Holy Joe Scarborough and his Lord and savior Don Imus


I’ve given up on MSNBC.  This morning, bleary-eyed and sleepy, I was treated to the most god-awful morning televangelizing from the Church of Don Imus of Latter-Day TV Racists.   Yes, Chirren.  America heard from a most unholy trinity of unapologetic racists this morning.  We  heard from Charles McCord, the Father.   Craig Crawford, the Son.  And Holy Joe, the Host.  Yes, you heard me right.   MSNBC has recycled Charles McCord, Don Imus’s undercover racist newsreader and straight-man sidekick and thrown him together with Joe-they-found-a-dead-Girl-in-my-congressional-office-Scarborough

The violins serenaded a juiced up sounding Craig Crawford, as he slurred an unnecessary and mealy mouthed defense of the Anus in the Morning.  In between sips of Stoli and Wild Turkey, he said somethin’ about not being a racist and having his e-mail box blowed up somethin’ awful.  The kicker for me was some straight up B.S. about not having to cop to the racism that he and the rest of Imus’ defenders so pathetically denied.   

To that, I say, ” If the shoe fits, MF-stuff them crusty corns on in it and STFU.  I guess good ole’ Craig forgot the part where Mike Wallace caught Don in a boldfaced lie about keeping Bernard McGuirk as his executive producer to do “Nigger” jokes.   Y’all remember how I provided the video.  Spare me the violin serenade about poor Don.  For $10 F******* million a year, I damn sho’ woulda kept that “Nigger” joke s*** to my damnself.   MF ain’t got nobody to blame but himself for goin’ out like an alcoholic punk.

Richard McChesney wrote in his book “Rich Media, Poor Democracy,” “U.S. democracy is in a decrepit state – exemplified by a depoliticization that would make a tyrant envious, and the corporate commercial media system is an important factor though not the only or even the most important factor, in understanding how this sorry state came to be.

“The corporate media cement a system whereby the wealthy and powerful few make the most important decisions with virtually no informed public participation. Crucial political issues are barely covered by the corporate media, or else are warped to fit the confines of elite debate, stripping ordinary citizens of the tools they need to be informed, active participants in a democracy.”

“Moreover, the media system is not only closely linked to the ideological dictates of the business-run society, it is also an integral element of the economy. Hence, for those who regard inequality and untrammeled commercialism as undermining the requirements of a democratic society, media reform must be on the political agenda.”

As quiet as its kept, its just like my play Mom told me after the Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, “We’re in Hell,” she said.  And the Hell we’re in is a right-wing, sadistic torture chamber where a blasphemous cacophony of sanctimonious B.S.  about Don Imus’s victimhood is played over and over and over again.

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  1. NMP

    SB, are you a prophet? How could you have known Joe Scarborough, CBS Radio and MSNBC have been on my MF’s of the week list? If you had been watching for the last month, you would have seen John Ridley serve as Scarborough’s co-host for a couple of weeks (split) to give the APPEARANCE of diversity, but he was essentially there to be the Sammy Davis Jr. of MSNBC’s version of the Rat Pack. Envision (or look up video footage) of the Rat Pack’s infamous NAACP Image Award routine with Sammy Davis, Jr. and you’ll get a sense of what the format was like with Ridley being a buffer for Scarborough’s racial jokes and Obama bashing. Well, I guess two weeks of penance was enough, so they’ve gone back to the old format with Joe Scarborough as the new Don Imus.

    If you recall, I said this would happen. We were focusing far too much on Don Imus who was merely the symptom rather than the industry which is the disease. We let them completely off the hook; meanwhile, there is no mandate for diversity on the air waves and the content is essentially unchanged with the exclusion of “nappy-headed ho,” at least not in the same sentence. Yeah, Al Roker had his Stokley Carmichael moment, but he’s gone right back to the jolly fat Black guy. Gwen Ifel was sent back to the PBS basement, and Al Sharpton has taken a hiatus from his Hannity and Combs weekly appearances to go pray with the mormons. Ain’t sh*t changed, but the names.

  2. NMP,

    Girl, I hear that damn hook again, ” Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind-up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make act a fool-up in here, up in here.”

    To be accosted that early in the morning by a white male bitch session about Imus and his lost $ 10 million is too damn much. I truly almost lost it.

