Campaign Mailbag: Giuliani again reaches out to wingnut America




Dear Wingnut,

I believe in solving problems through intimidation-not weakness-from hubris, not vacillation.

I’ve seen the everyday racism and homophobia of Americans across our country. I’ve seen people create political careers from nothing-using nothing more than the inherent fear white folks have of colored folks. I’ve witnessed how well it always works and have good reason to peddle the white fantasy that anybody can grow up to be President. In America, we love to congratulate ourselves for our openness to diversity while simultaneously asserting white privilege.

I am running for President because when I look to the future, I see a fascist police state where Americans are confident that their President is in rigid control of the country.

When I was first elected Mayor, we looked at the places where the City, or bureaucracy, or racial liberalism, were taking away people’s white pride. We cracked down and focused our sights—we took the bull by the horns.

Wages, hard work and ingenuity were overtaxed and overregulated. Too many white people felt like they couldn’t get ahead if they allowed black folks a level playing field and played by the rules. So we took decisive steps to dramatically slash social services and cut the N****** off welfare.

When I was elected Mayor, half the blacks were on welfare clogging up the system and sucking decent taxpayers dry. Therefore, we took on the state-sponsored liberal welfare state bullshit and turned “Welfare Offices” into “Job Centers” that became an Orwellian nightmare only a fascist could love.

We were successful because we refused to define deviancy down-instead we raised expectations and told the lazy ass blacks to get a damn job. We frustrated legitimate job seekers and people eligible for assistance and took on the black groups in the spirit of my mayoral campaign slogan, “one city, one fascist dictatorship.”

I’m writing you because you are some loon on a right-wing mailing list the campaign bought. You fancy yourself influential in your community and give to various and sundry right-wing causes and candidates. You know what they say, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” It would be great if you could be parted with a gift of $ 1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $25 bucks. If you could send it today, our grassroots hand holding and pacification of the troglodyte right can begin immediately.

We stand at one of he most crucial points in the history of the campaign-I got Fred Thompson breathing down my neck and I NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Like you, I believe that Ronald Reagan was the greatest thing since sliced bread and that we must look toward the future to reassert our core values of hate, fear, racial polarization, respect for law and order, and a commitment to scaring the bejesus out of stupid people about Arab ragheads out to get us at home and around the world.

And while we know damn well that the bullshit in Baghdad and Afghanistan ain’t going well, I need to fill your stupid head up with ridiculous rhetoric about victory so that I can win your vote and the nomination.

This campaign is about strong, fascist leadership. When I took office in New York, people were afraid of criminal blacks and felt like they were losing control of their own lives. Drawing upon the “Broke Negroes” theory of policing, we cracked down on the quality-of-life-crimes such as walking, driving, and just plain being-while black. We cleaned the riff-raff out of Times Square so that wholesome white families from Nebraska could feel safe visiting the Big Apple.

To usher in an era of dictatorship based on our shared right-wing fascist Republican values, we must win this race for the White House so that I can uphold our priorities and demand accountability.

We will impose discipline on the budget by kicking the blacks and Hispanics off welfare. By doing so, we will reclaim our Reagan tradition as the party that understands the importance of hostility to minorities wins elections.

At the core of our approach to reform is the basic concept of white supremacy.

I believe that every parent should have the ability to send their child to the all-white school of their choice, be it public, private, or parochial.

We cannot be discouraged or cynical in the wake of our Party’s disastrous midterm F-up’s. For the Republican Party to win the presidency in 2008 and take back the majority in Congress, we must wholeheartedly embrace our core principles-or simply steal it again.

From the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, our party’s greatest contribution is to expanding the wealth of the top 1% and keeping the blacks and Hispanics down in this land and around the world.

When I say we should reduce taxes on the rich to stimulate the economy, I say it to slavishly appeal to the anti-tax nutcases and government phobic wingnuts that get off on that bullshit and will vote for me. It worked in New York because I did it and saw it work like a charm.

