Edwards, Obama on the Air; What I’m reading


The story of the Obama Ads is here in the NY Times.   The Borq Queen’s resistance is futile tour continues as she attempts to assimilate the business community and Warren Buffett. 

I am also reading the extensive series the Washington Post has done on the enormous power Vice Preznit Dick Cheney wields behind the throne.   They’ve done stories Sunday, Monday, and Today that are quite illuminating.  I would encourge you to read each story in order so that you can get a true sense of what malevolence is.  The post reveals how he kept Condi and Colin, the doublemint twins of mass deception in the dark about his nefarious scheme to detain, indefinitely and without access to counsel, American citizens deemed terror suspects.  

Then there was yesterday’s extraordinary White House “Briefing” in which “Legally Blond” Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino bobs and weaves around questions regarding whether the Vice President is a member of the Executive Branch and is able to be investigated by an executive branch agency.   

She seems to be saying that ,”I am only up here to look really pretty, sympathetic,  and answer nothing-because I’m an idiot.”   That’s truly why she’s “thoroughly confused.”

4 thoughts on “Edwards, Obama on the Air; What I’m reading

  1. I watched the Press Conference, and was like, if he’s NOT part of the Executive, then all the times he claimed ‘EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE’ are moot.

    Seems simple to me.

  2. Warren Buffet probably gives to ALL the candidates, but has taken the trouble to appear in person now at events for BOTH Hillary and Barack.

    Skep, you still ain’t told me what I’m gonna get to eat besides that $20 when I win that bet next summer.

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