    Our Father, which art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be thy Name.
    Thy Kingdom come.
    Thy will be done,
    in earth as it is in Heaven……………

  3. NMP


    “Accosted” is the right word! And helpless b/c it feels like no amount of complaining, marching and actin’ a fool will ever change things.

  4. Bruce

    Why don’t you crawl back under your rock and sleep for another 30 years. You don’t know what is happening in this world. You listen when it is convenient. And I will bet my last dollar that you never even listened to Imus in the Morning until Al Sharpass got involved.

    Unless Imus get’s back on the air and clears the air for “You People”. Yes I said that. 40 years of hard work between the races will be lost.

    God Bless you.

    Bruce from Florida

  5. Bruce,
    Actually, my dear sweet Bruce. I’m a night owl and I often stayed up until the morning and listened to or awakened to the sweet, sweet sounds of the Anus in the Morning. But you’d know that if you read me regularly.
    It is nice to hear from such a kind soul preoccupied by the plight of a defenseless multi-millionaire like Don Imus. I know that it warms the cockles of his alcohol pickled heart to know that rubes like you give a rat’s you know what about him.
    Unfortunate that we can’t say the same about him towards you. Fools like you-unemcumbered by decency or conscience, will fight to the last breath for Don Imus’s Gawd given right to slander, villify, and demean colored folk for your listening or viewing pleasure.
    People like you are why I started blogging and why I shall continue.
    Gawd Bless

  6. tom

    i guess you people think that Joe is trying to replace Don imus, you must be kidding. not even with two Ridley’s, but McCord is a step in the right direction, how about McGURK next.

  7. TV RACISTS? Hmmmm….just because they provide a view-point that is contrary to what you like to hear? It’s a victory for free-speech. Imus should never have been fired for what he said, even though almost everything he says is crap. Imus is a left-winger–one of your friends remember?

    In any case it’s ok for you lefties to critique right-wingers for their “racist” comments (how dare we question Affirmative Action, illegal aliens, and muslims!), but God-forbid a real bigot like Cynthia McKinney (who’s poisoned mind is no different than David Duke’s) speaks out about “whitey”. Why that’s real free speech right?

    Anyways cool blog. Differing viewpoints should be celebrated–it’s how progress is made right?

  8. Florian,

    Thanks for stopping by and offering a contrarian point of view. I like totally love how you and your pal completely glossed over Imus being caught in a lie on 60 minutes. He denied that he told Mike Wallace’s producer that he hired Bernard McGuirk to do “Nigger” jokes-when he did. Glossing over that as if it didn’t exist, even after I provided a link to the video for the second fucking time, really amplifies the belligerent sense of white entitlement most Imus defenders believe is their Gawd given right.

    For the record, the issue is IMUS-not Cynthia McKinney. Nobody has ever threatened to give her a $10 million dollar a year contract to denigrate, humiliate, or defame white people. If that non-possibility ever emerges, you’ll hear silence from this site because black folk will have arrived.

    I ain’t stupid enough to hold my breath.

  9. LOL
    Actually SB, I really could care a less about your links. Like I said, I never defended Imus or his producer–just the fact that they have a Constitutionally protected right to say whatever the hell they want regardless of what “hate speech” candyasses on the left have to say. If you don’t like what they have to say–FINE..change the channel. It’s that simple.

  10. Kenn

    Florian, nobody ever said Imus didn’t have a Constitutionally protected right to free speech. The Government isn’t dragging him t jail for what he said. He can say whatever he wants on the street corner, in his living room, at your house, at a political meeting, with the Governemnt dragging him away. What he doesn’t have is a Constitutionally protected right to lifetime job security. If there’s some kind of inalienable right to have your own radio show, then damn, my rights are being violated on a daily basis, I wish I knew this before. Imus’s boss, like mine, can fire him for just about anything or nothing, and anybody else who said what he said at work would be fired, and that’s how you “right-to-work” wingers want it, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s sad when your own ideology “victimizes” an old rich white male racist, but oooh life can be very unfair sometimes.

    Hey, I’m going to work tomorrow and scream “fuck off assholes!” at all the clients, can you come and explain to my boss how my right to say what I want without being arrested by the State somehow translate into him not being able to fire me?

