Corrine Brown assimilated by Hillary


The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown.

 Congresswoman Corrine Brown is among the lawmakers pushing mandatory service for young people

“Hillary Clinton has the best combination of strength, experience and intellect to be President and lead from her first day in the White House,” Brown said. “As she’s repeatedly done as Senator, she will bring people together to get results.”

First elected to Congress in 1992, Brown has been an outspoken advocate for expanding the Veterans Affairs budget to provide better healthcare and benefits for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. As Chair of the Transportation Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials, Brown has worked to pass comprehensive rail safety legislation and strengthen America’s Homeland Security.

Before her election to Congress, Brown served 10 years in the Florida House of Representatives.

“I admire Corrine’s tireless work on behalf of our veterans to ensure they get the health care and benefits they need and deserve” Clinton said. “I am honored to have her support, and I look forward to working together as we bring our message of change across Florida.”

-Obama is now 0-3 with the CBC in Florida.    These Negroes were pivotal-as was the state-and he lost them all.   Of course with the GOP moving up the primary into the prohibited “pre-window period” in January, it effectively took the entire state out of the Democratic Primary process because the DNC will not honor whatever happens there or seat delegates.

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  1. You can look at it two ways:

    (1) He’s pissed off the CBC, so the Florida Caucus is gone to the Borg Queen, or:

    (2) He doesn’t need the CBC because they have shown themselves to be irrelevant by going to Fox Noise to have a debate.

    Now, you’re going to see how petty, spiteful and mean the CBC can be. Corrine Brown is one of those CBC members signing that “Remember, Obama, you’re still a Negro” letter to get him to reconsider that Fox Noise debate and bring Hillary and Edwards along for the ride.

    Obama sent the message to the CBC when he refused to go on Fox; that the CBC is IRRELEVANT, will always be IRRELEVANT, and their LEADERSHIP HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. His distancing himself from them is basically sending the message the CBC doesn’t want made public – they’re irrelevant…

    However, if Obama manages to win the primary, or get on a VP ticket with Edwards, watch how fast these same turncoats line up to beg him for a Cabinet position.

  2. Ogre Mage

    I’ve looked at the polling and Hillary has a 15 to 20 point lead in Florida in the Democratic Primary. It would take a huge earthquake to shake things up here. Her lead in N.H. is almost as big.

    Her position in Iowa and South Carolina is much weaker. Polling trends suggest she is slightly behind Edwards in Iowa and running neck-and-neck with Obama in S.C. Funny that Edwards is doing so bad in S.C. given he was born there.

  3. Ogre Mage

    They got his number.

    I wish someone would get Thomas’s sellout ass off the court! Sadly they elected that fool young — he is now only 59. Ugh.

    I’ve long thought that other than a declaration of war, appointing a Justice to the Supreme Court is the most important thing a President does. These people are there for life and maintain power long after the President who appointed them is out of office. I’d like to see Clinton/Edwards/Obama remind voters of this during the campaign. It’s a very critical issue and we are already seeing the bad results of Bush’s appointees.

  4. dblhelix

    Ogre Mage: running neck-and-neck with Obama in S.C.

    I think she’s written off SC. It’s not mentioned in her drop-down menu featuring states – IA, NH, NV – and I can’t remember the last time she campaigned there.

    IA – Obama started airing tv ads today. IA is the only state where Edwards is even a contender (besides NC). I wonder how long that’s going to last. Edwards is looking weaker & weaker. I’ve lost any sympathy/interest I had in him with his “I’m the only one who can compete in all states” campaigning.

  5. dblhelix

    Ogre Mage: It’s a very critical issue and we are already seeing the bad results of Bush’s appointees.

    Oh, we’re in trouble. It’s not just the Supremes but the federal courts as well.

  6. Regarding Federal Court positions:

    There is a process that can be used for getting rid of Federal judges, and I would think the criteria applies to sitting Supremes as well.


    The impeachment process was used for a current CBC member, Alcee Hastings, when he was a Federal Judge in Florida. He was tried for using his judicial position to accept bribes. I believe he was acquitted, but the impeachment process served to render him ineffective as a member of the judiciary from that point on.

