Roberts court overturns Brown v. Board of Education



The racial reactionaries on the Roberts Court, the ones neither Hillary or Obama could be bothered to aggressively filibuster, have overturned Brown V. Board of Education without tacitly acknowledging that fact.  And have, once again, used the equal protection clause of the constitution, placed there to protect the rights of black folk, to defend white privilege.

The opinion and dissents are here.

The U.S. Senate, in another development, also killed Immigration reform for the year.


21 thoughts on “Roberts court overturns Brown v. Board of Education

  1. I went to the 40th class reunion of the class of 1967 of a segregated Beach High School in Savannah GA, and according to the keynote speaker, there is an argument for forced “equalization” not desegregation.

  2. Uh, I’m not a fan of the SCOTUS majority, however, in the interest of accuracy, lets not say they “overturned” Brown.

  3. Mark,
    There are several lawyers on this board who comment and I respect your opinion as an attorney but Breyer doesn’t produce a 76 page dissent for nothing. As I read through it, it is his finest work ever.

  4. Uncle Thomas got his so he doesn’t need a level playing field anymore.

    The last time the court was this reactionary a Civil War followed.

  5. SB, I am reading that book on Clarence, and I can’t help it when I’m on the bus going to work and want to scream “MF”!

    He wants us to understand how “tortured” he is.

    If he’s tortured, he brought it on himself.

    The most serious case of Negro Self-Hating you will ever see, save for Ward Connerly.

    And I’m not even halfway through the book yet, but the authors do a good job with their juxtapositions.

  6. Yeah, Clinton, Obama and Edwards all voted to confirm Roberts. If all eyes hadn’t been on Obama, he would have snuck in and confirmed Alito as well.

    As it was, he had to be dragged kicking and screaming for the cloture vote.

    Let us not forget that weasel, Joe Lieberman, is equally responsible, cause he voted for cloture, but against confirming Alito.

    The proof was in the pudding – vote against cloture, you kill the Alito nomination. For that, Lieberman should be stripped naked and made to wear a ballarina suit and march down Pennsylvania Avenue, blowing kisses to GeeShrubya.

  7. SB, I am reading that book on Clarence, and I can’t help it when I’m on the bus going to work and want to scream “MF”!

    He wants us to understand how “tortured” he is.

    If he’s tortured, he brought it on himself.

    I honestly believe he’s pissed that we, as a community, don’t ‘ RESPECT’ him.

    He’s given up on getting love. But, he had thought he had forced us to ‘RESPECT’ him.

    BUt, when, we collectively put up the hand, and told him, ‘ Negro Please’, he really lost his mind.

  8. Koz

    I don’t think he cares who respects him. He has every thing he ever wanted, the rest, as they say, is just details.

  9. Munje Foh

    Its not about democratic or republican, its just a shame that the people we entrust with the duty of applying the law, show such disrespect for the precedent that those who came before them fought to implement. People like Roberts are chosen to join the court due to their demonstrated scholarship in the hopes that their experiences will have enlightened them to the fact that they are not there to advance their own political agendas, but to view cases through the narrow lense of legal precedent. Instead we get a person foolhardy and pompus enough to overturn a seminal case in American history, one that forced America to take the largest steps it had ever attempted towards equality for all children, without thinking we would notice. What a shame, maybe we should refine our requirements for Justices.

  10. Mary Derricotte

    From the foolishness of a few in America has taking the back seat to the it’s past injustices of slavery and Jim Crow Laws to return to same condition of seperate and unequal. As a substitute in the public system I went to all schools,and I always knew when I was in a school that 60% or more of the students recieved free lunch because they would have no books.
    After complaining over and over about this situation I was asked to resighn. White schools still enjoy the ecocnomic benifits of having encome to suuprt exta-curricllum activites that make the difference in education. To truth is busing opened up so many doors that systematically are being closed. God bless Thurgood Marshall that he is not alive to see how America is taking small steps backward toward slavery this time it is economic slavery. The division of the poor and the rich is astronomical. I think that eduation cannot even bridge that gap. So I Never can brag on how good America is because as soon as I do , I have to look where is America’s goodness, and whom is she good to.

  11. dr. bruce

    Not only are we taking steps backwards, since this is the “Supreme Court” there is pretty much nothing that a concerned citizen can do about it. Defining “integration” without talking about race is equivalent to defining “poor” and not talking about money. I guess there are many ways to define integration, but the spirit of Brown v. the Board of Education put race at the center because that is what the discrimination was based on. So now, we live in an era where people (mostly conservative, but pretty much everyone) believe that race and racism are still not fully operational in opressing people today. This is unfortunate, because what these people do not realize is that race and racism is BUILT INTO the way the US does things. So if we just leave things alone, I PROMISE you that the machinery of race and racism will create a new, more insidious form of segregation.
    Last thoughts, there is little doubt in my mind that affirmative action is next and that one will be easy considering the arguements regarding Brown v. the Board of Education. But the mother of them all will be when they take down Roe V. Wade. Then I believe white people will be upset enough to join the outcry.

  12. Rick

    “Then I believe white people will be upset enough to join the outcry.” – dr. bruce

    sort of like when “free speech” was threatened in the 1960s (e.g. Red Scare, McCarthyism etc.) against the backdrop of the civil rights movement. Then, and only then, did many white liberals in the south (e.g. in states like North Carolina) get down with the civil rights struggle…prior to free speech being threatened, many of our “liberal” allies were sitting on their hands, on the sidelines…

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