  11. Littlegirlblue

    You do realize Imus wasn’t a right-winger? I mean the dude was against the Iraq war, appeared to be pro gay rights and was into his charities to help all humans regardless of different skin colors, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

    My personal thought about his comment on hiring Bernard to do off-color jokes, is not that he meant it as in “i believe black people to be inferior to me,” but as in he makes jokes about everyone and knew as a white guy he couldn’t get away with making the same jokes about black people he would make about anyone else. He’s old enough to have lived through the civil rights movement and know how deep a divide there still is in this country. One that he probably thinks is stupid. He probably thought Bernard, who supposedly had “street cred” from his life in the projects could do that.

    I think that Imus’ “racist” humor was actually racial sarcasm and commentary.

    I think the big mistake he made was forgetting that what he is watching on a tv is actually real people (the rutgers team). Everything is so mediated nowadays.

    But, whatever… I’m sure cause the color of my skin in this pale, pinkish, greenish thing called white anything I say will be disregarded.

  12. The fact that some of you want to defend Don Imus is as silly as the chickens defending Col. Sanders.

    The man was a racist. Plain and simple. And he got fat paid for being a bigot. Good job for those of you who are bigots; you actually get paid doing something you love; denigrating people you believe are inferior to you.

    Screw his charities; he thought that was going to save him when the uproar got started, and his ass got put under the same spotlight he had no hesitation in turning on others. It didn’t.

    He was a right winger until as Charles Barkley said “The Republicans have lost their minds.” Unlike Barkley, Imus didn’t run home and tear up his voter registration card and re-register as anything other than ReThug.

    Need I remind you that many points of view and perspectives of those on this board come from Black People with actual life experience of being dissed, discriminated against and subjected to bigoted comments, unlike those of you who want to defend Imus? You can bet your ass that if it were the other way around, and it was Sharpton with an MSNBC gig spewing his crap about different groups, it would not have taken CBS ten days to get around to firing his ass.

    What is a real irritant to me is when whites want to direct the political discussion and discourse of Black people by either marginalizing our input, or flat out dismissing and ignoring what we consider to be valid and relevant to the issues we face. You only want us around when you need a photo op to promote your “inclusion” of us and then want to relegate us to the back of the political bus. Well, I’m not going to allow you to do that – either we get a seat at the table of discussion or you can drink a six pack of STHU on issues of which you appear to have no friggin’ knowledge whatsoever.


  13. It is hurtful and sad to read all the racist comments that are flying back and forth here. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I am no Imus apologist. I have listened to him for 35 years and agree that his humor pushed the edge of good taste at times. Bernard McGuirk is far worse. There is no excuse that will ever justify the bad humor of Imus’ comment.

    I worked in radio for years, on-air, but I never perceived Imus’ comments as more than a very bad attempt at humor. He effed up. But he was man enough to apologize. That is much more than racial extortionists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have ever done.

    I teach in the South Bronx where the kids talk the talk and walk the walk. We as a society have come a long way during my lifetime in the fight against prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. We still have a long way to go. If you think Imus is the problem or part of the problem, you are sadly mistaken.

    The problem comes from people like Sharpton and Media Matters for America who escalated a bad joke into a racial slur. We were all played. Some of us find it more convenient to remain outraged than to see through the deceptions in the media.

    Now, Kia Vaughn has filed a lawsuit because she was so badly hurt by Imus’ words. This poor little waif from the Bronx, riding high on a full scholarship to Rutgers, was so devastated from being called a “ho” that she needs millions of dollars to recover.

    When do we stop the hate and get back to the work of eliminating prejudice, discrimination and bogotry? When do we let go and move on? When do we recognize that clowns like Sharpton and the media are playing all of us for fools?

    Think about it.


  14. bluboo,

    Journalists like Gwen Ifill, and Al Roker didn’t think anything Imus had to say was funny and said so. His racially offensive humor became a burr under the skin of a number of African Americans in MSNBC’s news division and they made that known. It became the perfect storm. Imus likes to hold up his compassion for terminally ill or critically ill children as a shield to protect him from the firestorm his insensitive and racist humor engenders. It didn’t work this time because it is as genuine as a 3 dollar bill.

    For once, its not about Y’all or how white people felt. It’s about what WE felt and took his comments to mean. The bottom line is that we were rightfully offended and you can’t handle the reaction it caused or the power it revealed. Get over it and accept the fact the Don Imus is a racist and that by defending him, it also makes you suspect to all of us.

