Skeptical Brotha’s one year anniversary



June 15th marked the one year anniversary of Skeptical Brotha and I totally forgot about it until last week.  I was reminded again of it by Angie, yesterday and would like to sincerely thank each of you for your love and encouragement.

I find it extremely curious that I get on average 5000 site views weekly and that more than 187,000 visits have been recorded so far.   I don’t know what to attribute that to-but its obvious that I provide something special for all of you.  It amazes me that I’ve been quoted in the Washington Post and that national reporters, political consultants, and better known bloggers have reached out to me.   I would like to mention the African American Political Pundit, rikyrah, Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report, Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post,  Extrapolater, Cyberlog, the Unapologetic Mexican, the Angry Independent,  Uppity Negro, JackandJillPolitics,Matt Stoller of Mydd,  Field Negro, Vivian Paige, Francis Holland, Prometheus 6, Anti-essentialist conundrum, Zuky, Youngblackman, I amnotstarjones, and Terrance says and Republic of T.


23 thoughts on “Skeptical Brotha’s one year anniversary

  1. Congrats and keep bringin’ the blog noise!

    Is it just me or does time accelerate the older you get? 2007 is already half OVER. :O

  2. ben,

    That is the new theme that will debut later when I work out the kinks with tech support. As for what got me started writing-frustration with the status quo. It’s really an amorphous set of feelings I can’t really explain now. If it ever jells coherently, I’ll share it.

  3. dblhelix

    frustration with the status quo

    Well that’s not going to be resolved any time soon, so I expect to see you here one yr from now.

    Congratulations, and thanks to Angie for noticing.

  4. Skep, I got mad love for you! You are my favorite blogger. You bring the pain.

    Plus, you allow me to come over here and make my little old comments with all you smart folks. (smile)



    It’s because you are
    1. Smart
    2. On point
    3. Funny
    4. Know how to turn a phrase
    5. Use musical and cultural references to skewer your subject matter oh so wickedly

    If I stopped reading blogs tomorrow, I would NEVER forget your Star Wars Analogy with the Dark Sith. It’s a classic.

    As are you.

    Thank you for this forum, and I can’t express how great it’s been to be able to talk politics this way.

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary! As for what got (and keeps) me reading your blog, it’s the intelligence, humor, and perspective. Nice to find all of that out in the blogoshpere since it is usually sorely lacking. Continued success! 🙂

  7. Skep, when I grow up I want to be just like you 🙂
    Congrats on your one year Anniversary my brother. I have enjoyed reading your classic posts.

    Keep fighting with your writing.


  8. a northwest girl

    Congratualtions to you, Skep, and thank you ~ for the thoughful analysis, the great writing and for creating a communicty where folks know their voice matters.

    You rock.

  9. First of all, congratulations. That is incredible!

    Second of all: is it just me, or do I stick out like a sore thumb in that lineup? August company, to be sure.

  10. Cliff

    Unified intellectuals are of ample importance to give proper guidance the communities, especially for youth who are guided by Satan.

    What fresh drink of water in the desert of misguidance.

    “Happy Anniversary SB”

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