“Dollar Bill” Jefferson sings, “I’m goin’ down”



Sung to the tune: I’m goin’ down by Mary J. Blige 

Time on my hands since Nancy kicked me off Ways and Means
i aint got no place no no no no and the sound of wiretaps against my window pane is slowly is slowly driving me insane.

I’m going down im going down cuz the Feds ain’t messin’ around, baby.  My whole worlds upside down.  I was drivin’ around in a damn tank “checkin my property” while black folks drown.  There’s an “honorable explanation” for $90,000 in my fridge please believe me. Since the FBI raided my crib, everythang been goin wrong. Why did you hafta cop a plea?  Look what you’ve done to me. I cant stop these tears from fallin from my eyes, Oh baby.

I’m going down im going down cuz you ratted me out, baby. My whole worlds upside down, ooh baby im going down going down mmmmm goin down oh i i i i imgoing down (repeat) cuz u ratted me out.,baby, my whole worlds upside down.

Ooooooohhh going down going downnnnn mmmmm ohhhh i don’t know what to do if i ever loose this case u. I’m goin down. Said I be going down ohhh please forgive me baby im so sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry what did i do wrong. Said what did i do wrong please forgive me baby  Goin’ down going down going down mmmmmm.

9 thoughts on ““Dollar Bill” Jefferson sings, “I’m goin’ down”

  1. rikyrah


    It took me a few moments to get the song in my head of reference.

    Now that I have it in my head…this is hilarious.

    I love it. 🙂

  2. Very creative! I think that I’m going to pass on blogging about Jefferson. I simply hope that he fades away with a quiet resignation … sorta like that Foley guy did last year after the sex scandal.

    Just leave “dollar bill”!

    peace, Villager

  3. You got real skillz, I hafta say.

    There is also the matter, commented upon at Pams House Blend of Fox News broadcasting a news item announcing Jefferson’s indictment, calling for his resignation, but featuring the face of John Conyers at a hearing when protesters with signs were demaning that Atty General Gonzalez step down.

  4. NMP

    So what do you prognosticators think is going to happen? Are Nancy and Steny going to expel him? If so, will the CBC try to fight and further erode their credibility?

  5. rikyrah

    So what do you prognosticators think is going to happen? Are Nancy and Steny going to expel him?

    He has no Committe Chair, so I think he gets to stay until he’s convicted…oops,…innocent until proven guilty…gotta keep remembering that..LOL

  6. BlkWashInsider

    I think a better musical accompaniment is a slight modification of Wu Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M:

    “Cash ruled everything around me!
    CREAM – Get the Money.
    I’m Dollar-Dollar Bill, ya’ll!”

    Let him twist in the wind. . . please.

    This dude always had a reputation on Capitol Hill as being just a bit too slick and a bit too concerned about the dough.

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