The GOP Debate



Why do gatherings like this always look like a casting call for the worst comb over?  Where in God’s name is queer eye for the straight guy when you need them.  If a beautiful girl like Britney Spears can shave her head, what in the hell is Mike Huckabee’s problem. This sad bunch is just further confirmation that Republicans just can’t let go and are in more need of therapy and a makeover than the Geico caveman. 

Speaking of cavemen, more than a few of the candidates sounded like they were some real knuckle dragging neanderthals.   Sam Brownback affirmed congressional meddling in the Terry Schiavo right to die case.   Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, the gold dust twins of wingnuttia, were in rare form spouting crazy talk about isolationism and immigration.

Giuliani was underwhelming and was clearly a loser tonight.   He was tripped up on Abortion by Chris Matthews, even though the inner city beat down administered to Romney was worse. Romney handled it better because he can flow with the best of the political rappers.  Romney looked and sounded smooth like a baby’s behind.  His rhymes were tight and his delivery and showmanship were, like his grooming, flawless.

The biggest disappointment of the evening had to be McCain.  He looked and sounded uncomfortable all evening.  A couple of stray one-liners and laugh lines did nothing to rebut my presumption.  His line about following Bin-Laden to “the gates of Hell” was probably the best of the evening but his performance was uneven at best.  

Three second teir candidates did better than expected in my estimation: Gilmore, Huckabee, and Brownback.   All three were rather good, especially Gilmore and Huckabee.   All made strong, memorable impressions as knowledgeable and reasonable conservatives.  Of the three, Brownback won the Machiavellian award for his answer to the question about whether or not he could support a non pro-life nominee.  He said he could-a clear indication that he is looking to bootstrap his way into the Vice Presidency with Giuliani.

Joe Scarborough needs to put down his crack pipe


Proving that he is unequivocally on crack, Scarborough’s latest commentary urges Republican Presidential Candidates to embrace and praise the successes of President Bush in tonight’s debate.   WTF would those be?  Bankrupting our nation to subsidize the wealth of the wealthiest one percent?  Putting the mess back in Mesopotamia?  Stealing the Presidency through the most racist scheme to nullify black votes in the history of the cosmos?   Brownie?   Making the world safe for torture, secret rendition and domestic wiretapping? Failing to raise the minimum wage for a decade? Just what in the Hell are his successes, other than managing to not be impeached, convicted, removed and extradited to the Hague to face a war crimes tribunal?

Joe Anthony’s side of the MySpace controvesy


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Joe Anthony’s side of the MySpace controversy is on his MySpace page.  The boy got screwed,Y’all.  Paying the boy woulda been cheaper than hiring somebody to create and maintain a community that size.  Don’t kid yourself.  This blog stuff is work and time is money.  All of the campaigns pay the Iowa Democratic Party for a list of regular caucus goers.  They pay about $70,000 for a list of approximately 120,000.    Joe Anthony created a forum and built a list of 160,000 largely young folk.   That is worth a helluva lot more than $39,000.    They woulda got off cheap had they just paid it and went on.  Hell, Obama received almost as many donations in April as Hillary received in the entire first quarter.   The Obama campaign ain’t hurtin for no money, honey. 

Imus to sue CBS Radio




Shock jock Don Imus reportedly plans to sue CBS Radio in an effort to collect the $40 million balance left on his contract, according to Imus was fired by CBS on April 12 after making racially insensitive remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.

According to, Imus has hired Martin Garbus, a New York-based First Amendment attorney. The report says that Imus’ five-year contract, which was signed in 2006, paid him $10 million per year. A source told that Imus’ lawsuit will be based on language in the contract that encouraged the radio host to be confrontational and irreverent on the air. The source said Imus’ contract stipulates that the host must receive a warning before being fired.

CBS and Imus both declined to be interviewed by