It’s unfortunate that ‘the bottom line’ $$$ is the only thing that will end the harassment via public airwaves, but I’ll take it.

  2. yogo

    And now after all the big name sponsors have pulled out, Obama now comes out and says Fire Imus! Once the network shuts it down and the ads pull out, you don’t have to fire the man. He’s fired himself. So thanks for nothing Bar.

  3. rikyrah

    He only got pulled because of the sponsors…if some hadn’t of pulled away..he’d still be on the air.

  4. Darrylm

    I was waiting to see how it would take for a hater on this site to pull Barak into the discussion.

    You never disappoint.

  5. rikyrah

    I was waiting to see how it would take for a hater on this site to pull Barak into the discussion.

    They are not ‘ haters’. They are ‘skeptics’, and he shouldn’t have waited that long to comment on it.

  6. Rita

    I never buy any Proctor and Gamble product for their animal testing. I’ll never step in a Staples store again. We are living in a double standard world, a farce, where the only real players are the corporations and it’s always only about the bottom line.

  7. Rick

    “…he [Obama] shouldn’t have waited that long to comment on it.”

    I suspect timing isn’t really the issue, especially more are calling for his ouster today – one day after Obama – and these individuals are being applauded for speaking out with no mention at all of any “timing.”

    I think some people just don’t like Obama. That’s ok with me. People can vote for or like who they want to like. I will say though that when I hear comments about him not being sincere about wanting to protect his daughter in all of this – then myself as a positive black man who hopes to one day raise beautiful sons and daughters – I take offense to that.

    From a distance, that distinction between “skepticism” and “hatred” starts to get a lil blurry. Makes me wonder if it’s really just “skepticism” or something else.

    imagine if a black man said something about a black woman who came to a man’s defense and other men questioned whether or not she was being sincere as a “mother”. Well, I’m sure like Queen Latifah, some of you would be willing to “Set it off.” And I know I’m right about that.

    The same principle applies here…

  8. darrylm

    It ain’t skepticism, it is jealousy – the same kind of crab in a barrell, Willie Lynch syndrome that has held us back for all these years.

    We do not need the white man to keep us down, we do a good enough job of it all by ourselves.

  9. yogo

    Nobody black is keeping Barack down. He’s top of the list in fundraising, remember?

    And as for “setting it off,” I would hope that if I had a husband as well positioned as barack, he would Set It Off when a fool like Imus called some young black females, nappy headed hos. But he didn’t. He waited till Imus was pretty much down for the count then he called for his firing.

  10. Rick


    If that’s the case, then shouldn’t we be up in arms about Bruce Gordon – who also supports Imus’ firing – making his statement a full day later AFTER Obama?

    (for the record, I am happy both of these black men spoke up).

  11. yogo

    The two aren’t equal. Obama is trying to be the first black president. He’s got a bully pulpit like no other. Gordon is one of the poobahs at CBS. Imus makes money for them (a lot!) and once sponsors started jumping off he had to make a business decision.

  12. Rick

    I hear your argument, yogo. We can go back and forth about dates etc. but the larger sense I am getting is that if you were already “skeptical” about Obama in the first place, you’d want the brother to “prove” himself by responding more aggressively than he did to this blatent act of disrespect towards black women. If that’s the feeling, then I can’t analyze that away. Wouldn’t want to either. If I were a woman “on the fence”, I might even feel the same way.

    Assuming we all agree on that, then from my perespective it would be nice if more black women used their platforms to “stick up for us positive black men” every once in a while when similar things happen. In essence, it would be nice to see positive black men uplifted a little bit more, instead of castigated, if that is the principle we say should be applied – that is, men and women using their “bully pulpits” to lift up black men and women of the opposite gender. I do see this a little. very little (yes, I read a lot). we can see lots more of it.

  13. yogo

    Ok. But it seems that your complaint is with women in general and not specifically me or my concerns about Obama’s candidacy.

    This is a threadjack.

    I can’t speak for all black women, but from where I stand, women want “positive black men.” Let’s not muddy this and talk about Terry McMillian’s books or rich black men and their white wives, or whatever is in the media–I’m not qualified to discuss, nor do I care, about any of that. I’m just a regular black woman living in Texas doin’ my thang. I don’t have a platform.

    That being said, positive black men in real life are uplifted all the time. Black women want good men as husbands, fathers to the kids, role models in the community. Nobody’s castigating a man who is holding it down and taking care of his family. Nobody.

    You need to go down south. Get your mind right.

  14. Rick

    “Black women want good men as husbands, fathers to the kids, role models in the community. Nobody’s castigating a man who is holding it down and taking care of his family. Nobody.”

    The view of some of the black men here is that you and several others are doing exactly that (castigating) when it comes to Senator Obama – not the politician – but the man. If you listen to what our complaints have been, they’ve centered around defending him for doing the things you just said should be lifted up: being a good husband, being a father to his kids, being a role model to the community.

    Furthermore, my family is from the South. I went to school from the South and I was raised with Southern values. If the way you responded reflects the “New South” then I’m staying up North where at least we are expected to be rude.

    You wrote: “That being said, positive black men in real life are uplifted all the time.”

    Why don’t you ask some of the positive black men that you know if they feel the same?

  15. yogo

    Oh come on, Rick!

    The southern thing I said–that was a joke. I’m not from here originally, I just like to boast about Texas. We do things big down here.

    Re: Castigating. This is getting ridiculous. I’m not down on the man because of any personal failings because I don’t know him. What I do know is that people get irritated when other blacks just don’t bow down to him just because he’s black. That ain’t “castigating.” Obama wants black votes, right? But he won’t go out on a limb about anything black. Why should I vote for him? It’s all symbolic really.

    Have you read the article in the NYTimes about his campaign manager? His whole campaign is based on a specific formula. You take a black guy who looks good, says nothing on purpose, talk about hope, get white folks on your side. Since he’s black they already know black people will vote for him.

    Worked for Deval. Working for Obama. It’s fake.

    You do realize all this campaign rhetoric is carefully crafted bullshit don’t you? It’s designed to appeal to your emotions on a basic level. As voters we have to educate ourselves and weed through all the BS and vote for who we think would be the better public servant? Is that Obama? I don’t know.

    But no, I’m not castigating a positive black man. I don’t know him on that level. All I see is the image they’ve crafted and what comes across on my tv screen.

    This is why I said to you earlier not to muddy this kind of conversation with media trickeration about black men and women. Anything about Obama has nothing to do with ordinary folks and relationships. It’s politics.

  16. Rick

    we cool peeps 🙂

    “You do realize all this campaign rhetoric is carefully crafted bullshit don’t you?”

    the only one who ain’t bullshitting is Guiliani. i believe he believes everything he says and he has the Imus sticker and Alabama Conferderate flags to prove it. If he get’s in office, like they say, we’ll be in a hot mess!!!!!

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