CBS Director Bruce Gordon, former NAACP chief, calls for Imus ouster


HAT TIP : By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer Wed Apr 11, 2007

NEW YORK – Bruce Gordon, former head of the NAACP and a director of CBS Corp., said Wednesday the broadcasting company needs a “zero tolerance policy” on racism and hopes talk-show host Don Imus is fired for his demeaning remarks about the mostly black Rutgers women’s basketball team.

He’s crossed the line, he’s violated our community,” Gordon said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “He needs to face the consequence of that violation.”

Gordon, a longtime telecommunications executive, stepped down in March after 19 months as head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, one of the foremost U.S. civil rights organizations.

He said he had spoken with CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves and hoped the company, after reviewing the situation, would “make the smart decision” by firing Imus rather than letting him return to the air at the end of a two-week suspension beginning next Monday.

“We should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to what I see as irresponsible, racist behavior,” Gordon said. “The Imus comments go beyond humor. Maybe he thought it was funny, but that’s not what occurred. There has to be a consequence for that behavior.”

Imus triggered the uproar on his April 4 show, when he referred to the Rutgers players as “nappy-headed hos.” His comments have been widely denounced by civil rights and women’s groups, and two sponsors, Staples Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co., have pulled their advertising from the radio show.

Gordon said that as a matter of principle, firing Imus should be an easy decision to make, though he respects the right of CBS leadership to consider all factors, including legal and financial repercussions.

“When I look at it from my position as a director, where my responsibility is to represent the best interest of the shareholders, it’s more complex,” Gordon said. “But at the end of the day, the image of CBS is at risk. … the ad revenue of CBS could be at risk.”

“What I expect is for management to take the next two weeks to do their homework,” he said. “I hope that the result of their due diligence is to terminate Don Imus.”

The CBS board has 13 members. A corporate spokesman declined comment on Gordon’s remarks.

The radio show originates from WFAN-AM in New York City and is syndicated nationally by Westwood One, both of which are managed by CBS Corp. MSNBC, which simulcasts the show on cable and is a part of NBC Universal, says it will watch to see whether Imus changes the tenor of future programs.


Neither Bruce Gordon or Sumner Redstone will be ignored.  Imus will be gone before his suspension is up.  The pressure from the bailing advertisers alone is enough to kill his show, and his $10 million paycheck dead.  But if that isn’t sufficient, perhaps scrolling through TOM PAINE. COM’s Imus Archive is.    They have been crusading for his ouster and recording his bigotry for the last seven years. 

16 thoughts on “CBS Director Bruce Gordon, former NAACP chief, calls for Imus ouster

  1. Sam Johnson

    This is over the top. He apologized, forgive him and punish him with 1 month suspension. Sponsors can do what they want since they will always seek what’s best for their bottom line – profits. People are also free to make decisons on which sponser’s products to buy in the future. Let the guy keep his job. Otherwise punsih every rapper who dishonor our black women every day with the same evil word and worse. Let’s have one standard for all who wickedly insult Black women on the media waves. Those who are calling for Imus’s job should put the same energy to stop those rapppers who are guilty of the same insults. Otherwise their real goal is to get political points and publisity for thier organization.

  2. rikyrah

    Well, if it’s true that old man Redstone said ‘ no more’, then Imus is GONE. Remember, this is the man that drop kicked Tom Cruise. Old man Redstone – DOES NOT PLAY.

    A thank you to Mr. Gordon.

  3. Denise

    Good for you, Bruce Gordon.

    It’s good to know you’re willing to get “messy” when it’s time to step up.

    Thanks for affirming that a corporate directorship is about for more than lining one’s pockets.

  4. pistolpete

    Did you hear? The I-man has a new job. In ministry! Read the latest on my blog – “Necessary Therapy”.

  5. Well, well, well, now the NAACP are looking like first class fools for dissing Bruce Gordon and running him out of town.

    Don Imus is easy to beat up. Stick a fork in him – he’s done for the next few years. I say that because when this crap dies down, some radio/tv station is going to offer him a gig and promote him as the greatest rehab project since George Wallace caught that bullet back in 1972, and the Field Negroes had to care for his crippled ass until the day he died.

    Where were his Klan buddies when he got shot? No where to be found.

    Trust me, Don Imus will have this awakening, and when he does, that’s when he’ll be back on the air again.

    What I want to know is why no one’s going after Sean Hannity or Bill o’Reilly? Hannity should be the next one to go.

    No one pays any attention to Rush Limbaugh anymore; he’s irrelevant. So Hannity should be the next bigot that gets targeted.

  6. theravagebeast

    I need to start checking the “Other” box, ’cause I can’t be black. Why?

    ‘Cause black people protest words spoken by a shock-jock comedian (who they never listen to) but will quickly dance to a song with a hook line that goes “my ho swings from a pole”.

