Madame Vice President: Mistress Condi’s inevitable future



Given Rudy Giuliani’s philandering and subsequent marriage to a whore and John McCain’s serial apostasy, it has left GOP voters in a real quandary.   The only alternative is Multiple Choice Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts.  Gov. Romney is a real piece of work with a history of being a political weather vane.  With multiple positions on Abortion and gay rights, he’ll say whatever is necessary to win. With a successful business career behind him and a fortune worth an estimated quarter billion, he felt there was only one thing left to do-become President.


His Governorship of Massachusetts was a four-year try-out for the Republican nomination for President.  He missed no opportunity to pander to the reactionary base of the GOP with his opposition to Abortion, Stem-cell research, and Same-sex marriage.


Handsome, telegenic, and smooth, it has been said that Romney looks like a President straight from central casting.  He has been caught in multiple lies, the most famous of which are the tall tales about being a hunter/sportsman.  The problem is that his lying is so effortless and smooth that he evokes nostalgia about the “great communicator,” Ronald Reagan.


Romney has begun to peak in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and has already outdistanced his rivals in the fundraising department having raised over $ 20 million in the first quarter.  The polls have also detected a widespread disaffection in the GOP primary electorate about the contenders and there could be an opening.   Name the last time we didn’t know who the GOP nominee would be by now-exactly.   


This year is different and it shall be competitive for a change, however, when it is all said and done, Romney will win the nomination and it will be up to him to lead a moribund and scandal scarred party into battle with the Democratic Party looking ascendant.


Next summer, after the Democratic nomination is all wrapped up, we’ll go through a tawdry and insulting little melodrama as Queen Hillary decides with whom she’ll share the throne.  As I’ve said previously, I doubt she’ll choose Barack Obama because the Queen doesn’t like to be overshadowed and certainly doesn’t like to be challenged.   As of this writing, Barack has already pressed the Queen’s back to the wall on the fundraising front and that s*** means war.  My feeling today is that Hillary will rescue some white Senator or Congresswoman from obscurity like Mary Landrieu or Blanche Lincoln to form the first estrogen powered ticket.  


Let’s face facts, Hillary has a lock on women voters-particularly women of color.  Being in the majority has its benefits and Democratic women far outnumber Democratic men. If Hillary wins this thing, it will because of her advantage among women 45 and over.  Moreover, it will also be because black women over 45 voted for her.   Hillary has no compunction using the votes of our sistahs to create another all-white ticket and calling it diverse.

I don’t care what she says, she don’t feel OUR pain, Y’all.  Mississippi College School of law professor Angela Mae Kupenda wrote provocatively in her Boston College Third World Law Journal article, For White Women: Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine, But We All Hide Our Faces and Cry,she wrote, “There is no wonder that there is conflict between some white women and some black women.  Black and white women have many unresolved issues surrounding the issue of race, generally, and race and sexuality, specifically.  Buried inside of some white women may be hatred toward black women because of their white men.”   

“During slavery while some white men regarded blacks as animals, they forced black women to have sexual relations with them…Generally, black women and white women appear to be unable to discuss openly—how white women must have felt knowing their white men were desiring black women on the one hand and calling them animals and n___s on the other.  Instead of resenting their white male mates, white women took their anger out on their black female slaves.  They were unable, it seems, to face that their holy mates for life were willing to sell their own flesh and blood as if their offspring were livestock.  So instead of facing this cruelty and naming it for what it was, many white women silently participated in the rape and attacks on black womanhood and actively joined in the systematic destruction of black womanhood and the selling of children with the faces and blood of their husbands and sons, and consequently their own blood.”  

When one really examines our politics in this country, plantation metaphors are always appropriate whether it is an examination of gender, race, or class.   Maryland Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by choosing a white Republican over qualified black democrats, and it seems to me that Queen Hillary is bound and determined to do the same by passing over Obama. She’ll do it because as Professor Kupenda has written, “White women too are at an intersection.  They find themselves in the position of both the oppressor and the oppressed.  At one juncture, they benefit by participating in the system manufactured by a racist society.  At the other, they suffer as a result of gender oppression from a patriarchal and supremacist society.”  

