Joe Anthony’s side of the MySpace controvesy


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Joe Anthony’s side of the MySpace controversy is on his MySpace page.  The boy got screwed,Y’all.  Paying the boy woulda been cheaper than hiring somebody to create and maintain a community that size.  Don’t kid yourself.  This blog stuff is work and time is money.  All of the campaigns pay the Iowa Democratic Party for a list of regular caucus goers.  They pay about $70,000 for a list of approximately 120,000.    Joe Anthony created a forum and built a list of 160,000 largely young folk.   That is worth a helluva lot more than $39,000.    They woulda got off cheap had they just paid it and went on.  Hell, Obama received almost as many donations in April as Hillary received in the entire first quarter.   The Obama campaign ain’t hurtin for no money, honey. 


10 thoughts on “Joe Anthony’s side of the MySpace controvesy

  1. rikyrah


    Bout time. The bad publicity alone is worth the 39k


    By my estimation, it’s past 100k and rising.

    Bonehead move.

  2. Lots of volunteers work hard and don’t get paid. Do we need to pay them then? Then they would be employees and not volunteers. He didn’t have a contract to get paid end of story. No one owns sites on public blog hosts. Myspace owns all Myspaces. This guy is just going for revenge or he’s become an opportunist. Come on! If you do something because you believe in the cause and then ask to be paid then haven’t you sold out and shown you are just in it for the money? If you want a job get a job. If you want to volunteer volunteer. If you have a job expect to be paid. If you volunteer don’t expect to get paid. I think even little kids know that. He’s just pissed he lost his power and that now the campaign finds the site valuable he wants to get paid. He’s a flip flopper and now this shows that he could have been dangerous to the campaign if he could abandon his candidate and be bought by the highest bidder. Don’t be fooled. This is being played as a little guy against the big guy but its really about intellectual property ownership, internet host ownership and rights, the right to one’s own name, opportunism, what it means to be a volunteer, and what it means to be an employee.
    I wonder what would have happened if Myspace just decided to close the site down due to offensive content or just because they didn’t like Obama? They have a right to do that you know. Read the terms of service. Would people be arguing that Obama should pay Myspace for the site when no one else on Myspace pays? I guess they could hold the site for ransom.

  3. So honestly…is a little bit of it (obviously) because you have issues with Obama rather than the actual events? If this happened to your chosen candidate would you say the same thing? Your answer would highlight whats behind your opinion. I like Obama, but I don’t like it when people get taken advantage of. So looking into my own motivations I think I’m basing my opinion on similar events, what I know about blog hosts and Myspace, and what I know about volounteering. I may be biased but I think I have arguments that still stand up despite my opinion of Obama.

  4. yogo

    BT: It’s a PR blunder. He should have paid the man, put him on the “staff” and none of this would have seen the light of day.

    Sometimes you have to pay people to make them and their issues go away. Whether you are right or wrong.

  5. NMP


    Moreover, if he were actually a paid consultant or employee, he would have been immediately fired (without pay) for some of his actions, which included responding to email as a Campaign representative and, even worse, posting Senate podcasts (a legal violation). It was misguided for the Campaign to enter into the initial arrangement. I’m sure their intentions were good and in keeping with their theme of the “people’s” campaign, but it is still a presidential campaign, which needs to be run with a traditionally high degree of COMPLETE control, Meaning, you can not allow volunteers to control your most ubiquitous form of communication. Allowing this amateur with the obvious personal life and sensitivity of an adolescent girl to have this much control over the Campaign’s messaging was insane! I’m sure SB and others have read several mainstream newspaper ariticles citing “Obama’s” myspace page, which gave the clear impression that it was an official campaign site. Incorrect or misleading information posted on the site could have proven irreversibly damaging to the Campaign.

    Sure, pay him…what you would the average teenager who could do the same or better–minimum wage or a gift certificate.

  6. NMP

    Does anyone honestly believe that if Obama paid the guy as many suggest that the media, which is in overdrive to tarnish Obama, woudn’t have turned such an action into something unscrupulous like “Obama PAYS OFF volunteer at donors expense” ? And coupled with interviews with “disgruntled” donors, especially the elderly on social security” expressing their sense of betrayal by Obama’s mob like tactics to misuse donor funds. Please, it was a no win situation. This guy will have his 15 minutes of fame. He should be worried about keeping his job after admitting to working around the clock on the site on his company’s dime. This is not a kid; he’s a 29 year old adult that should have already gotten a life.

  7. Re-thinking

    SB has it dead right. They wanted what Joe had built, they asked him for a price, and then they just took it when they didn’t like the price he named. No counteroffer, no nothing, just grab it from the man. Then they blamed the victim and all the Obama choir joined in loud and strong. They’re even singing here now.

    Same old story. I admit I was in favor of Barack, but not now. I don’t want any part of someone who takes your work and don’t want to pay. We all know what that’s called.

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