WTF: What is it with Texas and black children?



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I saw this and had to share it.   This is a two-week old story, but it encapsulates everything that annoys us as black people.  Another black child was suspended, this time in Austin, Texas and the reason will have you tearing at your hair and mumbling incoherently for the next few days.  First ShaQuonda and now this.  

If this, or something more egregious has happened to your child, Harvard Univerisity’s Civil Rights Project suggests that you take the following steps:


One of the most effective ways to address discriminatory practices in school discipline is to address your school board. Organized presentations can have an immediate impact, and can have great influence if covered by the local media. The following are tips that may be helpful when addressing school boards.

Do background research on the School Board’s policy, procedures, and membership.

  • Call the School Board and find out the time and location of their meetings and if you need to get on the agenda ahead of time.
  • Determine if there are any special procedures for addressing the School Board.
  • Find out if you have allies on the school board.
  • Request the minutes of prior meetings to see whether the school board has recently discussed discipline issues or passed discipline policies.

Bring evidence and supporters.

  • Gather evidence about discipline issues in the schools.
  • Talk to other parents and other possible supporters (including school discipline experts from colleges and universities); encourage them to attend the meeting.
  • Collect stories from children and parents about how discriminatory discipline policies have impacted them.
  • Stress both data and real examples of children who are harmed by the policy to ensure that the focus remains on actual children and the effects of a discriminatory discipline policy.

Contact the media.

  • Before you seek media coverage think carefully about what you want the media to do and choose a spokesperson for you organization.
  • Send a press release to the media about your upcoming school board presentation. Include facts about the discriminatory discipline policy (see Appendix VI for information on writing press releases).
  • Make sure your message is focused on a few major points and “stay on” your message in all your media relations.
  • Be sure to provide contact information for your organization, as well as others in the area that support your message.

Emphasize the following education issues:

  • Fair and effective discipline and high expectations for all children are critically important in schools.
  • Fair and effective discipline teaches children proper behavior.
  • Fair discipline is where the disciplinary consequences match the misbehavior. All children benefit from discipline that teaches appropriate social conduct effectively.
  • Overly punitive discipline is neither fair nor effective.
  • Fair and effective discipline improves the safety of the entire community, inside and outside of the school.
  • A fair and effective policy should not result in children of some racial or ethnic groups being suspended and expelled significantly more often than others for minor offenses.

Communicate to the Board that you are prepared to follow through with legal action, but that legal remedies can be avoided by immediately addressing the concerns. Request that the School Board consider the following actions:

  • Implement a proven effective discipline policy where punishments are fair and crafted as opportunities to teach children appropriate behavior.
  • Decrease class size of “regular” classrooms, so teachers can better address the problems of all students.
  • Increase teacher training in conflict resolution, provide teachers more support in the classrooms, provide better supports for children who appear difficult to manage, and implement programs that will increase effective early intervention.
  • Train teachers so that they are multiculturally aware and able to implement positive classroom management policies.

14 thoughts on “WTF: What is it with Texas and black children?

  1. rikyrah

    I had actually two responses to this, SB.

    My initial response was WTF? Now we’re being persecuted for HaircutWhileBlack.

    Then, a few days later I was in the Department of Motor Vehicles, and 10 Hispanics came in- all with a truly BIZARRE haircut (bald for 2/3 of the way and long flowing hair the other 1/3) and the same tatoos. Now riddle me a profiler, but I THINK they were a gang. If I were a School Administrator, and saw THIS bunch in my school, well……..

    So, I dunno. I’d have to hear about a GROUP of young Black men who were all busted for this for me to actually believe it was even gang-related suspicious. If it’s just the one kid, then I think it was selective prosecution.

  2. rikyrah,
    It was totally selective. All that is in my head right now is that hook: “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind-up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me act a fool-up in here, up in here.”I am totally surprised this child’s Mama didn’t catch a charge. I would have. I WISH SOMEBODY WOULD try this with me. Oh, PLEEEEEEZE TRY ME.
    Help me, Jesus.

  3. Darrylm

    Some steps were omitted from the Harvard list of things to do:

    1. Act the fool and cry racism.
    2.Leave out important facts such as your child is a constant troublemaker.
    3. Try to get Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to make a cause celeb of your case.
    Starting fees are about:
    $5,000 for a press release
    $10,000 for a photo-op
    $15,000 for a full scale Mau Mau march.

    Buried at the end of the article is the fact that the sweet little darling has had run ins before. Just like Shaquanda.

  4. darrylm,

    Again, you are so blinded by your mother’s bad experiences with silly kids with no home training that you can’t call racism out for what it is. This kind of punishment is simply racist and you damn well know it.

  5. NMP

    WTF is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texas needs to evoke its state’s consitutional right to secede b/c it has no place in a union of states that at least purport to be free. I would have definitely caught a charge if this happened to my son! As much as I find some hair styles and dress a little scary, I remind myself that we live in a free society, even if by theory, and they have every right to dress or present themselves in the manner they wish. Could you imagine if a predominently White girls academy told sistahs they had to get hair extensions, relaxers and hair dyes to conform to uniform standards of appearance? Yes, these are choices sistahs make everyday, but they are not mandatory. If they were, all hell would break out!

  6. I think that since 911 the focus has been off of blacks and on to Muslims. Yesterdays, KKK are today’s Islamophobes. Same mentality, now they refocus on opening mistreating blacks again.

  7. Skeptic:

    And you are so blinded by racism that every slight becomes motivation to burn, baby, burn.

    Ever think that these little darlings may have had something to do with happened to them ?

  8. What if the kid was white and had that hairdo? Skinhead? The whole thing is pretty stupid. Who ever heard of hair cut too short? This foolishness is why I will HOMESCHOOL my kids.

  9. Traditional Oi! BOi!

    once again I say, he should become a skinhead.I’m not sure what Florian, meant by skinhead, but if they were infuring skinheads being racist in anyway, thats dumb,im a white skinhead and I’m not racist.
    Sceptic what makes you a “Bratha” or a “sista”? not to be rational or anything but arn’t we all a familly black or white, so conforming to a group depicted by race is kind of racist as well, to defeat racism you can’t just be part of one side. you guys should start a non-racist group that consists of blacks, and every one else.

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