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The New York Times has an update on the special election in California’s 37th Congressional District vacated by the late Juanita Millender-McDonald. Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally, one of the godfathers of California black politics and a former holder of this seat, has endorsed his colleague, Laura Richardson. The black political class has begun to rally round sistah Laura and she has been endorsed by Carson City Councilman Isadore Hall as well. Thangs are looking up for a hold on this seat for the CBC.

In other news, it looks as if there is some movement in the federal investigation against corporate whore “Dollar Bill” Jefferson of $90,000 in the freezer fame. I hope they throw his damn ass in the same cell as Duke Cunningham.

Matt Stoller of MyDD has a report about Charlie Rangel and Artur Davis selling out Labor and the Black Diaspora on Trade. Rangel is one of the House Big Dawgs as Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. Artur Davis, is a Junior Member serving his third term in Congress. He is the chief recruiter for the DLC and recruits pro-free trade Democrats to betray the pro-Labor constituency of the Democratic Party. He is also a corporate whore, a flack for the pro-Israel-bomb-them-back-to-the-stoneage-Lobby, and a supporter of Barack Obama. His betrayal of the black consensus is crystal clear. His support of Obama raises more questions then it answers.


10 thoughts on “More Congressional Black Caucus news

  1. rikyrah,

    Because he is able to raise $2 million with the snap of his manicured fingers. Remember, he took that seat from the incumbent who drew the lines and held it for a decade. He is VERY formidable.

  2. dblhelix

    Why are we calling Rangel and Davis sellouts?

    From the original article:

    Under the new policy, free trade agreement countries would be committed to adopting and enforcing laws that abide by basic international labor standards as outlined in a 1998 International Labor Organization declaration. It would prohibit those countries from lowering their labor standards.

    The labor commitments would be incorporated as part of the core free trade treaty rather than, as has been the practice, spelled out in side agreements or side letters.

    Similarly, countries that reach trade agreements with the United States would have to adopt and enforce laws that are in line with seven major multilateral environmental agreements.

    The new policy also takes steps to make it easier for poor people in trading partner countries to get access to cheaper generic drugs.

    As far as I can tell, the only problem at this time is that certain reps who are pro-labor didn’t take the lead on negotiations, and their feelings are hurt. Labor groups were not consulted, but neither were pro-business groups, according to the WP. Both will criticize aspects of this agreement, I’m sure.

    Nobody is on the record yet complaining about substance, just process.

  3. dblhelix,

    McCrery, Schwab, Baucus, and Paulson ain’t gonna agree to nothin’ good for Labor. NOTHIN’. The WashPo could dress up slavery and make it sound good. Don’t trust them. Ever.

  4. dblhelix


    Davis is a bona fide sellout, but I was only referring to this particular case. This isn’t a specific trade agreement (those are still to come), but only baseline minimal standards for any future trade agreements.

    Denise: Ron Walters has been on fire lately.

  5. Cliff

    SB, I’m sure your powerful panel of sisters, Rickyrah, NMP, Angie, and Denise can determine if the CBC is really fighting for the rights of black people; thus I’m posing the same question sistahs.:)

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