  15. Interesting. I talked of the healing process and you fan the flames of hatred. Please tell me where and how I defended Imus or what he said (re-read my first paragraph above). You are obviously misinformed if you call Al Roker a journalist … how can you possibly justify that?

    I never suggested that people should not be offended by Imus’ comments. However, what you are apparently missing is how “y’all” were played by others who are masters at inciting hatred and racial bigotry. You apparently fell for it like a ton of bricks.

    Are you willing to concede that Sharpton is a racist and bigot? How do you explain his complicity in these events? How do you explain his use of the media to fuel hatred and misinformation? You apparently elected to walk away from that issue.

    It is understandable that Imus was perceived as racist for his stupid comment. To be honest, Imus is not important enough that it really matters, he is just a stupid radio jock. It is unreasonable to expect people who do not regularly listen to Imus’ show to be able to put his humor into context, nor should they need to do that in the first place. That is why what Imus did was stupid, insensitive and ridiculous.

    However, compare his stupidity to the calculated maneuvering of Sharpton. The firestorm you speak of was carefully engineered and apparently “y’all” fell for it. You were played. Big time.

    What you obviously missed in your hatred of Imus is that you never would have known about the comment if it were not for the endless, non-stop emails and press releases by a group called Media Matters for America, a non-profit organization backed by Hillary Clinton. MMFA monitored Imus’ show for two months expressly looking for a reason to get him off the air. You, sir, were played like a cheap banjo by Hillary Clinton and Sharpton. Used.

    Once again, I am not defending Imus. I am, however, now questioning your sincerity in your writing. True leaders look for solutions, not antagonisms. Before you continue to fuel the flames on hatred, understand all the facts in this story. If you want to believe it is all about Imus calling a couple of basketball players “hos” on national radio, keep you hatred burning in your heart and soul. Are you electing not to move on because hatred is easier than forgiveness? It is in that spirit I ask you the three questions I asked before:

    When do we stop the hate and get back to the work of eliminating prejudice, discrimination and bogotry? When do we let go and move on? When do we recognize that clowns like Sharpton and the media are playing all of us for fools?

    Funny how you seemed to ignore that in your righteous indigination, trying to portray me as a racist. You really missed the boat.

  16. bluboo,

    Again, Sir,

    This isn’t about Al Sharpton. It’s about Imus and his racially offensive conduct and the reaction it generated in the African American community. Sharpton may have led the charge, but it doesn’t deter me or anyone else like me from seeing what the real issue is here. Stop changing the subject. The subject is Imus and his racially offensive brand of humor.

    Perhaps you missed Mike Wallace of 60 minutes busting Imus for hiring McGuirk to do “Nigger Jokes”. He said that off air to one of Wallace’s producers and Wallace called him on his B.S. That was over 10 YEARS AGO. And still this bastard was given a nationally syndicated TV show.

    Where the Hell were you then, Sir? You have tried to make it about Sharpton. You have tried to make it about the silly defamation suit one of the Rutgers girls filed. You have defended his “humor.” Where were you when Imus called Gwen Ifill, a former NBC capital hill corespondent, a “Cleaning Lady.” How bout when Rosenburg called Venus and Serena Williams, “Animals.” Imus fired the bastard under pressure and then hired him back.

    The bottom line is that Imus doesn’t respect or care for black people. He’s a racist. Admit that and then perhaps you and I can discuss a healing dialog.

  17. The ONLY issue is the media preying upon an uninformed public that would rather follow their own hatred and the manipulations of others. Imus is not a god and what he thinks or believes only has as much value as you or anybody else is willing to give him. Unlike you, I give him virtually no validity in my life other than as an exceptional interviewer and a source of news.

    You are too busy living with your double standard, blinded by hatred and racism, that you refuse to accept my disdain for Imus’ comments. If you want to keep making the issue about Imus … go for it. You are missing the big picture. You are being played and used. And you are leading gullible readers down the same path.

    Embrace your hate and your bigotry. You are nothing but chum for the racial extortionists and media manipulators that want to keep Americans divided against each other. You try to act like an intellectual, quoting Richard McChesney, but you obviously have no idea what he is talking about. Like Marshall McLuhan years earlier, he is describing people like you who are suckers for the media whirlwind that distracts us from the real issues at hand.

    You are a puppet who is letting your own anger, hatred and bigotry be manipulated into buy into the machinations of the rich and powerful in this country. Apparently your hatred and prejudice take up the most space in your heart and soul. And that is a damn shame. Good luck.