    I’m thinking that Roberts and Alito lied under oath to Congress during their confirmation hearings. They both said that their personal religious beliefs or affiliations would not prevent them from objectively and ethically evaluate and apply laws that uphold the Constitution.

    Every judicial decision they have made thus far, has the stench of wingnuttery and total ignorance of established legal precedent. Even when the Court was at it’s most conservative (Reagan and Bush I), they never deigned to rule against precedent, even if it meant overturning previous Supreme Court rulings.

    The Constitution is a marvellous document. Just because the Supremes rule, all this country does is find other avenues to comply with the ruling, while getting what is needed and what makes sense to people like you and me.

    I said all of that to say that there are ways to rid the Court of imbeciles like Clarence Thomas (the worst self-hating Negro I’ve ever seen in my life; only Ward Connerly comes closer) John Roberts and Sam Alito.

    Draft up articles of Impeachment to get rid of them. If ignoring what the Constitution actually said about the recent issues they’ve ruled on are not grounds for getting rid of them, I don’t know what is. By their very rulings, they are in violation of the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect.

  7. yogo

    So if they couldn’t oust that federal judge for taking bribes, you think the Congress will vote to impeach a supreme court justice because he lied under oath about personal religious beliefs, etc.?

    When you say “the stench of wingnuttery,” do you mean right-wing? If so, the solution to this is not impeaching justices, it’s making sure wingnut presidents don’t get into office. Because this is what they do–they stack the court with their ideological mates.

    And, be careful what you wish for. If the Court is stacked with conservatives during Republican administrations and liberals fight for impeachment every time a ruling comes down that has the “stench of wingnuttery,” can you imagine what happens when a Democrat gets into office?

    You don’t want that scenario.

    Federal judges have lifetime tenure for one big reason: To survive the vagaries of the political climate.

    And by the by, Clarence Thomas is not an imbecile. For all sorts of reasons that I won’t get into here, I support Clarence. I have nothing positive to say about Connerly, Roberts, or Alito.

  8. <blockquote>And by the by, Clarence Thomas is not an imbecile. For all sorts of reasons that I won’t get into here, I support Clarence. I have nothing positive to say about Connerly, Roberts, or Alito.”></blockquote> Sis, please elaborate on this.

  9. yogo

    There is a running joke on my blog about Clarence Thomas…

    Out of respect for you, SB, I will not elaborate further.

  10. Lucia Akech

    It is not difficult to understand the depth of contempt one group of people can have towards another, particularly, when members of your own family are used to ignore or bring down the whole family. Jesus Christ was brought down by the person he trusted for 30 dinars. It is difficult to save a family which is being brought down by its sons and daughters.

    Blacks are members of an ethnic family. For black to advance their unfinished causes, it is imperative that they quietly work together to address those core issues affecting them in the communities where they live instead of doing so only when some mediocre payoff are given to some of them to embellish. We cannot wash all of our dirty laundries in front of people who only pay lips services when they need big favors for small payoffs to a few elites who quiet.

    It is very sad when the media, using selected black men/women, launches attacks on other black people. These lone wolves attackers are very zealous in representing their masters’ voices while these predators (masters) are busy imposing high interest loans on black people including the attackers themselves. The masters also control both public and private jails where a high percentage of black males are serving longer prison terms than other ethnic groups charged with same crimes due inadequate legal representation.

    When Bill Clinton gave amnesty on the eve of the end of his administration, I wonder how many black people were accorded the same kindness.

    Similar trends of mistreatment of blacks using their own kind is destroying African Continent where the elites and people in power acquire large cache of guns (which are not manufactured in the continent) to slaughter its own citizens while the precious stone and other natural resources are harvested by foreigners in exchange for bribes to buy weapon of suppression instead of food. The African leaders are focusing on “handouts and bribes” to deal with HIV/AIDS provided by foreign non-governmental organizations. The natural resources in the continent are in high demand by the west such that should the African leaders put a price tag on the merchandise; the continent can deal hunger and diseases without handouts World Food Program. Most of these organizations (NGOs) are interested in controlling African resources whose prices are out of reach for the rest of the African population.

    Divide and conquer is very effective tool when applied to Black race because the people engage are the so called black elites.

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