Mika Brezezinski, Hero of the Week


MSNBC Anchor Mika Brezezinski ripped her up her producer’s Paris Hilton lead story yesterday on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe program.   “I am done with the Paris Hilton story,” she exclaimed after attempting to first burn it before tearing it up.   All that I can say is,”Good for you.”   After turning a blind eye to Don Imus’s racist and sexist banter for 10 years, they bet’ not touch her.   They know she is right.   This mindless celebrity coverage as news is just plain garbage.

10 thoughts on “Mika Brezezinski, Hero of the Week

  1. lukjrs1

    Mika is AWESOME!!!! I watch her every day! – she was on the Weekend Today Show — she was great on there too

  2. Rick

    OT: Quote of the day

    “You don’t have to drink or swear or hit people in the face when they’re not looking, but you do have to be tough to win.”
    –Tom Landry, former National Football League head coach

    (someone please pass the above message on to the Honorable Senator Obama ahead of the next debate. If he just stands there and let Hillary get away with the outrageous comments she made at the last democratic debate (e.g. “we’re a little safer now than before 9/11”) — AND HE KNOWS BETTER! — then I am not going to be very happy with him…

  3. yogo

    And if I see John Edwards do that Clintonish thumbs up thing and the lip biting–I am not going to be very happy with him.

  4. barbara

    I read the French newpaper Le Monde frequently [I lived in France for almost 30 years] and saw the news concerning Mika Brzezinski. I am so relieved to see someone had the dignity and courage to say The Emperor Has No CLothes concerning the brouhaha concerning that twit, Paris Hilton. Mika is right: Iraq, terroritst attacks in Europe, Bush and another one of his royal screw-ups…. Mika should be given the job of script content, and then, maybe then, we might have some sign of human intelligence (an oxymoron) on the so-called news broadcasts. to close, I must say that watching and reading and discussing many items and issues that I saw from the European standpoint, the news here in the States is in poor last place (an exception: PBS). Ex: Rarely did I see/hear anything about the recent elections in France and/or analysis of impact of what may be a turning point (towards capitalism unfortunately) if Sarkozy cam impose his views…Think of it…France a real ally of the US. (Margaret Thatcher, move over)

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