Genarlow Wilson and the Uncle Tom trying to keep him imprisoned


photo of Genarlow Wilson

Genarlow Wilson is many things: an athlete, a scholar, and for the last two years, a convicted sex offender serving a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for consensual oral sex with a 15 year old girl while he was 17.

We have criminalized everything in this society-and have a particular obsession and penchant for imposing draconian sentences on people for victimless crimes like marijuana possession and now, statutory rape.

Georgia, you’ll recall had a criminal statute against consensual sodomy between consenting adults until recently, and its puritanical insanity led to these latest racist criminal prosecutions of two young black men Genarlow and Marcus Dixon for aggravated child molestation for consensual sex between minors.

For those of you slow on the uptake, there has never been a white teenager charged and convicted of aggravated child molestation for consensual sex with his underage girlfriend in the State of Georgia. There will never be because the publicity these cases generated got the law changed.

Georgia imposes a lesser penalty on full blown intercourse between minors than for oral sex between minors. If Genarlow had gone ahead and went all the way, he would have only been facing a year in jail.

Marcus Dixon’s case was overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court and Genarlow’s has not been and will not be. We’ve heard a lot of B.S. in the media surrounding this case and the others involved who made plea deals with the prosecution in exchange for lesser prison time. In all, 6 boys with previous criminal records, except for Genarlow, went to jail and will be forced to register forever as sex offenders.

Most are already out and one is in college. Only Genarlow is left holding the bag that any teenage boy could be convicted of. That is the essence of white supremacy for me. A Superior Court Judge saw the horrendousness of this prosecution for what it was and attempted to lower this sentence and set the boy free. He was thwarted in that Thurbert E. Baker pictureattempt by Attorney General Thurbert Baker-an Uncle Tom if there ever was one. He is appealing the Judge’s ruling and impeding Justice. It should please and baffle you to know that former President Jimmy Carter has written to the Attorney General asking him to back off and let this boy go home. Baker also had to contend with a protest in front of his office by the NAACP and Rev. Joseph Lowery. He refused to speak to them. Any black elected official who refuses to speak to Joseph Lowery spits in the face of the black community and is beneath contempt. If you live in Georgia, let the Attorney General know how you feel by writing him here.


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