Obama tops Hillary by $5 million



Hat Tip: The Swamp, By John McCormick and Mike Downing

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama reported today that he raised at least $32.5 million during the second quarter of the year, enough to likely make him the top money raiser among Democrats during the latest quarter and for the year so far.

The second-quarter figure showed Obama’s fundraising pace is accelerating even from the staggering $25.7 million he raised during the first quarter. His campaign said that about $31 million of the second-quarter total were dollars that can be used for the primary campaign.

“Together, we have built the largest grassroots campaign in history for this stage of a presidential race,” Obama said in a statement. “We now have hundreds of thousands of Americans who are ready to demand health care for all, energy independence, and an end to this war in Iraq. That’s the kind of movement that can change the special interest-driven politics in Washington and transform our country. And it’s just the beginning.”

Obama’s campaign Web site on Sunday morning reported nearly 258,000 overall donors for the first six months of the year, meaning about 154,000 new donors gave him money during the second quarter.

“Every day over the past three months, over 1,500 Americans have made clear to Barack Obama that they believe in his vision for our country by contributing to his campaign,” Chicagoan Penny Pritzker, Obama’s national finance chair, said in a statement.

Earlier this weekend, the campaign of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards said it had raised more than $9 million during the quarter, down from the $14 million he raised during the first three months of the year.

The campaign for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Friday that he raised more than $7 million during the second quarter.

For her part, Sen Hillary Clinton is expected to raise somewhere north of $27 million, based on guidance provided by her campaign late last week. That would be up from the $26.1 million she raised during the first quarter.

The Clinton campaign did not break down how much of her funding was available for use in the primary. During the first quarter, about three-quarters of Clinton’s total funds raised were available for use in the primary campaign.

Federal campaign finance rules limit contributors to a $2,300 contribution to a candidate’s primary campaign. But big-dollar donors also can contribute up to an additional $2,300 for use only during the general election campaign.

Barack’s hustle is working like gangbusters-the “Safe Negro” is on fire

22 thoughts on “Obama tops Hillary by $5 million

  1. Dee,

    Ain’t convinced of that yet. The Borg Queen’s poll numbers among Democrats are tight. She is well ahead and he’s falling back slightly even as his fundraising cascades like water and good press flows like a mighty stream. 🙂

  2. SB,

    I am with Denise, because the advertising has yet begun from his side. He’s gotten where he is WITHOUT any advertising.

    I also wanted to ask you this question. IF Obama had said what TBQ had said about Black women and AIDS, be honest as to what you think the headlines would have been.

    Be honest, SB.

  3. rikyrah,







  4. I know most of you aren’t in VA but I actually saw a post in on one of the blogs where it said that Hillary played the race card with that comment – ah here it is.

    The fundraising by Obama is awesome but it hasn’t translated into the poll numbers. I understand he still trails Hillary in 36 of the 38 primary states. So, either a whole bunch of Rs are giving him money or they aren’t polling the people who are.

    My guess? The former. Because I think they think he’ll be easier to beat. He’s got to be so careful he won’t be able to say much. (Like at the forum) And when he does, expect them to pull out the race card.

  5. vjp,

    Being the mainstream status quo choice gives Senator Clinton a certain amount of freedom to pander that Barack Obama doesn’t have. She trumps him in his house-it’s gutsy and she executed her shot across the bow perfectly. The Sistah’s got up on their feet immediately and applauded. She brought his house down and won. In the race between Mamma and Obama, Mamma intends to put up an aggressive fight for black voters-especially the Sistahs.

  6. dblhelix

    vjp: saw a post in on one of the blogs where it said that Hillary played the race card with that comment

    I suspect that she knows that she isn’t getting the vote of conservatives who resort to “race card” when a simple fact is highlighted. Perhaps she should have remained quiet to work on those negatives folks worry about.

    I can’t wait to see the Republicans at Morgan State.

  7. Hey…
    I’m confused as to how this man can continually claim to have raised his fund through the “Grassroots” … this claim is sheer absurdity.

    American politics (especially on the dem side) is all about which elite candidate can best protray themselves as counter-elite, raging against the machine. Obama is SO the machine, it’s not funny. I should also add that no one should be fooled into thinking that he intends to do ANYTHING for black people in this country or progressives. He’s weak on Iraq, his healthcare ISN’T universal … I could go on, but just take a look at this:

  8. I can’t wait to see the Republicans at Morgan State.

    I have to agree. Oh man, I know which journalists I’d pick:

    George Curry
    Bev Smith
    Bob Herbert

    Now tell me that the very thought of that panel of journalists questioning the GOP doesn’t make you 🙂

  9. Word in these parts is that Obama is coming to town for a thousand-a-plate fundraiser next week. As much as I’d like to hear the man speak, needless to say I gotta sit this one out… : /

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