Hillary’s too caught up in the plantation nexus between oppressor and oppressed and will choose gender over race as most white women do. That’s when Romney will pounce and rescue from the ashbin of history, Dubya’s favorite foreign minstrel.


I am a packrat, and have lived my life with the motto: There are just some things that you don’t throw away.  You name it, and I’ve kept it.  I rarely delete e-mail. I have most of my college textbooks and save every piece of campaign literature and paraphernalia, I get. The same could be said of the white power structure and its collection of useful House Negroes.  Some House Negroes are just too handy to be discarded.  Especially Dubya’s little plantation mistress.


Mistress Condi will be sold to another Massa to save the Plantation for the party.  She’ll go willingly and provide her “services” like the good Negress she was trained to be.


30 thoughts on “Madame Vice President: Mistress Condi’s inevitable future

  1. rikyrah

    You know, you haven’t spoken about Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich getting into this, and what that means for the GOP race. I believe if either one of them gets in, all bets are off.

    And, you definitely know my feelings about TBQ choosing Obama.


    She doesn’t have the humbleness to do it. In the least.

    So, Condi…hmmmm…well, you know, I’ve always thought if everything got close to Cheney with the investigations that they’d put her into the mix.

  2. rikyrah,

    Rudy is who they should choose for a variety of reasons to appeal to non-ideological moderates and to put the northeast in play. They won’t do it because they are too damn hung up on his infidelity,the whore he married, and his shifting positions on Abortion.

  3. rikyrah,

    As for Gingrich and Fred Thompson, the train done already left the station, Baby. The folk that matter have already choosen sides. Romney is leading in the Capitol Hill primary and he is leading in the money chase. Giuliani and McCain will prove to be very stiff competitiors but in the end, their flaws will be magnified to the point of damaging their political viability. Romney is the nominee in my mind, Honey.

    Anytime you wish to cross post anything, let me know and drop me a line at my contact e-mail.

  4. poopbutt

    Hey, Sarcastical brotha, didn’t the Rev. Jesse Jackson philander and actually sire a little niglet out of wedlock. He ran for president.
    Would you deny JEW -Liani the same opportunity ??????

  5. poopbutt,

    It ain’t me he’s gotta worry about. He needs to be concerned with the Bible belt mafia which controls the GOP. They aren’t gonna excuse his philandering.

  6. The Bible Belt Mafia considers Mormonism ‘a cult’. How does he get past that?

    It ain’t gon’ happen… And guess what… Not only do starchy Christian conservatives think he’s in a cult. Regular, church going folks think of his religion as a cult. And that ain’t gon’ fly with most church people.

    When I told my friends that Romney was a Mormon, they all freaked and said that he was in a cult. Now, my friends are college educated, dems, that believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And trust me, there views of religion are not far away from most church people that think of Mormonism as a wacked out, upside down religion.

  7. rikyrah,
    Da Bush’s are unpopular. He has tapped into large portions of the Bush network, especially Jeb’s. But the logistics of another Bush on the ticket ain’t gonna work out. It won’t poll well and it won’t work. Period.
    As for the Mormon thing. There are some real issues with that among the base, however, as Hugh Hewitt points out in his bio of Romney, there are evangelicals who don’t think that and have banded together to advocate for him by founding a blog :evangelicals for mitt.

  8. Angie,

    Once he becomes the establishment conservative choice, Fox News will set to work brainwashing the faithfull with their pernicous propaganda and all will be well. 🙂

  9. dblhelix

    I sometimes look at the conservative blogs. Condi-as-VP comes up quite a bit, for the reasons described in SB’s post, esp since the Repub convention takes place after the Dem convention in ’08.

    I disagree w/ the KKT analysis due to SB’s implying that the jaws of victory were open — haha — no talented brotha/sistah could have saved that mess.

  10. NMP

    “Whore”? SB, I can not believe you went there! 🙂 I like Andrew Sullivan’s characterization of Giuliani: A cross dressing Jack Bauer.

