New York City pays family of Timothy Stansbury $2million


Timothy Stansbury, Jr

HAT TIP: Herald Tribune NEW YORK: The city has agreed to pay $2 million (€1.48 million) to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of an unarmed teenager who was shot by police while atop a housing project.

The death of 19-year-old Timothy Stansbury in 2004 “was a tragedy, and we offer our condolences to the family,” city lawyer Ken Sasmor said Wednesday. “We believe the settlement is in the best interests of all parties and hope it will provide some small measure of comfort.”

A telephone call to the family’s attorney was not immediately returned Wednesday.

The shooting occurred while Officer Richard Neri and his partner were patrolling atop a housing project in Brooklyn. Stansbury and two friends had decided to use a roof as a shortcut to another building.

Neri’s partner pulled open a rooftop door so that Neri, his gun drawn, could peer inside for any drug suspects, police said. Stansbury startled the officers by appearing at the door and moving toward Neri, who responded with one shot he claimed he fired by accident.

Though Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the shooting appeared to be unjustified, a grand jury declined to indict Neri.

Kelly later suspended Neri for 30 days without pay and permanently stripped him of his weapon. The victim’s mother said the 30-day suspension was too light a punishment.

5 thoughts on “New York City pays family of Timothy Stansbury $2million

  1. Cliff

    “Let’s pay for our mistakes, we really want to kill them all, but one black man is worth paying two million to kill.”

    Since the Don Imus remarks, I have been putting some very dangerous blogs out there, so dangerous that the enemy may fly an agent or agent team from a remote training facility to make it seem as if I committed suicide (Peep out the movie JFK). Remember God is the most powerful when they kill me, I know I will have left knowledge, wisdom and understanding to my brothers and sisters. Satan is at work now, and he will use every method to stop the unity and rise of the black nation. They are not punks they will fight to defend white supremacy. They have already declared war on God. Since God is not a punk, He is saying What’s crackin’. “I promise you if you do not fast and pray for this time period, they will kill you easily, and move on and ‘keep it pushin’ as we say”. You have to stay elevated with God and use your life for a purpose.

  2. rikyrah

    I’ve come past this post several times, and I just didn’t know what to say. Yet ANOTHER young Black male whose life was snuffed out by criminal police.

    Damn shame.

  3. Cliff

    My bad I meant to say “if they kill me”, “if God let’s them get to me”, I Love my people and am willing to sacrifice my life for my people, be prepared. We are only in a spiritual war right now, and we will have fallen solidiers, may this brother rest in Peace.

    “I am not sad, I am not suffering. I am at Home, I am at Peace”. 🙂

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