Adrian Fenty to endorse Obama



Hat tip: Washington Post by David Nakamura

D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty plans to endorse Illinois Sen. Barack Obama‘s bid for the Democratic nomination for president today, sources said yesterday.

Fenty (D) had been noncommittal, though he has said he would endorse a Democrat.

Some city officials had speculated that he might not endorse anyone until he knew whether New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) would run.

Fenty has patterned key initiatives after Bloomberg’s programs, including his takeover of public schools.

But Fenty’s support of Obama looked more probable recently when a Fenty adviser, Jim Hudson, organized a fundraiser for Obama that collected $600,000 and endorsements from three D.C. Council members: Yvette M. Alexander (D-Ward 7), Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) and Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6).

“Jim helped me get to where I am,” Obama said at a fundraiser two weeks ago.

Fenty would join other Democratic big-city mayors, including Chicago‘s Richard Daley and Newark‘s Cory Booker, in endorsing Obama.


9 thoughts on “Adrian Fenty to endorse Obama

  1. Denise

    Ah, the “new school” pols are stepping up.

    I ain’t hatin’; good for him.

    I forget, has he garnered any CBC colleague endorsements?

  2. dblhelix

    I attended. The event was notable for the considerable effort by Obama staffers to clear the area (footage/coverage) of actual residents in this neighborhood — baffling since the site was chosen for its proximity to low-income housing.

  3. Dee, dblhelix,

    I am still trying to make since of Fenty and his politics. I intially was supportive but his cabinet choices and his endorsement of Obama have me a bit puzzeled. Any thoughts.

  4. Denise

    In a (shrinking) majority-black city like D.C., Sen. Obama will easily win the D.C. primary – with or without Mayor Fenty’s endorsement.

    However, given the rumblings about the absence of color in his cabinet selections, this endorsement was also an opportunity for the Mayor (and Senator Obama) to score political points with nervous black supporters.

    Most interesting to me is that the four other black city council members – Thomas, Brown, Chairman Gray, and former Mayor Marion Barry (all black men, by the way) are not mentioned in this endorsement.

    Here’s an interesting article on the intrigue surrounding the D.C. school chancellor selection. Apparently, Fenty’s initial choice was a black man, Rudy Crews, from Miami…

  5. I recommend you not think much of Adrian Fenty. He is a DLC “New Democrat.” He is a worthy predecessor of corporate whore Anthony Williams, who was reluctant to sign a bill banning smoking in restuarants and bars, showing his whoring for the tobacco and food service indusstries.

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