  11. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Rice on a 2008 Republican ticket. If the Democrats don’t nominate a woman and a Black, then the Republicans will do so to create an embarrassing contrast. If the Democrats DO nominate a woman and/or a Black person, then the Republicans will do so as well, to prove that they are not behind the times.

    Rice is the most loyal Republican going and is a willing puppet of the ruling class.

  12. Francis,

    It is soooo good to hear from you. I agree absolutely. Any B.S. from Hillary regarding a running mate will be met with a cynical power play like the one I’ve envisioned. These people have no shame and ain’t got no problem playing one upsmanship with the Borg Queen as I like to call her.

    As I recall, you are a supporter of Hillary and I am surprised by your agreement. Can you elaborate more on my speculation regarding Hillary’s motives?

  13. rikyrah


    I’m not going to say that you’re wrong about Condi, but I have to go back to your post about Mama and Hillary and KKT.

    IF Obama stays in this unto the end.

    IF he remains competitive, financially AND votewise, and undergoing death threats…

    And she picks the White Boy or Girl?

    And, if it’s THOMPSON and Condi?

    She’s in trouble.

    I think that you overestimate Flipping Mitt…..

  14. rikyrah,
    I should rename that post, I don’t actually think a Reputhuglican has a snowball’s chance in Hell of legitmately winning in 2008, of course, the last time I said that we ended up with Dubya in 2000. Whatever happens though, I believe that they are dying to one-up democrats by playing the Condi the stooge Negress card. 🙂

  15. section9

    Steptical, please, what you know about the inner workings of my party can be explained by the fact that Rudy, the moderate centrist, is still leading Mitt and JMC in the polls.

    Rudy or Fred Thompson will be your Presidential nominee. Condi Rice will, in all likelihood, be the Vice Presidential nominee. That ticket will hammer Clinton/Obama, simply because Rudy so far outshines the Missus in readiness to lead a nation at war that Hillary’s candidacy doesn’t begin to pass the laugh test. Paradoxically, Obama provides a greater long term threat to Rudy, but Hillary and Bill have control of the Party Apparat and most of the Superdelegates, plus the lion’s share of the money. That means she wins, even though most of the Base doesn’t really like her and knows that Rudy will put her away. Hillary’s negatives are stuck at 45%. We love Hillary. Rudy will kick her ass. It’s Obama we have problems with.

    This is simple politics. Serious business. Calling people “Rethuglicans” may make you feel nice inside, but it doesn’t win elections. Get a clue: the really smart Democratic strategists: Emanuel, Trippi, David Axelrod (Obama’s skipper), don’t traffic in that intellectual tommyrot. They respect their Republican opponents, and we respect them.

    You guys on the Blue Team have been planning for years against running in 2008 against the following Republican: George Allen. What Jim Webb did in Virginia was very damaging to long term Democratic hopes, because it took a hideously bad conservative candidate who would have lost to Hillary out of the running and cleared the decks for Rudy.

    Fred Thompson, meantime, takes the wind out of Mitt’s sails and provides a genuine Conservative alternative to Rudy. Either way, we win, but my money is on Rudy as the Party is ready for a big shift and Rudy is the most popular Republican in the country right now. Condi is way up there, too. Guess what you’re ticket is? Moderate, center right Republicans, both of whom will annihilate the enemies of the United States, are both pro-choice and are both pro-gay rights. That’s about where the people are.

    And the social conservatives will run out to vote for them precisely because Islamic Fascism is the issue that trumps everything, and no conservative wants Hillary to even get close to nuclear weapons.

    Normally, we would run Jeb Bush for President, who was one of the more effective Governors in the country’s history, but there’s that last name. Prediction: Hillary does the absolutely predictable thing and pick Obambi for VP. If he is dumb, Obama accepts and goes down with Hillary’s ship. If he is really original and smart, however, Obama goes back to Illinois and runs for Governor, wins, and then parlays that into a real campaign for President in 2012 or 2016. The kid has potential, but he’s still too raw.