  18. bluboo,

    The only one uniformed here is you. The only issue is Imus and the long rope of toleration that the Media gives to bigots of his ilk. The fact that you wish to defend him is typical. Your fixation with Al Sharpton is beside the point and indicates a contradictory impluse to both explain away Imus’ racism and then point the finger of racist blame to someone black. I’m not playing that game.

    It’s always a tit for tat with you folks who didn’t have a problem or feel a need to voice their displeasure with Imus before Al Sharpton opened his big mouth.

    The fact that Sharpton opened his pie hole doesn’t discredit what he’s said in this case. You may feel differently, but most of us never will and its a fact that debating me will never change.

    The fact that I don’t dance to the soothing orchestrations of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy doesn’t make me a puppet of Al Sharpton or anyone else. I’m 35 and I know my own mind. What you think you know means as much to me as what I leave in the toilet every morning.

  19. Your final lines:

    The fact that I don’t dance to the soothing orchestrations of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy doesn’t make me a puppet of Al Sharpton or anyone else. I’m 35 and I know my own mind. What you think you know means as much to me as what I leave in the toilet every morning.

    The fact is that you are too full of hate and bigotry yourself to realize you are being manipulated by the very powers you condemn with your racist comments. Then you are foolish enough to attack someone trying to explain a series of events that you have obviously neither researched nor investigated.

    At 35, you have accomplished nothing except to wrap yourself in your own hatred, anger and pompous ego. Open your eyes.

    As for what you leave in the toilet every morning … yes, you certainly are one very intellectual, classy and sophistocated dude.

    Keep writing and responding … you keep proving who the real racist and bigot is. You would be an embarassment to the man whose picture is at the top of your web page. You are single-handedly trying to undo everything he stood for to ALL Americans.

  20. bluboo,

    Anybody who’s capable of listening to Imus for 35 years is suspect in my book and in deep denial about Imus and the racial antipathies that you both share.

    Your continued fixation on Sharpton’s racial attitudes and mine is nothing more than a form of psychological projection, “a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.”

    I don’t accept your projection of racism on me.

  21. Spoken like a true racist. Your comments prove you a racist, not my so-called projections.

    Listening to Imus does not make me racially apathetic nor do I have anything to deny. Since I also listened to Richard Pryor for years as he made fun of white people, what does that make me? Since I liked listening to Eddie Murphy do parodies about white people, what does that make me?

    It makes me somebody appreciates humor in the right context. I have listened to Imus and scores of other comedians tell jokes about my religion, my heritage and other things of value to me. I listened to Rodney Dangerfield do 15 straight minutes of Polish jokes and, although I am half-Polish, I never once thought him to be racist. In fact, I laughed harded than anyone else in the audience.

    There is a big difference between humor and racism. Once again … PLEASE READ CAREFULLY … just because something is said as a joke, it is not an excuse for stupidity. Imus has been guilty of bad humor for decades. Bernard McGuirk is extremely guilty of tasteless humor and racist jokes. McGuirk’s actions are undoubtedly far more deliberate and intentional, but that does not make Imus any less culpable.

    There is a HUGE difference between Sharpton and someone like Imus who is extremely guilty of bad humor, bad judgment and irresponsible use of his broadcasting privileges. Sharpton uses his microphone INTENTIONALLY to spew racist remarks and to spread innuendo designed to incite hatred, prejudice and mistrust.

    I would challenge you to spend one day with me as a public school teacher in the South Bronx but, after spending a day with me, you would no longer be able to use condescending, pseudo-intellectual terms like “racial antipathy” to describe me. I doubt that your narrow thinking blinded by hatred could even begin to comprehend my motivations, desires, and feelings. I have yet to read anything you’ve written to indicate that you could.

    And, for your information, I left a six-figure career to become a teacher. I could have taught anywhere, but I wanted to teach in the South Bronx where I could have the most impact.

    So tell us all … what are you doing to heal the rifts and scars of racism? Or are you the man that your comments prove: another hypocrite like all the phonies on BOTH sides on the racism issue who continue to escalate prejudice and bigotry in this country?

  22. mark schmidt

    if any of you were smart enough to wake up, you would actually find that you are perpetuating your own damned un doing, racism is just an ongoing excuse to bitch and blame someone else for your on shortcomings,

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