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A wise person once said that you never really know a man until you get to know his wife.   The same is true for Barack Obama.  Obama does little for me by himself.  Listening to his wife, however, is quite illuminating and uplifting.   Barack, if he’s smart, will send this sistah all over the nation.   She does a better job of selling him then he does.   

Sometimes lofty rhetoric isn’t required.   All I really need is a heartfelt and down-to-earth appeal.   That’s what Mrs. Obama is good at and that’s what she should keep doing for both of their sakes.   I could almost overlook my reservations based on hearing her alone.   Almost. 

Mrs. Obama is speaking from an authentic and true place and that is something that cannot be faked.   Some have tried, most have failed.   Her authentic earnestness is both heartwarming and powerful.   People need to hear her talk about Barack Obama the phenomenon and the Barack Obama “that lives in my house.”  They need to hear her talk about how he didn’t  “put the butter up” this morning after he made his breakfast.   They need to hear about the Barack Obama who can’t make a bed better than an eight year old.   

This is the reason I was so furious when I went to South Carolina to hear him speak and she accompanied him and didn’t say anything.  All we got was a tired sorority wave.    Her law degree is from Harvard too, and I expected to hear a word from the Lord from her as well.

Sistah Obama is well spoken-not that I expected her not to be, but she is unusually easy to listen to and creates an intimacy with her audience that draws you in and reminds you of someone you know and admire.

Finally, listening to this sistah speak, it makes me visualize what the girls of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team would feel when welcomed to the White House by Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States. 


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  1. rikyrah


    This is about the nicest thing you’ve said about Obama. And, I agree with you that Michelle is a good selling point for him. I’d drag her in front of every megachurch audience I could….LOL

    And, I’d send her all over the Midwest. She reeks of Midwest sensibilities, if you understand my meaning.

  2. rikyrah,

    Yes, being from the midwest myself, she sounds like Mama. She is level headed and stable. It says sooooooo much about the brotha that he hooked up with this particular sistah.

  3. Cliff

    “To give women hope that there is someone like “Barack” he is not only decent, trustworthy, compassionate, smart, hardworking, but he’s also someone who recognizes that our society, our community is only as strong as our women and our families.

    Obama you are a “G” and you have a G woman who has your back. Hey I can see the word “back” in “Barack”.

    “OBAMA for President”

  4. Denise

    Thanks for posting this.

    After watching her remarks, I agree that she is the Senator’s greatest asset.

    Her remarks showcased the very qualities that he appears to be lacking for me. She appeared warm, smart, unpretentious, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR ME, very emotionally secure and comfortable with the attention her husband is getting.

    To his credit, he has a lot to do with that.

    This was good stuff. Thanks!

  5. Very engaging. Thanks for digging that up. I am also from the midwest (Kansas, to be specific), and that kind of unadorned message is exactly what people like to hear out in wheat country.

  6. Hell, SB, I’ve heard her speak, and have often wished she was running for the job instead of her husband.

    I told y’all this sista will kick Barack’s to hell and back if he makes one wrong move.

    There will be no women offering blow jobs to this brother in the Oval Office, no matter how tempting it would be. The thought of facing Michelle afterwards would make the brotha go limp, ya’ mean????;-)

  7. Denise

    I hear ya, PJ.

    At the same time, it doesn’t hurt having a woman who recognizes that everybody around her hubby ain’t trying to give him blow jobs, either.

    That’s all I’m saying. 😉

  8. Rick

    PJ: LOL there would be no male cheating in the black community if the only factor was the FEAR of getting your butt kicked if you got caught. (although I agree fear certainly factors into the equation LOL)

    It takes a very strong man (or woman) to resist temptation when power, availability, and alone time in DC collide. So many great men in the bible and in politics and in the pulpit have fallen because they did not have the wisdom to say “NO” or to walk away from situations that were not worth getting into. All it takes is one moment. One indiscretion. Just one. It is my great hope that Obama is wiser than they in that regard.

  9. Denise

    “It don’t matter how you get your appetite, so long as you come home to eat”.

    Every man I’ve ever worked for in this town was a decent, loving, and respectful husband if they were nothing else. Some of that mess is overblown.

  10. dblhelix

    Denise – Every man I’ve ever worked for in this town was a decent, loving, and respectful husband if they were nothing else. Some of that mess is overblown.

    Interesting. I was hearing more stories of just the opposite yesterday while hanging out downtown. I do sometimes wonder if a lot of it’s made up.

  11. I still don’t get it this part of politics, and perhaps never will. Who cares what any politician is like in their spare time, etc. What needs to be the focus and the only focus, is what they are going to do as far as policies. That’s why I would rather see a ruling council than one individual wield executive power; to get rid of the whole “Entertainment Tonight” aspect of reducing a presidential race to a battle of mere personality, attractiveness and style. Even to the point of dragging their families and pets into the fray…

  12. Rick

    A president’s “private life” can impact his or her ability to conduct military policy. This is not (only) fiction.

    Operation Infinite Reach
    Bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan (August 1998)

    take-away: Kinda hard to fight the bad guys when you got a Special Prosecuter breathing down your neck and the Senate Majority Leader is making accusations that your (justified) military operations are desperate attempts to distract the Nation’s attention from a sex scandal.

    one solution: don’t give your enemies the rope to hang you with.

  13. Let me clarify…if a president is going to get rid of NAFTA, get us the hell outta Iraq, and push for 100 percent publically financed campaigns, then I don’t care if he (or his wife) bites the heads off live chickens while howling at the moon in his spare time. And no one else should care, either. That’s one of the problems with our version of democracy, it’s too easy to distract people from what actually matters by playing this “battle of the personalities” game.

  14. to me, she’s a bigger asset to obama than bill is to hillary.

    everytime i see bill and hillary together, i think of monica lewinsky and oral sex.

    not in a judgmental way but I imagine all the things that bill had to promise that had to happen for hillary not to just get up, take her child and leave his trifling azz.

    (unless she’s completely forgiven Mr. Bill)

    guess i have too much information and active imagination.

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