Holy Joe Scarborough and his Lord and savior Don Imus


I’ve given up on MSNBC.¬†¬†This morning, bleary-eyed and sleepy, I was treated to the most god-awful morning televangelizing from the Church of Don Imus of Latter-Day TV Racists.¬†¬† Yes, Chirren.¬† America heard from a most unholy trinity of unapologetic racists this morning.¬† We¬† heard from Charles McCord, the Father.¬†¬† Craig Crawford, the Son.¬† And Holy Joe, the Host.¬†¬†Yes, you heard me right.¬†¬† MSNBC has recycled Charles McCord, Don Imus’s undercover racist newsreader and straight-man sidekick and thrown him together with Joe-they-found-a-dead-Girl-in-my-congressional-office-Scarborough.¬†

The violins serenaded a juiced up sounding Craig Crawford, as he slurred an unnecessary and¬†mealy mouthed defense of the Anus in the Morning.¬† In between sips of Stoli and Wild Turkey, he said somethin’ about not being a racist and having his e-mail box blowed¬†up somethin’ awful.¬† The kicker for me was some straight up B.S. about not having to cop to the racism that he and the rest of Imus’ defenders so pathetically denied.¬†¬†¬†

To that, I say, ” If the shoe fits, MF-stuff them crusty corns on in it and STFU.¬†¬†I guess good ole’ Craig forgot the part where Mike Wallace caught Don in a boldfaced lie about keeping Bernard McGuirk as his executive producer to do “Nigger” jokes.¬†¬†¬†Y’all remember how I provided the video.¬† Spare me the violin serenade about poor Don.¬†¬†For $10 F******* million a year, I damn sho’ woulda kept that “Nigger” joke s*** to my damnself.¬†¬† MF ain’t got nobody to blame but himself for goin’ out like an alcoholic punk.

Richard McChesney wrote in his book “Rich Media, Poor Democracy,” “U.S. democracy is in a decrepit state – exemplified by a depoliticization that would make a tyrant envious, and the corporate commercial media system is an important factor though not the only or even the most important factor, in understanding how this sorry state came to be.

“The corporate media cement a system whereby the wealthy and powerful few make the most important decisions with virtually no informed public participation. Crucial political issues are barely covered by the corporate media, or else are warped to fit the confines of elite debate, stripping ordinary citizens of the tools they need to be informed, active participants in a democracy.”

“Moreover, the media system is not only closely linked to the ideological dictates of the business-run society, it is also an integral element of the economy. Hence, for those who regard inequality and untrammeled commercialism as undermining the requirements of a democratic society, media reform must be on the political agenda.”

As quiet as its kept, its just like my play Mom told me after the Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, “We’re in Hell,” she said.¬† And the Hell we’re in is a right-wing, sadistic¬†torture chamber where a¬†blasphemous cacophony of sanctimonious B.S. ¬†about Don Imus’s victimhood is played over and over and over again.