Dixie Dianne’s Betrayal


Dianne Feinstein The Battle Flag of the Confederacy 

Some Democratic Senators are lackluster, some are unreliable, and some, like Dianne Feinstein, are unpredictable.  Civil Rights groups like People for the American Way and the Alliance for Justice were blindsided Thursday when Feinstein voted for another of Trent Lott’s Brooks Brothers suited racists to assume a lifetime appointment to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

People for the American Way, The Alliance for Justice, and The Leadership Conference for Civil Rights can usually be depended upon to bring their A game and effectively rally folk to block bigots of this caliber.  They failed this time. However, the fight isn’t over.  There is the option to mount a filibuster on the floor; the problem is that once nominations are reported out of committee, they become harder to kill.


For unfathomable reasons, Dianne Feinstein has made a deal with the Devil and punched the ticket for one of his malevolent minions to serve for life as a federal judge.  For a San Francisco Democrat, there is nothing liberal about cutting deals with a man who reveres segregationists and longs for the good ole days of massive resistance. 

All of this for a judge who makes light of the fact that he ordered the reinstatement of a white female state employee that called a black female co-worker, “a good ole nigger.”  As I’ve said before, there is no circumstance where it is ever acceptable for a white person to call a black person a nigger in freakin’ Mississippi.  Never.  For this betrayal, I shall resurrect the moniker given to her by local Marxists during a dispute over the confederate flag flying at the civic center in San Francisco: Dixie Dianne.

During her tenure as Mayor of San Francisco, the Marxists had the temerity to oppose the flying of the confederate flag because it is a symbol of hate and white supremacy and they cut down the flagpole rather than allow her to have the flag hoisted up again.  

African Americans are a beleaguered but cohesive minority in California and it is time for the progressives in our community to let Dianne know how we feel about her collusion with the enemy.  If you live in California, you can call her Senate Offices at 202 224 2841.  This should be Dixie Dianne’s last term given her advanced age, but if she runs one mo’gin in 2012, somebody should primary her.

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 Obama Logo Window Sign (blue)

Dixie Dianne’s betrayal has had one fortuitous consequence.  She has provided the Democratic frontrunners in this contest one more opportunity to prove their progressive fealty or their politically expedient treachery.  Judge Southwick’s nomination is coming to the Senate floor whether we like it or not. If the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the Majority Leader green light a filibuster, it will happen.  Even if they don’t concur, Hillary and Barack have the power to force one.  We will see if they oppose this bastard because they have too or because his nomination is an offensive stench in the nostrils of freedom loving people everywhere.

Reading an obligatory statement into the record will not do.  Voting against cloture will not do.   Putting up an aggressive fight and making several lengthy statements on the floor and to the media that make it clear that their opposition is not merely for show; and their active and visible participation in floor strategy that kills this nomination, that’s what we must demand. 

I’ve had family in Mississippi since about 1840.  My mother’s family was enslaved on the Watkins and Dove plantations near Newton and Jasper counties.  This fight is personal for me.  Upon entering Mississippi, one notices the distinct smell of oppression in the air.  It is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced if you weren’t raised in the south.  Just a few days in Mississippi changed me in ways I still can’t explain.  What black people have endured over the course of the state’s history is really mind blowing.  Elevating another instrument and facilitator of that same oppression will not be tolerated.  Enough is enough. 


7 thoughts on “Dixie Dianne’s Betrayal

  1. I have hated the State of Mississippi ever since I was a child. Plain and simple. I had to go there 3 times a year pretty much from birth until college. My mother grew up in one of those towns that if you sneezed, you were in the next town. My family was in Mississippi from before 1800.

    I just had no fun there.Even as a child,the state gave me the heebie jeebies. Been in small towns, Jackson, Vicskburg, Meridian, Biloxi, The Delta. So, I’ve given the STATE a chance, and I just can’t stand it. The only place I found as oppressive as Mississippi is smalltown Florida, which is equally as scary.

    If the complainant had been insulted with ‘ Kike’, instead of ‘ Nigger’, would we even be having this discussion? (thank your girl NMP for bringing it up first)

    Feinstein’s betrayal is disgusting, and HELL YEAH we need to raise HELL over this nomination.

  2. Obama has opposed the southwick nomination.
    I cant find a reference to speak on weather or not Hillary has spoken out about Southwick’s nomination.

    But I am certain they will be there when the vote goes down, weather its for the cameras or not is hard to tell during an election cycle.

    After reading the actual court case about the “N” word I find it unbelievable that that anyone, let alone a liberal democrat from California would support this bigot.

  3. Denise

    …Where do you go, what do you do after you decide two parties are really one party? It’s a hard thing to face and a question corporate media doesn’t even want to see entertained…”
    — Bruce Dixon


  4. Anonynoous

    It makes no sense for a San Fran liberal Jew, unless you remember that she has endorsed Hillary Clinton, that Hillary Clinton is having a hard time shaking that uppity Negro Barack Obama, and that in order to define Obama as definitively Black (i.e., not raceless), he must be seen to be firebranding like the likes of Jackson and Sharpton. He’s having much too much success with this crossover appeal thing, and it MUST stop.

    They want him to denounce this nomination on the floor of the Senate, the better they think to box him into an identity that has less crossover appeal than his present one. Feinstein, a corporatist whore if ever one existed, is committed to the Borg Queen and will see her win the Presidency so help her.

  5. “Upon entering Mississippi, one notices the distinct smell of oppression in the air.”

    It’s a smell not relegated soley to the South. Just go and get a good whiff of Greenwich Got Damn Connecticut sometimes…

  6. Thomas K George

    This should not surprise anyone. It isn’t what they say, it is what they do.
    1-Sen Feinstein, has for the better part of her tenure allowed American veterans affairs and support infrastructure to go to pot.
    2-She has been seen to have supported the contracts for reconstruction, handed over to companies that her husband has major ownership in.
    3-She openly supports lobby groups such as the Jewish Federation, and others, which shift media attention away from the crimes being committed in areas of the middle east.
    4-She buys outlandish multi-million dollar mansions, and with total disregard for the public, removes public property in an alledged ‘landscaping error’

    Southern Girl?
    Not a chance. Try opportunistic profiteering, selfish agenda hound, that cares very little about the affairs of the common citizen. It seems pretty obvious what she does care about.

    -A Concerned Ally

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