Angry black activists march on Douglas County Courthouse for Genarlow Wilson



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With thunder overhead and rain threatening, about 2,000 marchers took to the streets in Douglas County today in support of Genarlow Wilson’s release from state prison.

The group, led by the NAACP, marched from Douglasville High School to the county courthouse, chanting “Free Genarlow Wilson” and singing civil rights songs.he case of Wilson, serving a 10-year sentence for receiving oral sex from a 15-year-old girl when he was 17, will be heard by the Georgia Supreme Court July 20.

Attorney General Thurbert Baker is appealing a Monroe County Superior Court judge’s decision to reduce Wilson’s felony conviction to a misdemeanor and free him from prison. Baker said the judge overstepped his authority when he granted Wilson’s motion last month. Wilson’s attorney is arguing his 10-year prison sentence is cruel and unusual punishment.

The high court also decided to hold an expedited hearing on a Douglas County Superior Court judge’s decision to deny bond for Wilson pending Baker’s appeal. The judge says Wilson is not eligible for bond during the appeal because of the nature of his crime, aggravated child molestation.

The almost entirely black march Saturday started around 10 a.m. and ended with speeches at the courthouse. Speakers denounced Baker and Douglas County District Attorney David McDade. The U.S. attorney’s office said McDade violated federal law when he distributed a videotape from a rape and child molestation case to legislators and journalists.

Police were present at the march to prevent any clashes with counterprotesters.

“We were worried aabout a bunch of neo-Nazis and Skinheads showing up,” said Douglasville police Chief Joe Whisenant , “Fortunately, they didn’t.”

12 thoughts on “Angry black activists march on Douglas County Courthouse for Genarlow Wilson

  1. It’s amazing to me that they were even able to lock up Wilson in the firstplace. It’s even more amazing to me that they are able to keep him locked up this long. And what takes the cake is that Robert Kelly is able to walk around all free and thangs, like he ain’t done nothing to nobody.

    Now, what the hell is wrong with that picture?

  2. Denise,

    The racism inherent in this prosecution shouldn’t be lost on anyone at this point-not after he released the sex tape in which the identity of the girls he supposedly was protecting was revealed.

    If the black elected officials don’t get together and demand that the black Attorney General of Georgia prosecute this DA for distribution of child porn and disbar him, we don’t need either them or him. Continuing to oppose this boy’s release upholds a racist double standard and furthers the cause of white supremacy.

  3. The Silent Watcher

    I find it ironic that all these so called evangelists that are white and who say’s that GOD is an impartial GOD dosen’t speak out against this.. Blacks better wake up!!

  4. There is a lot to learn – or, really, to be reminded of – from the heat Nifong took in North Carolina and the complete pass McDade gets in this case.

    McDade lost his “well, I just enforced existing laws” (true, I guess) defense when he released the tape. And without blurring the girls in the tape – the very girls he claims his prosecution protected. Yeah, unreal.

    I also pin a good bit of this on the jury; I just posted some thoughts at my site. Where is the sense of civil disobedience? I understand that the law painted them in a corner. Still, that’s where disobedience is really powerful. When you have no other choices: grotesque injustice or civil disobedience.

  5. J H Roetz

    Way to go Genarlo. You are free, and free indeed from a racist bigot like David McDade. I hope he suffers and will never do to anyone, what he has done to you. Even to the end, he still believes that you deserve that sentence. Make a diffrence, DON”T ALLOW HIM TO EVER HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN. GET YOUR FRIENDS TO GO OUT THERE AND VOTE, DON’T LET HIM SERVE IN OFFICE AT YOUR EXPENSE EVER AGAIN.


  6. Brandon

    If Genarlow had been white would we be having this conversation? No. Why in the world is it that everytime something bad happens to a black person that it must be racism. That’s so stupid. I go to Douglas County High School where Genarlow Wilson went and the blacks there are more racist than any whites. Its time for black people to stop standing on the crutch of racism. Its getting old and you are looking like assholes. Georgia has sex laws and what Genarlow did was illegal. (By the way even if she was of age, when someone’s that drunk its no consensual.) Stop being stupid. Get jobs. Stop complaining. Do something for your country or leave.

  7. Brandon,

    You’re a child and have no appreciation for or understanding of the black struggle for equal justice in this country. Come back when somebody attempts to put you jail for 10 years for having consensual sex and then we can talk. Until then, shut it.

  8. DA of Douglas County, David McDade, has just been served with another major federal lawsuit. McDade is at it again! He has wrongfully accused and charged Stephen Reed of Marietta, Ga. with child abuse. You can read more about this case at PLEASE help me bring McDade’s career to an end so he can no longer do this to so many innocent people!

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