Ed Koch supports Bloomberg in 2008


Gay Pride Parade 2007 NYC

Ed Koch has written an op-ed on why he supports Mike Bloomberg’s potential candidacy for President and why he believes that Mayor Mike will ultimately run.  It is a provacative and interesting read.  In 2005, Koch endorsed Hillary for President, what changed?


8 thoughts on “Ed Koch supports Bloomberg in 2008

  1. Rick

    Rick’s New Hope…

    WHEN Hillary disses Obama from being her running mate on the democratic ticket (ok ya’ll, I’m finally coming around to the majority view here)…

    …Obama should hook up with Mike on the Independent ticket.

    Days after Mike and Obama WIN the national election, Obama crosses paths with Hillary in HIS last days in the Senate chamber, and he says…

    “How do you like me now, [CENSORED!]”

    Ok, this may or may not happen, but a very big smile definitely came to my face thinking about it!

  2. Rick

    I agree, but I think some would say Obama would be a fool to accept it. lol

    I don’t discount their concerns: i.e. questions about whether a jew/black on the same ticket could win a national election; questions about whether or not Obama should risk alienating the democratic party so early in his political career (that is, if Mike/Obama lost). These are big questions.

    Still, if we are talking about voting for the best candidates, this pairing would get my vote.

  3. Ed’s still alive?


    Obama’s a Team Player, and wouldn’t do it, though the vision does work for me…LOL

    Said it before, and I’ll say it again….the only way TBQ gets my vote is if Obama is her running mate.

  4. dblhelix

    After vetting Bloomberg’s record, my conclusion is that Sharpton, like Koch, was looking for some media time in talking up a potential candidacy.

  5. dblhelix

    In 2005, Koch endorsed Hillary for President, what changed?

    Nothing has changed. I mentioned a while ago and still believe that all the rumblings of an independent run are only a hedge against an outcome that looks like Edwards vs some republican crazy.

    And if HRC heads up the Dem ticket and Bloomberg shows up to play, it’s only to put Bill’s BJ waaaaaay into the background. Three sexual harassment charges levied against a national candidate for president? LOL.

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