LAPD Police Brutality at immigrants rights rally


HAT TIP: The Unapoligetic Mexican

THERE IS NO RIGHT TO PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY IN AMERICA. There were signs earlier, it’s true. But now it can be said to be official. File this along with what you read on blogs about habeas corpus and wiretapping, this latest display of contempt for our rights: here is a clear example of excessive use of police force, of tyranny by weaponry, of unwarranted police aggression, assault and battery—on women, children, and citizens alike.”

“The police issue their typical statements about investigations and being upset, but give it a month (when the results of thier “internal report” is due and we’ve seen how these turn out time and time again) and it doesn’t matter anyway. They have done what they wanted, made their mark, instilled fear. And despite what they say, they didn’t do this because some people stepped off the sidewalk, bullshit. We know why the cops were there and in such gear, and with such attitudes and agendas.”

“The government fears the numbers they saw last year on 2006. In 2006 we actually showed, lived out, demonstrated the Power of the People, and it scared the living shit out of our keepers. Because America is only about the Power of the People in word. That’s advertising to keep us defending our jailers, paying our taxes, and joining the grinder military. America is really about the Power of the Few. And the Power of the Gun. And the Power of the Dollar. And the Power of the Lie.”

Anybody under the mistaken impression that this is a democracy really needs to grow up.


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    There never really was. Read Howrd Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”. For at least the last 125 years, peaceful strikes and demonstrations were violently attacked by police, the National Guard, hired goons, etc. and when the strikers or protestors defended themselves they were charged with inciting the riot and given long jail sentences. Any recent increase in this sort of thing only means that the ruling few are getting edgier.

  2. Cliff

    The LAPD is one of the most wicked police organizations in the nation. They have a long history of police brutality, drug conspiracy, hidden and undocumented murders. This wicked organization is most attractive to white supremacists, because they know that this organization is one of the best in applying covert operations and public brutality particularly against people of color. The other attraction is the protection against the publicly displayed brutality. Since they the know the chances of rouge officers getting prosecuted for police misconduct is minimal, the chances are weighed in the favor of the victims not having the visible financial means to file legal action.

    “America is really about the Power of the Few. And the Power of the Gun. And the Power of the Dollar. And the Power of the Lie.”

    What are they going to do when black people are finally united and black and brown stand together?

  3. Unfortunately, as Ernesto and the Unapologetic Mexican said, this sort of violence against people who are assembling to assert their rights has been common throughout American history. (Blacks certainly had no right to peaceful assembly when we were slaves.)

    On another topic, I’ve written an article entitled “Struggling with Manic Depression” that is responsive to some other material.

  4. rikyrah

    What are they going to do when black people are finally united and black and brown stand together?

    Maybe a few more instances of this, and our brown brothers and sisters will actually become interested in being an active part of an ‘ alliance’.

  5. Great post Skep

    I have been saying for a long time that this is not a Democracy. These folks who walk around believing this nonsense are really lost. Just like these folks who believe in this bogus election process (even Jimmy Carter said it doesn’t measure up to basic int’l standards).

    This video (although not remotely close in severity) reminded me of the images that we see from Selma or Kent State.
    We are in 2007 and civil rights are still being trampled.

    o.k… they say someone threw rocks… well…arrest those folks. Leave the peaceful protesters alone.

  6. Joanna

    Anger at the lack of respect for human life. My family luckily did not go but what the hell was wrong with the protocal the police followed. Strong intimedation is now felt by the community. At first sight, you look at a video and see an adult covering a young child from the rubber bullets, all I could do is cry out of anger.

  7. Apollo Holmes

    This is sad.This looks like footage from 1968 an it’s 2008.What’s even more sad is some of the comments posted.This is just the tip of the iceberg.I don’t know what gives the police the right to fire rubber bullets at innocent men,women, an children. This is the future of law inforcement. Better check out a DVD called “rise of the police state”.MY question is.IF you see a beast attacking a human being do you walk away in hopes he won’t get you next?or do you band together with the human being to put the beast down and perserve humanity? Just note that a beast is a being that’s never satisfied. You don’t have to ask for it cuz when it’s finished it’s coming baby. Also mexicans an native americans are the only people who are not immtgrants. Note that they did not sneak in we let them in. Working for dirt cheap for billion dallor contractors under the table. Their women being house nannies for little to nothing.Just like blacks did all through slavery an after.Every struggle the American Mexican goes through blacks faced in history an present day.We as the Black community should understand the most.If we forget our past it will repeat itself & all our leaders would have died invain.

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