1040 Blues: My taxes are not done and I owe big time


I absolutely hate this time of year.   It annoys me more than anything and once again, I have put it off until the last minute.  As usual, I am broke and wondering how I am going to pay.   Oh, I forgot, I got a check waiting on me and will use it.  Thank God for overtime.


12 thoughts on “1040 Blues: My taxes are not done and I owe big time

  1. dblhelix

    I collapsed in exhaustion today and sent the extension request 🙂

    Just be glad you don’t have to file schedules C & SE.

  2. Cliff

    I feel you “SB”. I’m in the 16th hour of working with the H&R Block program, thank God for “Red Bulls”. : -)

  3. NMP


    If you owe, I’m guessing you earn well above the median income? Should we start calling you Skeptical ‘6 Figure’ Brother? 🙂

  4. yogo

    You don’t have to earn “6 figures” to owe taxes. You owe because you didn’t pay enough during the year.

  5. NMP


    I was just ribbing him. I am well aware that exceeding your actual number of exemptions during the course of the year will result in underpayment.

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