Activist Cindy Sheehan to Challenge Speaker Pelosi


HAT TIP: Associated Press, Washington Post

CRAWFORD, Tex., July 8 — Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan said Sunday that she plans to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) unless Pelosi introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush in the next two weeks.

Sheehan’s deadline, July 23, is the same day she and her supporters are to arrive in Washington after a 13-day caravan and walking tour departing from the group’s war protest site near Bush’s Crawford ranch.

Sheehan said she lives in a suburb of Sacramento but declined to disclose the city, citing safety reasons. She added that she would run against Pelosi in 2008 as an independent and “would give her a run for her money.”

“Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership,” Sheehan said. “We hired them to bring an end to the war.”

Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said the congresswoman has said repeatedly that her focus is on ending the war in Iraq.

“She believes that the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to bring them home safely and soon,” Daly said in an e-mail.

Sheehan first came to Crawford in August 2005 during a Bush vacation, demanding to talk to the president about the Iraq war, in which her son Casey was killed in 2004. She became the face of the antiwar movement during her 26-day roadside vigil, which was joined by thousands.

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    Cindy: Tell me where to sign up, all of your websites are difficult to navigate. I want to vote for you, against Nancy Pelosi — even though I like her, for the most part, she is fighting a losing the battle…. like Hamas when we forced them to have an un-winnable election.

    Get your ass in gear and my sister and I will campaign to vote for you in Michigan, (and I’ll make my sister do it. both here and in AZ, (where she was the “grand dragon” of the ACLU in AZ(not really) & knew Molly Ivens)-we both want to marry Michael Moore-not really, also, we’ve never met him, but you are my hero.

    So I hope you get this somehow. We are both, semi-retired, 60ish yr., old “girls”, products somewhat of the 60’s, who hate Dubyah not only because he’s a moron, but because he is a “puppet”(& has short arms and small hand We are childless, but(having younger brothers & heirs, devastated by your loss)–but inspired by your courage

  2. Nancy better get her ass in gear and get this racket of a war OVER with post haste. Keep fighting the good fight, Cindy.

    BTW…some wingnut at my workplace trotted out the old “Cindy Sheehan is crazy” routine. I had to reply w/what’s crazy about stopping the Iraq insanity? Just a blank stare from wingnut man. Who bred these troglodytes?

  3. Gosh its things like this that make it hard for a moderate.

    I want the war to end just as soon as everyone else, but what is impeaching the president going to accomplish? I mean do we think a Dick Cheney presidency is going to solve this problem?

    You have to win people over before you can win their hearts. I wish people were that realistic, we have to get folks elected before we can make changes. And getting elected means that sometimes you have to appeal to folks like me. I feel bad for the woman she is clearly still in mourning and I wish that this travesty of a war never happened. But in order to end it we have to get people on our side first. Alienating Americans even further is not ‘the bizness’.

  4. Denise

    I knew this D.C. Madam affair would be off the chain after seeing Ms. Palfrey’s Nightline interview.

    She said she would be taking a rack of folks down the tubes with her.

    I can’t say I blame her.

  5. Rick

    “Ms. Palfrey knows how to play hard ball.”


    thanks for that clip!

    I can hear the sound of heartbeats pounding in the nation’s capital all the way up here in New Yawk…LOL

  6. Impeachment, according to the polls, is an idea FAVORED by a great number of folks.

    Trying to knock off incumbent members of congress is notoriously difficult — statistically one time in 50 it happens, and an incumbent speaker in a year when corporations are increasingly favoring her party’s presidential candidate — that’s what it means when you hear it said that Dems lead Repubs in fundraising — will have more campaign cash than God. Also running as an independent is unbelievably difficult because there are ballot access laws protecting the duopoly status of the Dem and Repub parties. Dems are especially vicious and sensitive about allowing any alternative candidates to appear on their left flank.

    But one would really like to believe that Cindy Sheehan could have a chance to win in SF, a rather upscale neighborhood of SF too for the most part. Wish her luck. Knocking off an incumbent speaker in a presidential year would be a real statement.

    Corporate Democrats — that means Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Dodd, Biden — not Gravel or Kucinich — have adopted a perculiarly cynical strategy of riding out the war and the Bush presidency in a state of only nominal opposition. They don’t want to indict Bush for war crimes, violating the Constitution and all because they need the war to continue. They don’t propose bringing the troops home because they actually buy the rationale for the war — steal the oil, occupy the zone for a generation & damn the consequences. After election they will try to bring in other countries or do a Nixon on us.

    Old heads will recall Nixon did the same cynical thing in 1968. He ran against the war in Vietnam, claiming he had a secret plan to end it. His secret plan was to stand back and bomb it, along with Cambodia and Laos back to the stone age, and a ground invasion of Cambodia besides. Watch and we will see how similar the Dems actual plan to end the war in the middle east really is. My bet is on escalation.

    Sheehan knows this, and this is why the only answer is an independent run against Pelosi. If I lived out there I’d be offering help out somehow.

  7. Cindy is telling Nancy that talk is cheap, and unless she puts impeachment back on the table, someone else can better represent that San Francisco district with more than “talking”.

  8. LOL. Moore tore Wolfie a new one.

    They better actually go and see his movie before they try to comment on it or try to refute or rebut anything.

    Unlike CNN, I actually went to see the movie. By the time it was over, I was wondering how fast I could turn into an Anglophile and go live in London, just for the health care…

  9. rikyrah


    The woman coming to do the laundry in France ….I still can’t get past it.

    PS – I sent you two emails…did you get them?

  10. Rikyrah:

    I haven’t seen your emails yet. I got an idea for CBC Legislative Weekend, and I want you in on it. Let me know which address to look for when I access my email again.

    What slayed me was the child care is paid for by the government, and a woman can have up to a year off with pay to stay at home with her baby, in addition to the woman coming in to do the laundry.

    And the state doctor was big balling as well. Made a sista want to get that passport and roll up outa Dodge, only my parents helped build this bastard and I’m not quite re-ta go yet.

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