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Serious writing takes so much outta me.   I don’t know why that is.  I obsess over every word, every cadence, every thought, like it means life or death sometimes.  I need a diversion to keep the juices flowing and it occurred to me that since I’ve always wanted to write a book on a serious non-fiction subject that I should try my hand at short story writing.  Blogging isn’t sufficient training for some reason and I need something more.   For some reason the blogging becomes work and I rarely post without some form of inspiration.   The words hafta sing to me.  Loudly.   Do you have any short story ideas for a contest I’d like to enter in the future.   Let me know.   Be as general or as detailed as you’d like.


7 thoughts on “Short Story Ideas

  1. rikyrah

    You ever thought about time travel? About going back to a pivotal moment in history, and talking to that person? Or trying to change their mind? How about something you always wanted to ask someone in history? Be a student, fall asleep in the library studying and next thing you know, when you ‘ awaken’, you’re in another time.

    did you ever imagine what it would be like to have certain people in a room together? say Booker T, Garvey and Malcolm?

  2. I love Rikyrah’s suggestions.

    Another idea would be do to some historical fiction, since you love facts so much. There’s a LOT of untold stories about the African American community’s lesser-known heroes. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with using a little creative license to make a real good story and teach people some history while you’re at it (that’s what ROOTS was, after all…).

    Every read any of Ralph Riley’s essays? He’s definitely got the storyteller bug, but writes some very deep stuff. Check out “Why Black People Tend to Shout” if you haven’t already. Good inspiration either way.

  3. I Wouldn’t recommend short story writing. I’ve had a couple published and it’s a completely different exercise from journalism, which non-fiction books are basically. Short story writing, it’s good to get the juices flowing, just writing anything. However, if I’m reading you correctly, I think you may want to try freelancing somewhere. You get to work with an editor, and that is training you just can’t get anywhere. You send in your short story, you get feedback maybe in six months if at all. Editors are on your ass on the regular.

    If you’ve got some small local papers around that publish things you are interested in reading, you might try signing on with them.

  4. rikyrah

    I’ll be hosting friends this week. Won’t be offline. Can’t wait to read all the good stuff when I come back. Have a great week. 🙂

  5. The historical subject matter has a lot of potential. I read a book years ago about how the Bible was used to justify slavery. I couldn’t help but thinking that line of thought has since been updated to attack other groups.

    Or…since it’s Bastille Day…how about updating the story of the French Revolution and putting it right here and right now? Uh…you might have to tone down some of the violence, though. 😉

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