Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District Brawl


A bitter and protracted battle for Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District is heating up this summer between former Harold Ford, Jr. campaign manager and corporate attorney Nikki Tinker , and incumbent Congressman Steve Cohen. 

Steve Cohen

Congressman Cohen took the majority black congressional seat after a bitter primary battle which saw the black vote splintered by more than five serious black candidates.  Some quarters in the community are less than thrilled by Cohen’s representation and are encouraging this re-match.  

The general election was a match between Cohen and a younger brother of Harold Ford, Jr. for the seat.  The younger Ford showed himself to be out of his league, unprepared, and lacking the necessary skills to make his candidacy viable.  He resorted to unnecessary racial appeals and homophobia in a failed attempt to keep this seat in the family.

Ms. Tinker announced her long rumored intention to file for a re-match and the battle looks to be joined.   Black rivals to the Ford family emerged last year to back Cohen in the form of Shelby County Mayor Wharton and Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

Since then, both Herenton and Wharton have been seriously damaged politically by scandal.  This race looks like one to watch because it parallells in intersting ways the Obama vs. Hillary match up.

6 thoughts on “Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District Brawl

  1. PS- Dark Sith’s brother that ran was a complete joke. He didn’t even go to college. Black folk gotta have the Bona Fides…even if their last name is Ford.

  2. Nikki Tinker is counting on her connection to the Dark Sith, just like his brother.

    If Cohen can defend on his record….but then again this is Memphis we’re talking about, where racial polarization rulles the day.

  3. rikyrah,

    The operative word here is campaign manager for Harold Ford, Jr. This sistah is nothing more than Harold, Jr’s corporate handmaiden and in my mind, that is a disqualification of the first rank. Nothing and nobody in bed with the Ford’s will get a shout out on this board.

    Memphis’s first family of sleeze backed sistahgirl in the primary and the younger Ford in the general as a fallback to continue to control this seat. It ain’t been but six months, and already somebody is challenging this man by making crass racial appeals when his voting record is already better than Harold’s?

    Sistahgirl will have to do better than that to get the support of this Skeptical Brotha.

  4. you're kidding

    When was Wharton damaged by Scandal

    “Since then, both Herenton and Wharton have been seriously
    damaged politically by scandal.”

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