Hallelujah!!!Thank Ya, Jesus!!  I’m trying to put somethin’ out and am still in the process of readin’ and writin’ I get in when the spirit moves me.  I’m trying to kick start the creative juices and thoughts and influences are coming in all directions.  Nothing will appear until its right and I can’t rush it.  I feel a song coming on though, so look for at least one-maybe two.  Does anybody watch Morning Joe on MSNBC.   rikyrah?  You watch that, honey?  Does John Ridley vex you like he does me?  Let me know something.

I forgot some good news- Go to the Farai Chideya link and see who’s listed in her black blogs.   Check her out today on NPR, she had Obama on.


15 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. rikyrah

    I go back and forth about Morning Joe. I’ve realized that I liked him better in the evening. I swear Ridley was sho’ shucking for that gig. If it wouldn’t put too many people on edge(too many Black folk in one room), he would have loved to have gotten Jason Whitlock too – you know that’s true..LOL

    If Ridley utters 100 sentences, I might agree with 2 of them. Of course, I sort of had it with him when he published that article in Esquire. But, he fits right in with Morning Joe.

  2. Skep, you rollin’ with the big dogs! I’m so proud of you!

    Now, don’t forget about us when you’re all up in the big leagues. Okay?

    Peace and love,


  3. rikyrah

    Anyone else LTAO about Edwards and Clinton being caught on mike about getting rid of the lower tier for debates?

    Glad Obama didn’t get caught 🙂

  4. Renee

    I watched it this morning, but I was eating so I had to change the channel after Scarborough talked about the classic Reagan moments.. yuck!

  5. rikyrah

    Wondering if you’re going to buy Stephen L. Carter’s new book – New England White?

    Did you buy his first book?

    What did you think of the Mabry bio of Condi Rice?

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