    ‘Cause black people look for media pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to speak for them instead of using their wallets to do the talking.

    ‘Cause black people cannot seem to get their own houses in order but feel the need to condemn the homes of others.

    So I’ll be “Other” for a while. Maybe I’ll join Imus when he switches to Satellite for $50 million. He should take that money to start an R&B record label and title the first cut “Nappy Head Hos and Me”. I guarantee they will play the song on every major black station…

  7. Rick

    OT: when I read this, it sent a shiver up my spine…Rick
    Giuliani on Imus and the Confederate Flag
    By Marc Santora, NY Times

    MONTGOMERY — The remarks by Don Imus are reverberating in the presidential campaign, with Rudolph W. Giuliani telling reporters today that the remarks were “wrong, very wrong,” but adding he would continue to appear on the show in the future.
    In the shadow of the old Alabama state capital, Mr. Giuliani said that he called Mr. Imus to discuss his racially charged remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.
    “I called him a little while ago to talk to him about it personally,” he said. “And I believe that he understands that he made a very, very big mistake.”
    Mr. Giuliani also was asked about flying the confederate flag over the state capitol, and said that it was a decision best left up to the states.

  8. dblhelix

    shiver up my spine you & me both, Rick.

    TPJ: George Wallace caught that bullet back in 1972

    A little sidebar — that shopping center is about 7-8 miles north of me. I’ve looked at pics from ’72, hasn’t changed a bit, only the bank name is different. Last summer I heard from some people campaigning in the “historic district” of that town that there are people tucked away there who believed the Angry Negro Theory from the moment Bremer unloaded … and haven’t let it go since. Oh, my.

  9. Rick

    dblhelix: well, we won’t let that scenario happen then! lol

    OT: in other news, Wolfie -one of the chief neocon architechs for the War in Iraq – might get fired from the World Bank:

    WASHINGTON – World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz acknowledged Thursday that he erred in helping a close female friend get transferred to a high-paying job, and said he was sorry. His apology didn’t ease concerns among the bank’s staff association, which wants him to resign.

  10. rikyrah

    One can only hope the Wolfie gets the axe. They had no business hiring him in the first place.

    and another OT: I thought, just for fun, and Damn, why don’t I have it like that?..that the story of the Smithsonian guy who submitted over TWO MILLION in expense reports would have made the blogosphere.

  11. Denise

    frankly, that story has been flying under a lot of political radars in Washington.

    Perhaps it’s hits a bit too close to home. You know, a bit too “let he who is without sin…”

  12. Robert White

    If Imus is fired, Bruce Gordon should be fired also, because Imus is white, Bruce is black. CBS has no backbone to stand up for Imus. What about Rapper?

  13. Anthony Withers

    July 3, 2007

    I am an American. My gene pool consists of many racial mixtures including the fact that my grandmother is a registered native American. If you were to take a sample of my DNA, you’d find that what I am racially, is due to the major event in this country known as slavery. You see, my gene pool was formed in part, due to rape which resulted in a hybrid human being which outwardly looked like a black man. My experience in this nation, that bred me, has been African. My upbringing has come from many cultures that were determined to see my survival. Imus in my oppinion, cannot by the use of racial slurs that by the way are used by some black youth, as a term of endearment, He – Imus cannot set the bar for my life. Taking this man off of the air was a mistake. I want this type of person to speak out and spotlight their – fool speak. My God, when did this nation bring forth such fragile social weaklings? In sports when I played football, we were taught to take a hit. You trained hard, so that when you were hit hard, you shook it off. In fact, you trained hard, so that you’d learn well, how to share the pain, of the game with your opponent. And in time, you gained the respect of the opposition. Dr. King was concerned with his people being concerned with issues of the content of ones character. Being slighted by the term (NHH) was in this man’s heart. And yet, are we not all on any given day in this nation, as guilty of slurs that are racial? I say that the answer is education. Changing this nations internal mindset and heart, first happens through exposure of our best people. Oprah and Bill Cosby for example are part of that best picture, that is seen by the world as an argument against racial hate. Exposure takes time, and is not seen by we whom live in the present, as the quick fix answer that our pop culture desires. And yet, in the future I have faith that the same unique environment that bred myself and my family, will bring forth future generations and persons, of racial understanding. Due to the fact that we’re now having children whom like myself, are multi-racial – the future holds hope for change. Imus, and what he was/is will not change by taking away his forum. But through giving a monkey enough rope, the monkey eventually hangs himself. But mind you now, we as people of reason, must stay out of the monkeys way, and let nature take its course. We must be the best, each day that God sends. And God sends, each day. Imus is to be understood and studied, because in time, he would soon have been forgotten. I mean hey, this guy is closer to 100 years of age, than even he’d care to admit.

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