As Mayor, I stood up to the politics-as-usual agenda, held fast to my unprincipled demagoguery, and proved that:

  1. Tax relief creates more wealth for the rich and leaves the rest behind.
  2. Picking fights with a cartoonish clown like Al Sharpton was good for my approval ratings.
  3. Shooting an unarmed black man 41 times because the NYPD have a vague sense that he might have committed a crime is a public relations bonanza and an opportunity to pander to the basest elements of the white electorate.

Our party is at its best when it connects to the primal racial fears of the white populace.

At a time of war and danger, the Republican Party must nominate a proven demagogue. At a time when Americans want to feel confirmed in their desire for white privilege, the Republican Party must boldly lead in this direction. Being a stubborn prick with strong beliefs and the arrogance to stick with them through unpopular times is an essential characteristic of our next president.

I’ve been tested, after all, I was the gigantic asshole that brazenly flaunted my whore in public and then announced the dissolution of my marriage in a televised press conference before I asked my wife for a divorce to her face. If y’all can let me get away that bullshit and still take me seriously, I deserve the Republican nomination for President.


Rudy Giuliani


9 thoughts on “Campaign Mailbag: Giuliani again reaches out to wingnut America

  1. That pretty much sums up the big pimpin’, race hustlin’, fraud of 9/11 Mayor Guiliani. It will be very interesting to watch if the “former” segregationists that form the Republican base in the Old Confederacy can be won over by this warmed over fear of colored people schtick. Or if they will be too put off by his New Yawk legacy of gun control and non-homophobia. I hope he gets “McCained” pretty hard in South Carolina. That would be worth the price of admission to Campaign 2008 to see that happen.

  2. Why does the corporate media love Rudy so much? I think the answer is here:

    “Giuliani’s appeal to mainstream pundits goes beyond media perceptions of him as a September 11 hero. The fact that Giuliani’s stated views tend to run conservative on “national security” and economic issues, and more centrist on so-called social issues like abortion and gay rights, makes him an ideal candidate to a like-minded pundit class.”

    As pointed out in the article, Rudy’s actions and policy decisions caused 9/11 to be a lot deadlier than it might have been otherwise:

    “…Giuliani made the fatal decision to go to another location, taking police brass with him and splitting the command centers. This left no way to communicate the latest information to the firefighters, who, making up the majority of the rescuers, would perish in far greater numbers than workers from other emergency agencies.”

    “NIST found that the collapse of WTC 7 likely originated on the building’s fifth floor, where the distribution system for diesel fuel reservoirs was housed. At least one of the fuel reservoirs had been built into WTC 7 to run Giuliani’s emergency command center, over the objections of fire department officials.”

    So far the facts that explode the “Rudy as 9/11 hero” myth are still being ignored by Big Media.

  3. dblhelix

    OT: Not proud of Richardson.

    The race to replace the late Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald is getting nastier in its final weekend, as Assemblywoman Laura Richardson put out a mailer attacking state Sen. Jenny Oropeza for missing Assembly votes at a time when she was battling cancer.

    Oropeza served in the Assembly from 2000 to 2006. Her only extended absence came in 2004-05, when she took four months off to receive chemotherapy treatments for liver cancer.

    In one mailer, Richardson said Oropeza “chose her own interests over our kids by going missing for 137 days.”

    “She’s saying I’m an irresponsible legislator for having cancer,” Oropeza said between campaign events Saturday. “I am deeply offended.”

  4. Anonymous Swine

    When I took office in New York, people were afraid of criminal blacks and felt like they were losing control of their own lives.

    Yeah, I guess those 2000+ homicides were just created in people’s imaginations because they were afraid of criminal “blacks.” Good one.

    Drawing upon the “Broke Negroes” theory of policing, we cracked down on the quality-of-life-crimes such as walking, driving, and just plain being-while black.

    Oh, my, how original, the old “[insert some action] while black” crack. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with enforcing laws against individuals breaking said laws. Nope, must be because particular folks are black.

  5. as a New Yorker who watched that pig Giuliani work his brand of Republican ‘magic’ as mayor,

    this post made my heart sing.

    Watching this Italian, Catholic grovel to the White Americans who would be trying to burn his house with his children in it if they really really thought about it has been sickening but if it keeps giving the world vicious satire such as this….it’s a small price to pay.

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