  16. section9,
    OMIGOD, a real republican. The heavens have opened up. Thank You for your perspective-wrong though it may be. I am cynical and skeptical about many things: Hillary, Romney, Condi, Rudy and his whore, McCain’s mental stability, etc. One of the things I really am really skeptical of is the ability of the so-called, “party of Lincoln” to pull off another snow job, or steal another one for the Gipper.
    Hillary would make that infinitely easier by dissing “Obambi” as you call him and play right into Romney’s hands. I doubt seriously that Rudy can win the nomination because he is not a conservative. Desperation over retaining the Oval ain’t gonna move the base. You people don’t ever do what’s in your best interest, but rather what is ideologically pure. Rudy is as ideologically pure as he is bound by the fidelity of the marital bond. If by some miracle Rudy does become the nominee, he won’t choose the plantation mistress. Rudy, don’t like black people. Everyone knows that.
    As for Thompson, I told ya already. The train has left the station. He best throw up some impressive numbers this quarter because a third of it is already gone.
    Anything approximating what Obama has already done in a month-40,000 plus donations and all bets are off.

  17. rikyrah

    If he is dumb, Obama accepts and goes down with Hillary’s ship. If he is really original and smart, however, Obama goes back to Illinois and runs for Governor, wins, and then parlays that into a real campaign for President in 2012 or 2016. The kid has potential, but he’s still too raw.

    I don’t think running for Governor helps Obama in the least. He’d be just one of a handful of Democratic Governors. Plus, Deval Patrick will get back on his feet, and will have a headstart on him as a Governor.

  18. rikyrah

    Desperation over retaining the Oval ain’t gonna move the base. You people don’t ever do what’s in your best interest, but rather what is ideologically pure.

    That’s what Tucker Carlson says. Sometimes I think he’s just blowing smoke, but I honestly believed him this week when he said, and I paraphrase, ‘ If Rudy Guiliani wins the GOP nomination, then everything I ever remotely thought about being a conservative has been wrong, and that means they stand for nothing.’

    He meant that.

    Rudy is as ideologically pure as he is bound by the fidelity of the marital bond. If by some miracle Rudy does become the nominee, he won’t choose the plantation mistress. Rudy, don’t like black people. Everone knows that.

    Nope. He sho’ don’t like Black folk. Not in the least.

  19. Ogre Mage

    After the disaster that is Iraq, I highly doubt that Condi will be selected as a VP nominee. She is part and parcel of this administration’s catastrophic failure in foreign policy. That picture of her is very funny, though. The 2008 Republican nominee will not choose someone directly associated with the Bush Administration. It is fruit from the poisoned bush of a President with job approval ratings in the low 30s.

  20. Things are definitely gonna be interesting in wingnut world 2008. There is no yankee blueblood with a fake Texas drawl to fool the rednecks this time around. The leading choices are either a one trick pony that the bible thumpers loathe, a dude with the wrong brand of cultism trying to shed out of his past like a snake sheds its skin, or a reject from past primary seasons with an independent streak a mile wide. Even Newt Gingrich, quite possibly the only person in the world who can top Rudy’s big pimpin’/skeletons in the closet credentials, is starting to look good to the frustrated base.

  21. Ernesto,

    Your last statement is pithy and spot on. I couldn’t agree more.


    I still say the plantation mistress has a shot because the general public can’t smell the stink that is all over her because of her magnificent lies about Iraq.

  22. Ogre Mage

    I still say the plantation mistress has a shot because the general public can’t smell the stink that is all over her because of her magnificent lies about Iraq.

    Back in 2005, I’d have been agreeing with you. Rice would be a strong running mate for a Republican Governor who didn’t have much foreign policy experience — Romney being a good example. With the way things have deteriorated both substantively and politically since then, I just don’t see it now.

  23. Ogre Mage

    I was lookin’ at some polling data. Condi, AKA the Plantation Mistress has the best job approval of all the major figures in the Bush Administration but she is still at a tepid 45/50 positive/ negative. Bush is at a 28% approval in this poll. That is worse than the low 30s marks I’ve seen him draw in most surveys. Cheney is at 25%. Gonzo’s approval ratings were not listed. Too bad, I’ll bet they would make for a good chuckle.

    Congressional Dems have a booty approval rating of 35%. Their consolation is that Congressional Republicans are even worse at 22%. Overall approval of Congress as a whole was a dismal 27%.

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