sung to the same tune as the Shaft Theme by Issac Hayes

Who’s the stupid dick that’s thinks he’s slick?
Al! yo’ ass is ‘bout to get the SHAFT! (Ya damn right!)

Who is the man that would risk his neck tellin’ falsehoods to shield the ignorant patrician in the White House? Al! yo’ ass is ‘bout to get the SHAFT! (Can you dig it?)

Who’s the cat that cops out in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee when there’s danger all about? Al! yo’ ass is ‘bout to get the SHAFT! (Right On!)

The Senators say this cat Al is a stupid mother . . .
“Shut your mouth!” Yo’ ass is ’bout to get the SHAFT! (Then we can dig it!)

He’s a complicated man, but no one understands him but his main man (Dubya)
Resign befo’ ya get the SHAFT!
Alberto Gonzales

5 thoughts on “SHAFT

  1. Love it when you put your own spin on the lyrics. They’re always dead-on AND funny!

    And why am I getting a flashback to the SNL skit they’d do with the flight attendants doing a million different version of “buh-bye” and “bye-bye” and imagining Gozales as the passenger on the flight that just does NOT get the ‘buh-bye’ hint? 🙂 Now if we could only do the big buh-bye to the rest of the twisted Bush administration…

  2. soCalMuchacha,

    As I’ve said many times before, these things just come to me and they write themselves. I can be relentless when it is someone I liked intially and then come to loathe like Al. I had such high hopes for him. They’ve all just turned to…..shut my mouth. 🙂

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