House Judiciary Committee finds a pair and issues contempt of congress charges against Bolton and Miers


The House Judiciary Committee found a pair, manned up, and issued contempt of congress charges for the White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers.   Wow.  The Republicans actually called this move unnecessary and unprecedented with straight faces.   Incredible.  

Let me get this straight, y’all can call President Clinton’s secretary to testify in front of Congress about some hat pin he gave Monica Lewinsky but Bush’s White House Chief of Staff and Counsel cannot testify before Congress about the selective firing of U.S. Attorney’s who refused to comply with orders to investigate and indict Democrats on spurious claims of vote fraud to save GOP members of Congress in last year’s election.   Hmmm.

8 thoughts on “House Judiciary Committee finds a pair and issues contempt of congress charges against Bolton and Miers

  1. This isn’t even finding one. The Judiciary Committee is where impeachment starts. Finding a pair would be John Conyers putting impeachment on the agenda, like he promised to do last year when he was in the minority. This ain’t nuthin’ but shadowboxing.

    And please note that the Congress is about to go into its summer recess for the entire month of August. So this is just about leaving a shadow on the wall to box with till then.

  2. Rick

    A little OT:

    I was thinking this morning that with so much unethical (downright scandalous) behavior in politics, sports and even finance, I think it’s important as ever for parents to be effective role models for their young children. To teach them right from wrong. Even to make use of examples – sadly, including the current and previous U.S. presidents – of behavior NOT to emulate.

    Tina Turner once quipped, “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

    To that, I’d respond, we do. However, one’s not coming. Parents need to step up and be the role models. To all the parents out there, holding things down…I really admire you.

    (ok, just needed to get that off my chest 🙂

  3. rikyrah

    As usual Denise, you bring very interesting articles. Now, either he’s going to really succeed, or they’re making sure that there’s absolutely no question if failure occurs. He won’t be able to dodge and weave – they’ll make sure it lands on him.

  4. Denise

    Thanks, Rikyrah. Here’s one more: this week’s OpEd page of the Washington Informer.

    The NAACP is lending legal assistance to the Jena Six. Professor Charles Ogletree is directing the effort.

    Good job!!

  5. Denise

    The system ate my last response. Anyhoo, go to this washington informer’s op/ed page. There’s a story about the NAACP effort to provide legal assistance for the Jena Six.

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